Top & Best Cavalera Backpack Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Cavalera Backpack: How to choose the best one in 2022?

the high fashion shopping guide. Today we are going to go deep into the subject to uncover all the secrets you need to know before taking the Cavalera backpack on your adventures.

There are choices for different activities. There are versions with special customization, revealing in a way the personality of the street style. See the complete Cavalera backpacks guide!

First, the most important

  • The floral Cavalera backpack is on the rise among young people.
  • There are models that satisfy feminine, masculine or unisex styles, of all ages.
  • Versions with ergonomic handles are easily adjustable.

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Best Cavalera backpacks: Recommendations for every situation

Only by knowing the technical details of the best-selling versions can you get a sense of when Cavalera backpacks should be used:

  • To use as a bag or backpack
  • To put your foot on the road in style
  • For class or office
  • Never lose your laptop again

Buying Guide

Arriving with a Cavalera backpack at school or college raises your reputation as someone of good taste. Further ahead, expand the knowledge about the different models of the brand:

Why is the Cavalera floral backpack in fashion?

The Cavalera floral women’s backpack has already become a true icon of avant-garde culture, composed of high-strength polyester and reinforced seams. The aesthetic details of the product explain why this version is so successful today. Some Cavalera floral backpacks also work as bags.

There are flower effects both on the front pocket and on the straps, perfectly matching the main color. The ergonomic handles are adjustable and padded to create comfort in production that has different size standards.

NASARNational Association of Search and Rescue of Spain

“You must wear a backpack designed according to your body design. ( 1 ) ”

Is it recommended to put a notebook in a Cavalera backpack?

It depends on the model. Some versions have the front pocket adapted to insert notebooks with a certain inch limit.

If your device is 15 inches, choose the backpacks that have the front pocket adapted to this specific size.

Do not put the notebook in the biggest and main pocket of the backpack – the device can swing inside, damaging the computer hardware.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Cavalera backpack?

Cavalera backpacks are among the best in the national market. The product has strict manufacturing quality criteria.

These models are also exported to several countries in Latin America due to the richness of the details in the manufacture. It is important to highlight the resistance in the zipper with reinforcement so as not to fail when opening and closing the Cavalera backpack.

Although they have an acceptable capacity, the models have a more street pattern, escaping the trends of Boy Scouts or, cargo backpacks that are bigger and heavier. Other pros and cons of the Cavalera backpack you can review below:


  • Trusted brand
  • Various styles and prices
  • National production with quality
  • export
  • Spaces for laptops and other devices
  • Sturdy zipper
  • Durable material


  • There are not many versions for Boy Scouts
  • No models in natural or synthetic leather

Cavalera backpack or backpack: What is the best option?

If you have a habit of investigating to find out what accessories are the market trends, you should already know that in addition to backpacks, the Cavalera brand also produces the hanging bag.

In this section you discover the differences of the two products to find out which one is most useful to your daily life:

Cavalera hanging pouch

It works as a more robust pouch, with the difference that it is possible to hang, leaving the model in front or on the side of the back.

The version has less storage capacity. You can use this production for several hours without experiencing back pain. An exclusive collection from Cavalera that is already beginning to dominate the metropolitan streets.

Cavalera Backpack

The Cavalera backpack is present in the traditional format or in the form of a backpack-pouch, with a large handle at the top for you to take the product with one hand.

The production offers more varied custom styles and has superior capacity to store items. In the table you learn a little more about the differences of the two versions:

How much does it cost and where to buy a Cavalera backpack?

A Cavalera backpack on the market can cost from R $ 100 to up to R $ 500. The quality of the material, the customization designs and the storage capacity are aspects that impact on the product’s prices.

The male backpack or female Cavalera is located in Lojas Americanas, Carrefour and Kalunga. Buy online at Amazon and pay at least 20% less than for physical retail purchases.

Did you know that Cavalera is a national clothing and accessories brand founded in 1995?

The two founders are Igor Cavalera (former Sepultura drummer) and Turco Loco (former state deputy). Currently Igor Cavalera has no participation in the company, but his surname still remains in the brand that seeks to reflect the best of street fashion.

Purchasing Criteria: Learn how to compare to find your Cavalera backpack

The material of the Cavalera backpack allows the models to stay in the sun, without overheating, generating more comfort for those who need to walk for many hours straight.

To have more advantages when buying it is important to compare Cavalera backpacks according to some indications:

  • Division
  • Zipper
  • Customization
  • Composition

Find out more as you continue reading.


Some versions have an equal split between two large pockets. This can be bad for those who need to store large things, but it is worth storing medium or small items.

Check the diameters of the smallest pockets.

Check the diameters of the smallest pockets. Keep an eye out for the shortest pockets. Some patterns are good for storing keys, but are tight in the sense of storing batteries for cameras, smartphones or tablets.


Although the backpacks are of the same brand the type of zipper can differ in some models. Higher price productions almost always have more quality on the zipper, but this is a rule that has exceptions.


What is your favorite style? Another positive point of Cavalera backpacks is the chance to choose dozens of different options that are intended for children, adults or the older audience.

Find discreet models, fashion, vintage, street, among others. Just notice if you are willing to pay more, because a product with a very creative customization can cost high prices.


High-strength polyester, satin polyester, jeans and synthetics are the main materials of the productions. It is up to you to select a pattern that best suits your taste, since all the choices are resistant.


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