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Top & Best Flea collar Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Flea collar: Which are the best in 2022?

Today, let’s take a look at an item that can be a great ally in maintaining your pet’s health and hygiene: the anti-flea collar.

Nobody wants to see their pet suffering from uncomfortable itches, or worse: diseases caused by these parasites. We have created this smart guide to help you make the best possible choice for your buddy, so that he is protected and you are at peace. Come on?

First, the most important

  • Anti-flea collars are very cost-effective, as they can last for up to 9 months.
  • There are collars for dogs and cats, collars for dogs only and collars for cats only.
  • Pregnant animals, breastfeeding, allergies or wounds should not use the flea collar – it is recommended to choose another method.

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The best flea collars: Our recommendations

If you have a kitten or puppy and want to protect it from parasites like fleas and ticks, we have some well-reviewed product recommendations to make your search easier. Take a look:

  • Anti-flea collar for large dogs
  • Anti-flea collar for cats
  • Anti-flea collar for puppies or small dogs


The anti-flea collar must be adjusted on the animal’s neck, and releases toxins through a powder that kills fleas and ticks without causing damage to the pet’s health.

The release of these toxins occurs gradually, as the animal’s hair grazes the collar with its movement.

How long does a flea collar last?

The useful life of an anti-flea collar, that is, the time it acts and protects your animal against parasites, varies greatly according to the product.


The flea collar can last from 2 to 9 months.

It is possible to find cheaper collars with a duration of 2 months, but you can also invest in collars with long action, up to 9 months. In any case, it is important to note that flea collars tend to be more effective after 30 days.

Is there a difference between flea collars for dogs and cats?

It is very important to distinguish between flea collars for dogs and cats, because felines are generally smaller and lighter and the choice of the appropriate product should be made based on the size of the animal.

There are flea collars that work for both small dogs and cats and there are specific collars for cats. This information is always present on the labels and is very easy to find.

At what age can I put the anti-flea collar on my pet?

Most manufacturers recommend using a flea collar from 6 weeks of age, but always check the label on the packaging to make sure you are buying the right product.

While your buddy is a puppy, the ideal is to invest in flea collars with shorter protection duration, as he will grow and you will have to change the collar for a new one, of the appropriate size.

Does flea collar harm my pet’s health?

The anti-flea collar is completely safe and does not harm your pet’s health if used correctly, observing the manufacturer’s instructions. The toxins released in the animal’s hair are harmful only to parasites.

Here, it is worth just an addendum: if your pet is allergic, consult a trusted veterinarian to check if it is possible to use the collar. Anti-flea collars can cause irritation or itching in pets with more sensitive skin. If you notice that your pet is uncomfortable or scratching the place, stop using the product.

Pregnant females or breastfeeding puppies should also not use the flea collar during the period.



What care should I take with the anti-flea collar?

Anti-flea collars are formulated to protect against parasites without harming your pet’s health. However, like all medications, carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions for use and take the following precautions:

    • Don’t let your mate bite the collar. The collar is topical, that is, external use on the skin. Ingesting toxins can be very bad, so make sure that the anti-flea collar is not left over your neck so your pet does not chew the object. To avoid this problem, in addition to buying the collar for the right size, you can cut  the surplus material with scissors .
    • Check the package insert or package to see if the acquired anti-flea collar can be wet or if you should remove it from the animal before bathing or taking it to the beach or pool .
    • Do not use flea collars that have passed the expiration date .
    • Do not use anti-flea collars on injured skin .
    • Place the anti-flea collar on your pet’s neck with a 2-finger gap . That way, the collar will be comfortable, but will not move.
    • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap  after handling the flea collar.



Did you know that it is not enough to just put a flea collar on your pet, it is necessary to get rid of parasites in the environment?

To do this, vacuum very carefully throughout the house. Then, mix half a liter of lemon juice, two liters of water and four liters of vinegar, put the solution in a spray and pass the mixture throughout the room, leaving it to act for 2 hours. Then, vacuum again.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an anti-flea collar?

The flea collar has several benefits, but it also has some annoyances. See the table below that we set up with the main advantages and disadvantages of the flea collar to decide if it is, in fact, the most suitable option against parasites for your animal:



  • Easier to administer than tablets and lozenges
  • Duration between 2 to 9 months
  • Does not leave oily hair like some topical medications
  • There are models for dogs and cats


  • Cannot be placed on pregnant or nursing females
  • Cannot be used on injured skin
  • Puppies can grow and lose their leash before effectiveness ends
  • Some models cannot be wetted


Purchasing Criteria: What to consider before buying a flea collar

It is very important to choose the flea collar appropriate to your pet’s needs so as not to cause any discomfort. To do this, you must observe some factors:

  • Animal weight
  • Comfort
  • Protection duration
  • Cost benefit

Let’s explain each one of them correctly below:

Animal weight

The first thing you should take into consideration before making your purchase is the size of your pet. In the case of anti-flea collars, it is possible to choose by weight range and, consequently, size P, M or G.

What changes with each flea collar size? Basically, the collar circumference and the amount of toxins. And this is very important because it defines the effectiveness of the product.

A P collar on a medium-sized dog will be tight and, worse, will not have the level of toxins needed to protect your pet. Likewise, if you use a collar for a size larger than your pet, you can intoxicate it.



It is essential that your pet is comfortable with the collar so that he does not try to remove it. For this, always remember to leave a gap of 2 fingers between the animal’s neck and the product and, of course, bet on the anti-flea collar for the size of your pet – so the fit will be more appropriate.

Protection duration

All manufacturers of flea collars make it clear on the packaging what the product’s protection period is. The cheaper versions offer 2 months of protection, but it is possible to find collars that promise up to 9 months of safety against parasites.

Cost benefit

To find out if a flea collar is cost-effective, the bill is quite simple: divide the price of the collar by the number of months it offers protection.

That way, you’ll know if it’s worth paying more for a collar that lasts longer, and can be a great way to save.


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