Top & Best Bird nursery Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Bird nursery: Learn how to choose the best model in 2022

In today’s article we will explain everything you need to know about the bird nursery, with maintenance and breeding tips.

Bird breeding is still quite common, even when we tend to consider dogs and cats more as pets. And in that case, having good facilities is essential. See more details in our full review.

First, the most important

  • It is important to change the water and clean the pond regularly to ensure the health of your birds.
  • Always remember to consider the nursery space according to the size or number of birds you intend to have.
  • Considering that being trapped is already a stressful situation, especially for flying animals, it is recommended to leave the nursery in a quiet, well-lit and ventilated place.

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The best birdhouses: Our recommendations

Whether for the residential environment or if you have a petshop and intend to accommodate birds for sale, a good aviary is very important to maintain the health and well-being of the birds. See some examples that we have separated for you.

  • A great option for novice creators
  • The best choice for petshops
  • A nursery for the most demanding breeders

A great option for novice creators

No products found.

With a total height of 120 cm in height (79 cm not counting the height of the feet), 54 cm in length and 25 cm in width, this wired birdhouse is perfect for small and medium sized birds. It has a removable tray for easy cleaning and comes with two plastic feeders, three perches, four tray fixing clips and floor separation grid.


Buying Guide

Bird breeding requires some special care so that animals do not suffer from stress and do not injure themselves. For this, a nursery with good indoor space is the first thing you should consider.

For more details and useful information that will help you choose the best option, be sure to carefully read our shopping guide. This can make all the difference to the health of your birds.

How to choose a bird aviary?

Today there are a huge variety of bird farms available on the market, from traditional wooden ones to the most modern ones, made in metal grids.

The main recommendation is to observe the internal space available, both in width, length and height, according to the size or quantity of birds that you own.


Many models offer openings and external perches.

If your bird is already domesticated and there is no risk of escaping, many models offer openings and external perches, so that it can enter and leave the aviary whenever it wants.

The spacing of the grid is also essential, especially for smaller birds, which may end up escaping or curling up between the openings.

And finally, note the ease of removing the waste tray and whether it is convenient to opt for a model of nursery with wheels on the feet to facilitate movement in the environment.


Did you know that for a long time the creation of exotic birds was a way for the nobles to flaunt their wealth?


What are the advantages and disadvantages for bird nursery?

Right away, we can see the advantages of the nursery compared to the cage. We will address this in the topic below, but to start with, they are bigger and more robust.

They facilitate the maintenance of birds and can be divided into sectors, which is a great option for professional breeders.

You can find nurseries in various colors and styles, which allows them to be incorporated into your home or yard decor.

However, the size ends up taking its price, since they usually cost more and require more space.



  • They are bigger and more robust
  • Facilitate maintenance of birds
  • Can be divided into sectors
  • Various colors and styles
  • Can be part of the decoration of your home or yard


  • They cost more than ordinary cages
  • Demand more space

What is the difference between bird cage and aviary?

As we mentioned, the main difference between the cage and the nursery is the size. And, as the cages are smaller, many can be hung on the wall, getting higher.

In the case of the nursery, they are supported on the floor, since they are bigger and heavier. So, when making the purchase, it is worth checking the height of the feet.

Cages are also often used for smaller birds, such as canaries. The nurseries offer more internal space, allowing the creation of medium-sized birds.


What care should I take with the bird aviary?

The main care you should take with the nursery is hygiene. Therefore, always opt for models with removable tray and to perform cleaning regularly to ensure the health of as many birds as yours.

Especially on metal models, check for paint and if there is no risk of peeling. Many species like to hang or just peck the grid and ingesting the paint can be fatal.

Finally, always remember to keep the feeders and drinkers very clean and, preferably, that the nursery is in a well-ventilated and well-lit place.

Now, if you plan to create other pets in your home or are in the business of petshops, see below for other items that may be useful.



Purchasing criteria: What should I evaluate before buying a bird aviary

Bird breeding is a serious thing and it is essential that you remember to always follow Ibama’s guidelines and regulations so as not to be fined. This is for both amateur and professional breeders.

Therefore, we have separated some topics that you should consider carefully before making the final decision on which is the best aviary for your birds to be healthy, with the necessary security.

  • Material
  • Dimensions
  • Compartments
  • Style


The material is what will determine factors such as strength and durability of your nursery. Currently, the most common are those made of metal grids, but it is still possible to find wooden models.

This also affects the price. The wooden ones, due to the finishing and work for the assembly, usually cost much more.

Also pay attention to the material of the feeders and drinkers, which can be plastic or metal. And finally, look for paint. As we said, this can pose a risk to birds.


Another thing that you should evaluate right away is the dimensions of the aviary taking into account the size or quantity of birds that you intend to raise.

This includes width, length and height, both total and of the feet. Also evaluate the distance and the type of spacing that exists between one grid from another.

Finally, also check the size of the door to facilitate access to the interior of the nursery.

In addition to everything being important for birds, it is also something that you should take into account according to the space you have available and the environment where the nursery will be.


Especially in large nurseries, it is common for them to have different compartments. This helps to separate the birds in case of need, or even by species.

In such cases, check the quantity, material and fitting options to have more personalization power for your nursery.

Also keep an eye on the food and water compartments and make sure they are secure. Some birds are very intelligent and may end up moving the pots away to escape through the openings.


Let’s agree, birds are incredible animals, of incomparable beauty. So, it is important that the aviary lives up to its birds.

With that in mind, many brands invest not only in practicality, resistance and durability, but also in appearance, style and design. Especially for residential models, which can add value to your decor.

It is worthwhile to spend some time researching models that fit all the factors we mentioned without giving up a aviary that further highlights the beauty of your birds.


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