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Top & Best Music Keyboard Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Music Keyboard: How to choose the best in 2022

Here we are going to talk about a musical instrument that has evolved a lot with technology and continues to surprise with new functions and sounds: the musical keyboard.

With all these different features, it’s hard to decide which keyboard is best for you, especially if you just started playing. Here, we will talk about different types of keyboards and their main functions.

Come with us to find out which models are the best and what you should pay attention to before choosing your musical keyboard. There will be no doubt about it!

First, the most important

  • Each keyboard has a different range of sounds. All of this will depend on several factors, such as the number of keys.
  • There are several types of musical keyboard: arrangers, synthesizers, laptops and even the digital piano. We will help you choose the best one for you!
  • Composers must be especially careful when choosing the keyboard. This is because it is necessary to have a diverse range of number of sounds and a good range.

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Best musical keyboards: Our favorites

Among professional keyboards, synthesizers or ideal for beginners, we have selected the best and most popular models among those who play musical keyboard. Check the list below:

  • Yamaha PSR-F51 Arranger Keyboard
  • Yamaha PSR-E263 Arranger Keyboard
  • Casiotone musical keyboard

Buying Guide

Now that you know which are the best musical keyboard models on the market, there are other points that need to be evaluated. The number of keys, voices and rhythms are some of them. Keep reading to learn more about keyboards!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the musical keyboard?

Playing musical instruments has been proven to stimulate areas of the brain that control your motor skills and ability to listen. Plus, you can still increase your IQ by 7 points!

Research by The Telegraph has indicated that both the shape and the power of the brain change if a musical instrument is played frequently. But does not stop there. Music is also a form of therapy that improves cognitive abilities.

Playing the keyboard also exercises your concentration. In addition, many consider the sound of the keyboard and piano to be one of the most tranquilizing of instruments.

For music lovers, it is worth investing in a musical instrument that gives you pleasure and makes you feel passionate. Especially because playing the keyboard is not so easy, so it requires a lot of dedication and love for the instrument.

The keyboard has advantages such as being a lower instrument than others, such as drums, for example. You can play your keyboard quietly indoors, even if you live in an apartment, without disturbing the neighbors.

The musical keyboard is also a relatively easy to store instrument. Buying a support for your keyboard, you can leave it in a corner in the living room or bedroom, for example.

In addition, it is possible to compose music in your home. Most keyboards come with a microphone input, so you can sing and play at the same time.

Among its negative points are the price and the difficulty of the instrument. Keyboard and piano are two of the most complex musical instruments, to start reading scores easily, it will take a lot of practice and persistence. But in the end, it’s worth it!


  • Improves your motor and cognitive skills
  • Exercise concentration and relax your mind
  • It is a discreet instrument for playing in apartments
  • It is possible to compose music
  • Easy to store


  • High prices on most models
  • It takes persistence to learn to play

What are the differences between keyboard, piano or organ?

The musical keyboard is not just a more economical and portable version of a piano. If you want to play one of the two, but are in doubt about which one to choose, we will help you. Remembering that there is still the option of playing the organ.


The biggest difference of the keyboard to others is that it is an electronic instrument. This makes it able to reproduce a wide range of sounds, with different timbres, rhythms and effects.

In addition, the keyboard keys are lighter, as it is an electronic instrument. With it, it is possible to create music from different musical genres. There is also the option to reproduce typical piano sounds.

The musical keyboard is not as traditional as the other two instruments. It is indicated exactly for those who like different musical styles.


Incredibly, the piano is considered a string instrument, as well as the guitar and bass. It usually has 2 or 3 pedals, depending on the model.

All pianos have 88 composite keys, which need to be played harder so that the hammers can vibrate the strings.

The piano is ideal for those who prefer more traditional and soft musical styles.


It is a wind instrument. As pressure is applied to the keys and pedals, air is sent to a tube that emits sounds. In this way, this instrument can emit notes similar to other wind instruments, such as flute and trombone.

The organ is ideal for those who love orchestras. However, it is necessary to pay a larger amount to acquire one.

What is the difference between arranger and synthesizer keyboard?

Beginners may be faced with this question, as the names themselves do not imply what each type of musical keyboard is about. However, in a simple way, the difference is that the synthesizer keyboard is aimed at timbres, while the arranger is the right option for rhythms and accompaniments.

    • The arranger keyboard is more common, and has accompaniments so that it is possible to play a “complete” song, with the help, for example, of pre-recorded drum rhythms. This type of keyboard is used both by beginners – for those who are the most suitable – and for more advanced musicians.
    • The synthesizer keyboard is ideal for generating timbres because it creates sounds artificially, through electric currents, data recorded in its memory or use of digital technology. The musician can even import new tones for the synthesizer keyboard models and increase its range of options.

Which keyboard is best for beginners?

Generally, arrangers are more suitable, and there are even models specially made for this group of aspiring musicians. This is because the arrangers have programs that facilitate their use in the first months.

In general, it is important that a beginner’s keyboard is sensitive to touch, without the need for the musician to press hard on the keys, and that it has at least 61 keys.

How much does it cost and where to buy a musical keyboard?

The keyboard is an instrument that varies in price, depending on the amount of sounds and features present in the model.

For beginners or children, it is easy to find much more affordable models, however, with few functions. They usually start at R $ 400. There are even cheaper models, but they don’t have much quality.

