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Top & Best Cat Scratcher Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Cat Scratcher: How to choose the best in 2022?

Today, we are going to enter the animal world, more specifically pets, and talk about an item that is essential for any home that has a feline: a cat scratching post!

Anyone who has ever had a cat – or, say, met a cat – knows that it can be a constant struggle to prevent them from scratching furniture or destroying everything they see ahead with their nails.

So it is essential to have a cat scraper to keep that instinct under control.

In this article, we will help you choose that item properly, in a way that pleases your kitten and keeps it entertained. In addition, let’s talk a little about this instinct and the criteria for buying a cat scratching post, as well as the models available on the market.

First, the most important

  • You have to understand that scratching is a cat’s instinct and the best way to keep it under control is with a scraper.
  • There are cats that have a vertical scratching style, while others have a more horizontal style.
  • Cats are territorial, so always buy a scraper for every cat in the house.

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Ranking: The 3 best cat scratchers

The scraper is an essential piece for anyone who has a cat at home and does not want it to destroy all furniture. However, choosing it is not always an easy task, since cats are very selective when it comes to accepting a new toy.

To help you in the task of choosing a good cat scraper for your home, we have separated the best models available on the market. Check and choose the most appropriate to your pet’s needs.


Buying Guide

Choosing the best cat scraper can be a frustrating and expensive task. You may end up buying several toys that your cat will practically ignore and will not deign to scratch. Instead, he will continue with his favorite “scraper” – his sofa.

Therefore, we have prepared this guide with all the necessary information for you to choose the best scratching post for your cat.

What is a scratching post for cats?

Cat scratchers, as the name suggests, are items that are meant to be scratched by pussies. They can be vertical or horizontal, and come in various shapes, sizes and materials.

The most popular materials are cardboard, carpet, sisal and wood. The most common forms are small horizontal rugs, sun loungers and vertical scratching posts with a long tower attached to a square base. Some cat scratchers have interactive elements, such as feathers and small balls.

But before you get lost in the variety of scratching posts and spend horrors of money, observe your cat’s behavior. If it scratches the wooden legs of your chair or the fabric of a sofa cushion, consider similar materials when selecting a cat scraper.


Why do cats scratch?

There is no use complaining about punctured cushions, corroded wood and sofas with holes, the truth is that there is no way: cats always scratch! It is part of its nature and is a biological behavior. But why do they do it?

Some common reasons for cats to scratch are as follows:

    • To spend long and old nails;
    • To sharpen new nails that are growing;
    • To show you are your territory – cats are very territorial and like to show it with pheromones
    • present on your nails.
    • To stretch your body thus avoiding muscle pain.


Now that you know that scratching is a natural behavior for your feline friend, the best option is to get a scratcher for him. Never, under any circumstances, remove the animal’s nails to avoid scratching. This is cruel and unnecessary behavior.

Cat scratching tower or carpet?

When choosing the best scraper for cats, the first step is to know if you want to buy a tower or carpet model. This will make a big difference for your pet and, depending on your cat’s profile, he will be more or less inclined to use it.

    • Tower . It is a type of cat scratcher that is upright. Some have toys attached to it to encourage play. They are usually more expensive, but cats are entertained longer.
    • Scratching rug. It is a horizontal structure. They can be used to just scratch, scratch, lie down or sit down. It is a simpler toy, but it can also come with good attractions. It has the advantage of being cheaper and fitting in more horizontal spaces.


If your cat is a scratcher who usually chooses horizontal surfaces, such as rugs and seats on your sofa or chairs, the best option is a scratching mat.

However, if your cat is a scratcher with a more vertical style, it will go straight to the door jambs or to the side corners of sofas and chairs. This type of cat prefers towers to scratch, so, prefer to invest in these toys.

How to make the animal use the cat scratching post?

Once you’ve found the perfect cat scraper, it’s time to redirect your cat’s hobby. It’s time for him to stop scratching his furniture, isn’t it? Here are some tips on how to do this.

    • Do not hide the scraper in a corner. Place it right next to where your cat already scratches.
    • Several scratching posts. If your cat scratches several places, buy some scratchers and place each one in an area.
    • Catnip. Put gate grass in place to get the cat’s attention.
    • Give as a gift. When you see the cat using the scraper, immediately give him a reward when he finishes his scratching session.
    • each has its own. If you have multiple cats, provide a scraper for each cat. Cats are territorial creatures, and they scratch things to mark territory, so let each one have their own.


How much?

You can find several types and models of cat scratching posts. The price will depend a lot on the type of material it is made on and the complexity of the toy. The more complex and durable it is, the more expensive the cat scraper will cost.

The simplest versions, without many complexities, usually cost from R $ 50, up to R $ 300, depending on the model. However, it is possible to find more complex versions, in the tower style, for example, that will cost at least R $ 80.

Now, if what you are looking for is a very elaborate cat scratcher, with several floors and lots of places for your cat to have fun, you should pay a little more for that. These cat scratchers cost around R $ 230, but there are simpler models that can be purchased for R $ 150.


Where to buy?

When we think about cat scratching posts, the first place that comes to mind to buy these products is pet stores. However, if you want to buy from these stores you will have to pay a large amount.

A cheaper option is to bet on online pet shops, which have good variety and a slightly lower price compared to physical stores. But it can still be expensive to get a good cat scraper.

Another alternative is to bet on sites like Amazon. which sell a greater diversity of products at really affordable prices. And, to top it off, you still have quick delivery options.


Purchase criteria: Factors to compare cat scratchers

Before buying a cat scratching post, you must ensure that this is the ideal model for your pet, otherwise you will end up with yet another useless item that your pet will never play with.

So it is important to keep an eye on some relevant buying criteria when choosing the perfect cat scratching post. Check it out below:

  • Size
  • Material
  • Accessories
  • Format

Next, we will detail each of these items so that you can choose the best cat scraper available on the market.


Cats can be of various sizes, as can scratchers. So, if you have a small kitten, a large scratcher can be too exaggerated and uncomfortable for him to scratch. Likewise, if it is too small, your cat will not be able to stretch while it scratches and may end up not serving properly for your pet.

So, pay attention to how your cat moves and stretches and look for a scraper high enough to accommodate its length when it is stretched.


The most common material for scratching posts is carpet, but some cats prefer another material. Some models of tower scratching posts wrapped in jute or rope are good, as they are more resistant and more durable than those of carpets and are good for houses with several cats.

However, cats that spend a lot of time outside the house and usually scratch on trees or poles may be interested in scratchers made of wood or similar materials. Another possibility is the cardboard scratchers, which are easy and inexpensive to refill.

Either way, it all depends on your cat’s taste. So test hard to find a material that your cat likes to scratch to stimulate play and contain nail growth.


There are cat scratchers in the most diverse formats. The most common ones are those in a tower and rugs, but you can find balls and other items that can be scratched without being damaged.

However, when choosing, it is not every item that will please your cat.

Felines tend to be selective and prefer one type or another of toys. So make sure that you are choosing a cat scraper in a format that your pet will appreciate.


Many cats just want a simple scraper, but many cat furniture that is scratchable has other features in it. If you want a scraper that also serves as a space for your cat to play, look for one that is built into a cat castle.

Even a small house on the back of the scraper gives the kitten something fun to explore and maybe even a place to take a nap.


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