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Top & Best Musical chair Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Musical chair: How to choose the best model in 2022

If your baby’s moment of unfaltering has arrived or is near, you need to consider adopting the musical throne. An accessory that softens this moment of transition so important for children, the musical throne has diversified and today there are several options.

In this article, we will help you choose the best musical throne among so many models and show the importance of this accessory in the development of little ones.

First, the most important

  • The musical throne is used to initiate the defrosting of babies and also as an adapter for the toilet.
  • The button that activates music helps to arouse interest in the child to use the trunk, helping in the process of leaving diapers aside.
  • To choose the best musical throne the ideal is that you compare criteria such as design, size and weight capacity.

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Buying Guide

Defrosting is a milestone in every baby’s life. But so that this transition does not become a difficult moment and even a trauma, experts recommend the use of the children’s potty, known as the trunk.

One of the most popular models is the musical throne. But there are still many models with different characteristics. In this Buying Guide we will answer all your questions about this accessory.

What is a musical throne?

The musical trunk is nothing more than a children’s potty with a button that, when activated, reproduces sounds and songs.

Tailored for babies, the musical trunk is even more attractive than the traditional trunk or potty. What they all have in common is the fact that they all help babies make the transition from diaper to toilet.

In the shape of a toilet bowl, the trunk usually has a support base and is placed on the floor. With this, the babies are able to sit on it and practice the play in a playful way.

At the right time, the baby then starts to pee and poop on the trunk and then make the final transition to the toilet.

In the musical throne the big difference is the button that, when pressed, plays songs. It is used as a stimulus and to celebrate every time the baby is able to pee and coconut on the trunk.

Nowadays, the market offers different models of musical trunk. But the most common consists of a base that couples the seat, which has a container to collect the pee and poop.

Another feature increasingly common to musical throne is that it can also be used as a toilet reducer. That is, the seat disengages from the base and you can fit it on the toilet.

With this, the base does not lose its usefulness as the baby grows as it ends up becoming a support for the children’s feet.

What is the difference between the trunk and the seat reducer?

When choosing the best accessory that will help the baby to unfold, you will find at least two options: The trunk and the reducer.

The trunk is the potty itself and the reducer is just the seat that works attached to the toilet. However, the most modern models already have the trunk and the reducing seat in only one product.


The most common is that the child performs the defalde with the throne.

This is because the most common is for the child to perform the defalde with the trunk.

After getting used to and adapted to pee and poop on the musical throne, then the child will be ready for the toilet.

But as its size does not yet allow you to reach or sit safely in the toilet, the reducing seat is essential.

From what age is the use of musical throne indicated?

The baby’s deflection is an important moment in the child’s life, and that of the parents. The main care that experts recommend is not to anticipate this moment.

To know when your child is ready to stop using diapers, you need to watch him. In general, babies show signs that they are ready to begin this process.

Some signs are: When the child spends between 3 and 4 hours with a clean diaper, he can already warn when he is in the mood to pee or poop or is bothered by the dirty diaper.

How to start using the musical throne?

To start using the trunk, experts indicate that you leave the accessory either in the bathroom, or another place where the child has access so that he can see it and his curiosity is aroused.

The musical throne can even be taken on a tour and visit at the home of relatives and friends. In many cases, at first the child just sits on the musical throne. But, in time, she will start to associate the accessory with the time to pee and poop.

Is it worth buying the musical throne?

It is very common for the child to resist the start of defrosting. That is why the musical throne is so important.

With this accessory the child can make the transition from the diaper to the toilet, respecting their time and physical limits, safely and comfortably.

To further assist in the transition, the musical button becomes an additional incentive to pee and poop on the trunk.

In addition, another advantage is that the children’s potty type musical trunk also gives more autonomy to the child, who can sit and stand up alone.

Not to mention that, today, there is a huge variety of models ranging from colorful, portable, with different shapes and lights.

On the other hand, the negative part of a musical trunk is that, like any potty, it will always be necessary to clean it after use. In addition, the music button may be defective and stop working.

The following are the main positive and negative points of the musical throne:

Where to buy and how much does the musical trunk cost?

The musical throne is for sale in most children’s stores. But you can also buy it in department stores in large supermarket chains like Carrefour.

However, we recommend that you buy the musical throne without leaving your home. Therefore, the ideal is to opt for trusted stores like Amazon.

Also in online stores, prices tend to be more attractive. In general, the musical trunk usually costs between R $ 30 and R $ 400.



Did you know that some products sold in internet stores have free shipping?

Therefore, before finalizing your purchase, make sure that delivery to your region has this option of free shipping of musical throne.


Purchase Criteria: How to evaluate the musical throne

When it comes to action and buying the musical throne, it is important that you know what are the criteria that must be compared between the different models.

To help you, we have listed below the main aspects that deserve your evaluation. Are they:

  • Size and weight
  • 3 in 1
  • Safety
  • Removable collector
  • Design and colors

From here, we’ll show you how you can analyze each of these criteria.

Size and weight

Most children’s sleeves have specifications regarding the supported weight and dimensions. Therefore, it is important to check that the musical trunk is in accordance with the child’s age and weight.

Also, don’t forget to check the measurements of the musical throne. As the formats vary a lot, you will find small, medium and large trunk models. And the fact is that some end up taking up a lot of space in your bathroom.

It is also worth considering that there are portable musical thrones, ideal for those who travel a lot or visit friends and relatives. Removable and compact, some even fit in the bag.

3 in 1

As we have seen, there are several models of children’s trunk, but the most desired is the musical trunk 3 in 1, which is practical, more useful and economical.

The 3 in 1 model follows the child’s evolution in the use of the bathroom. This is because, in addition to the original function of a potty, the 3 in 1 trunk becomes a seat reducer that will be attached to the toilet and also a stool that serves as a footrest.


Another aspect that you must take into account when buying the best musical trunk is if it has non-slip material on the base that is supported on the floor.

This factor is the guarantee of greater safety for the baby when it comes to sitting and getting up from the trunk, avoiding accidents especially for the younger babies who still do not have so much balance.

Still considering the child’s safety, also check if the musical trunk has handles or curves, which are for the child to support and hold.

Removable collector

As we have seen, one of the disadvantages of a musical trunk is that it must be washed after each use. But it can be even more laborious if you need to wash the stem thoroughly.

So, see if the trunk you chose has a removable collector. The most modern models have this function in which it is enough to remove the part that receives the pee and the poop from the base of the trunk and clean it.

Design and colors

Finally, we recommend that you also evaluate the design and colors of the musical throne. Like most children’s accessories, you will find the musical throne in different formats.

In addition to the traditional model in the shape of a toilet or a pinico, nowadays manufacturers offer the trunk with animal design, such as fox, frog, cats and etc.

You can also opt for the musical throne with varied colors and prints of children’s characters such as Superman, the Little Mermaid and Nemo.



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