The most expensive keyboards can reach up to R $ 20,000. Of course, these are professional keyboards that offer numerous functions. If you intend to play often and compose music, the ideal is to purchase a model that is at least in the range of R $ 1,000 to R $ 2,000.

For those who prefer to purchase their musical keyboard in physical stores, you will be able to find several models in stores specializing in musical instruments.

Those who like to shop online will find a wide range of keyboards on sites Amazon,

When buying online you are more likely to find exactly the model I’m looking for, since the variety is greater. In addition, you still receive the product at the door.

Purchasing criteria: Main features for evaluating a musical keyboard

As you may have noticed, there is an immense diversity of types and models of musical keyboard. So, when buying, these are the items that will differentiate the best keyboard for your needs:

  • Type of musical keyboard
  • Number of keys
  • Number of sounds
  • Sound capability
  • Functionalities
  • Brand

Learn more to choose your music keyboard with confidence and peace of mind.

Type of musical keyboard

There are four main types of keyboards available in stores:

  • Electronic piano : The digital piano is like a keyboard very faithful to the piano, even in the number of keys and timbre. This type of keyboard offers heavier keys than the others, to resemble the acoustic piano. He usually has 64 to 128 voices. If you decide to use the digital piano, choose a model with more voices, as you may need it in the future.
  • Arranger keyboards: This is often the most popular keyboard model. This is because many of them are aimed at those who are learning to play the keyboard and need more basic sounds and resources. Arranger keyboards are called that way because they help to create complete arrangements, with rhythm, harmony and melody. Thus, it offers greater practicality for apprentices. There are also more professional arranger keyboards that make it possible to edit and insert new rhythms and timbres.
  • Portable keyboards : Portable keyboards have 61 keys and are more suitable for beginners, as they are smaller and generally have less functionality. This is a standard model and is ideal for those who need to carry the keyboard frequently or do not need a very large number of keys and sounds.
  • Synthesizers: The synthesizer is capable of reproducing sounds from various instruments and also electronic sounds. It is more suitable for those who like to program their own sounds and compose music with varied styles. This musical keyboard is perfect for those who like to put their creative skills to use when playing.

Number of keys

Digital keyboards usually have 25 to 88 keys. Low-end synthesizers, for example, can only have 25. However, most home models usually have 49, 61 or 76 keys.

For those looking for a longer range, the ideal is to choose a keyboard with more keys. A 25-key instrument reaches only 2 octaves, while an 88-key instrument has a range of 7 octaves.

However, it is necessary to take into account the size as well. 88-key keyboards are much larger than 61-keyboards. If you frequently carry the instrument around, take this into account.

Number of sounds

If you are looking for a keyboard just to reproduce the sound of the piano, you will not need a model with many sounds.

For those who like to play other musical instruments and electronic sounds, the ideal is to invest in a keyboard that has a wide variety of sounds included.

The most basic models usually include around 100 sounds and may be sufficient for those just starting out.

The most complete musical keyboards have more than 400 types of sound, reaching almost 800. These are ideal for those who are already familiar with the instrument and are looking for greater creative freedom with different types of sound.

Sound capability

To buy your keyboard, you need to evaluate its sound capacity. There are two main sound features present on the musical keyboard: polyphony and multitimbrality.

Polyphony refers to how many notes you can play on the keyboard at once. Multitimbrality is the number of different sounds that the keyboard can play at the same time.

Short-range keyboards often play from 16 sounds at once. The most complete ones, like synthesizers and workstations, can play up to 128.

For those who like to compose and be creative with music, multitimbrality is an essential resource. Prefer keyboards that have this function.


Keyboards, being electronic, usually provide a number of different functions, being ideal for each type of keyboard player.

For composers, these features are even more important. There are keyboards today that feature functions like Vocal Harmony (voice harmonization), Synth Vocoder (to create unique sounds), Real Distortion and Real Reverb.

Take into account your needs and experience with the keyboard and choose the model that has the functions you are looking for. These are the most basic:

  • Sensitive keys: One of the most essential functions on a keyboard. In order for you to play the keys more smoothly or aggressively, it is necessary for the keys to be sensitive according to the force you make with your fingers.
  • Dual Voice: To mix two tones, dual voice will be essential. It is also possible that one timbre stands out more than the other.
  • Transpose: Transpose is very useful when changing the tone at the last minute. You can easily raise or lower the pitch of the song, playing the same tone you already know. This function is great for beginners.
  • Octave: To raise or lower an octave on the keyboard keys, just tap the octave button. It will help you achieve more bass or treble sounds.
  • Metronome: Even the most experienced musicians still train with the metronome. It will help you stay on track and not get lost. With a keyboard that already has a metronome, you won’t need to buy one separately.


With the huge range of brands available, it is essential to know which ones are the most renowned and of quality, especially if you want to invest in a good model.

Some of the most famous brands are more affordable, while others are quite expensive. However, if you think about playing your keyboard for a long time, it is worth investing in a renowned brand. Yamaha, Roland, Casio and Korg are the main ones.

Yamaha is already well known in the musical instrument market. It has everything from the most basic to the most complete, both for beginners and professionals.

Roland, in addition to pianos and organs, offers high quality keyboards. From input keyboards to synthesizers, it is possible to purchase models for different levels of keyboard players.

Casio, despite not being an expert in musical instruments, has some of the most sold and popular keyboard models in the world and is a brand of great quality.

And finally, Korg is used especially by keyboardists of the electronic genre, it has several options for workstation keyboards and digital pianos.


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