Top & Best Muzzle Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Muzzle: How to choose the ideal one for your dog?

Today’s subject is: muzzle, an essential accessory for walks with dogs of breeds considered dangerous. Or even, something to be used on any dog ​​that proves to be aggressive in some more specific situations, like grooming for example.

Choosing the right muzzle for your dog is a fundamental factor for him to adapt to the accessory. He must show willingness to use it without showing signs of stress or anxiety.

There are several types of muzzles available on the market. You can find fabric, nylon, plastic, dressage, in a basket or grid, or those specific to certain breeds that have some particularity such as the shortest snout, for example. In this guide, we will present all the details of this accessory.

First, the most important

  • The muzzle should be used in public environments if your dog is from one of the breeds considered dangerous. This is a recommendation provided by law in some states.
  • Although it looks like a bad accessory for the animal, the muzzle does not harm it if it is the appropriate type and if there is any preparation with the dog before starting to use it. The animal must be able to pant, drink water and eat snacks.
  • There are four models of muzzles, which are sold in five different sizes to include small, medium and large dogs, of all ages.

Best muzzle models: Our favorites

Providing security for humans around dogs considered dangerous is very important. And now, we will present the best muzzle models for your dog. We select a model of each type: fabric / nylon, basket / grid, dressage and the muzzle of the gag type.

  • Cost-effective nylon muzzle
  • The most acclaimed muzzle on the internet
  • Propylene muzzle for those who want to save money

Buying Guide

Now that you know the four best muzzle models for dogs, let’s learn a little more about this accessory?

Throughout this guide, you will discover what is the right way for your type of dog, what are the advantages and disadvantages, what types are there, how much do they cost and where to buy.

What is a muzzle and where to use it?

The muzzle is an accessory created for the protection of humans, as it prevents dogs from biting someone.

This equipment should be used by breeds known for their strength and size such as Pitbull, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Siberian Husky, Dobermann, among others.

In some states, it is mandatory by law that dogs of these breeds use a short guide, hanger and muzzle in public spaces, to avoid accidents between animals and humans.

Although many people associate the muzzle with something bad, there are benefits behind using this accessory. And if it is the right size and type for your dog, it doesn’t hurt.

The best muzzle for your dog, is one that makes it possible for him to pant, drink water and eat some snacks, this helps him adapt to the accessory and makes it easier for the dog to be willing to use it.

Inappropriate accessories, especially in size or type, can hurt your dog:

The muzzle can also be used in other contexts, besides the walk with the animal. It also serves to correct the behavior if he eats foods that are in the trash, to prevent the dog from licking wounds or while the animal undergoes some procedure at the vet.

You should never use it as a punishment method, for a long time in a row, only to go to certain places, without supervision or when you notice that the dog is very uncomfortable with the piece.

Check now a list with the advantages and disadvantages of the muzzle:


  • Brings safety to humans and pets
  • If it is the appropriate type and size, the muzzle does not hurt the pet
  • The muzzle can be used in different contexts
  • Prices vary, but in general it is a cheap accessory


  • The animal must be accustomed to the accessory before use
  • It can be a stressful factor for the animal, especially if it is the wrong type or size

What differentiates one muzzle from the other?

There are five types of muzzles for dogs: those of fabric, basket, plastic, dressage and specific to certain breeds. We’ll tell you a little more about each type in this section. Check out:

    • Muzzle of fabric or nylon: although they seem to be more comfortable than the other types, the muzzle of fabric (usually nylon) does not allow the dog to pant (to relieve the heat), nor to drink water, which increases the malaise and animal stress. The fabric snout is not recommended for exercise and should not be used for a long time.
    • Basket or crate muzzle: this is the most appropriate model for any breed of dog, because it will be able to eat, drink and pant. Because of the ease, this muzzle can be used on a regular basis and usually the animal adapts more quickly to it. It can be found in various shapes, sizes and can be made of metallic or plastic materials.
    • Dressage or walking snout: the dressage sneaker is suitable for the use of dressers, who give a slight tug on the strap to draw the animal’s attention and teach it. They are always used attached to a guide / leash and do not deprive the dog of freedom to move its mouth, so this model should be used under supervision and by experienced people. When misused, this muzzle causes discomfort in the animal.
    • Special muzzles: some breeds of dogs such as Boxer, Pug, Shar Pei, Dogue de Bordeaux or English Bulldog, have a shorter and flatter snout, and this characteristic can cause breathing problems. Therefore, there are models of muzzles specific to these breeds that have heavy breathing. These models do not hinder breathing or harm the dog’s health.

Although it is a type of muzzle, the gag causes the animal to keep its snout completely closed. This model is made of plastic and should be used for a short time, as a veterinary procedure, for example. Check the table below, comparing the two models:

How much does a muzzle cost?

There are models of very cheap muzzles, which cost about R $ 5 (the plastic muzzles, gag style).

There are options for all styles and pockets, but with R $ 30 you buy a quality model, priced for most models. But there are leather versions with spike details that cost up to R $ 300.

Where to buy a muzzle?

You can buy a muzzle at pet supply stores. It is also possible to find it easily in the pet shops in your city.

However, you can choose to buy over the internet at online stores. Online you will find the best prices and the widest range of model types.

Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing muzzle models

Nesta última seção vamos falar sobre quais critérios devem ser levados em consideração na hora de comprar uma focinheira para o seu cão. São eles:

  • Tipos de focinheira
  • Segurança
  • Material e resistência
  • Conforto

Finally, the training model should be used only by qualified professionals, who will use the leash to draw attention and teach the dog.


The muzzle is an object made to guarantee the safety of human beings against animals of great strength and, therefore, they are considered dangerous. A German Shepherd’s bite is one of the strongest, for example.

For this reason, the muzzle must be quite resistant and made of quality materials, so there will be no risk of it opening or even breaking if the animal gets out of control.

You need to know your pet’s strength and skills to choose the safest model. A velcro closure, for example, can be a very weak option for skilled dogs.

Material and resistance

The muzzles can be produced from metallic materials such as wire and metal and fabrics such as nylon and leather. Generally the parts of the structure and the adjustment locks are made of materials of plastic origin.

When the muzzle is made with good materials, it is suitable for your dog’s size, age and strength and is well cared for, it has impact resistance and has a long life, so invest in good quality accessories.

Metal parts tend to last longer than others, but it all depends on the care you will take with the muzzle. Just as the fabric can tear if washed improperly, the metal can rust if it gets wet.


Finally, but very important, always cherish the comfort of your dog. If he is not feeling well with the muzzle, whenever you need to use it, he will associate the accessory as something bad.

It is important that he makes movements, especially that he can drink water, if the muzzle is to be used for a longer period.

Preferably, try some model on the animal before buying. Asking your dog’s veterinarian for help is also an excellent alternative.


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