Top & Best Backpack Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Backpack: Check out the best of 2022

Leaving home early and returning only at the end of the day is the reality of many, whether to spend hours at work, or amend in studies or the gym. The backpack has become a great companion for this journey.

With it, people can take everything they need to face the routine throughout the day. And still take trips. No matter what the reason, there’s a backpack that’s right for you. And want to help you with this purchase, welcome.

Through this complete guide we will introduce you to several types of backpack and the best model of each one. Stay with us until the end to learn all about backpacks and ensure the right model for your needs.

First, the most important

  • The backpack combines practicality and comfort for everyday life. Women and men are exchanging traditional bags or briefcases for backpacks for the weekly work routine.
  • Preserving the health of the spine is one of the advantages of wearing a backpack. And to ensure that you choose the perfect model, carefully read the purchase criteria at the end of this Guide.
  • In this ranking you will find backpacks for all styles and will get to know the best model of each type.

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The best backpacks: Our favorites

Whether for men or women, the backpack is an indispensable item in anyone’s wardrobe. With that in mind, we have selected the best backpacks – one of each type – for you to take your belongings with. Check out the ranking below:

  • A great anti-theft option
  • A leather backpack
  • The caster option
  • For those who like adventures
  • An option that matches different styles


Buying Guide

There are backpacks for all styles, needs and pockets. When you decide to buy a backpack, the options can be endless, as it has become an indispensable object nowadays, present in any wardrobe.

So that you know how to choose the best model for you, we made a Purchase Guide with all the important information. Follow with us!


What are the types of backpack and what are the advantages of each one?

The backpack is a great companion for anyone, whether to go to work, college, gym or travel. In addition to serving as a transport for your belongings, it composes the user’s look, further reaffirming his style and personality.


In the past, the backpack was synonymous with something robust, today the models are adapted to the profile of each one.

There is one with many different backpacks, one for each occasion. Many women have left their bags aside and men are also exchanging executive briefcases for a backpack.

If backpacking was once synonymous with something robust, today the different models are adapted to the profile of each person.

There are more casual backpacks for everyday use, which give a jovial air to the user. Or even the more executive ones that have lots of partitions and space for notebooks. Leather ones are also an elegant and long-lasting option.

But if you are a sportsman, adventurer or traveler there is also a backpack that is right for you. It even has anti-theft models, which were designed for people who live in large cities, use transportation and live on the run.

The models in this guide are all unisex and we have separated the best models in this article. Now let’s check out the types and their advantages.

Casual backpack

Basic and functional, the casual backpack is the most neutral one. Which you can use to go to college, work, the gym or spend the weekend anywhere. These are traditional backpacks, with ample internal space and possible front and side pockets.

But you can find many prints, colors according to your style The seventh place on our list evaluated by more than 860 people is the perfect model for anyone.

And that is your great advantage, a wild card in your wardrobe, for any occasion.


Backpack for notebook

Nowadays almost all backpacks have space for notebook, but some do not accommodate your computer safely.

A backpack designed especially for this will offer all the security you need to take your electronics from side to side. These backpacks have smart dividers for you to accommodate your belongings and find them easily. They are discreet, comfortable and long lasting. Perfect for executives and students.

Anti-theft backpack

If your reality is to use public transport, especially in big cities and busy places, an anti-theft backpack is all you need. Whether to go to college or work. The big advantage of such a backpack is safety, of course.

They are usually discreet. Both the zippers and the design are designed so that no one can open your backpack to tamper with your belongings, preventing theft. It is the best way to take everything of value safely.

Leather backpack

A genuine leather backpack is highly durable. Although leather requires special care, if you take care of the product, your backpack can last for many years, making up for all the investment, as they are usually the most expensive.

They match men and women, whether students or executives. In addition to resistance and long durability, another advantage is that these models bring an unparalleled elegance to the user’s style.


Wheeled backpack

The wheeled backpack has made the user’s life even easier. If your routine is between the company and the airport, surely this is the model for you. They serve as hand luggage and you can take everything of value you need with you.

Its great advantage is mobility. They can be carried on the back, or through the handle. Designed for executives, they are like notebook models, only with wheels. So they usually have many partitions for organization and specific space for electronics.

Freighter backpack

Totally planned for adventurers, the freighter backpack is perfect for those who go camping or hiking. It is also the preferred backpacking style of backpackers who travel by bus, train, bicycle or car and usually stay in hostels.

The main compartment has a bag style, they vary in capacity – it can be from 30 to 120 liters – and they also have many adaptations to carry your belongings also on the outside.


Its great advantage is its ability to carry everything you need for your trips.

Sports backpack

A sports backpack is very similar to a casual backpack. The difference is that they usually have a more sporty design. Still, they can have a notebook compartment, being a companion for the entire journey away from home.

They are backpacks used by people who practice sports at some point in their routine. If going to the gym or doing any other training is part of your day, consider such a model.

The model brought by us in this ranking even has an exclusive and completely separate compartment for you to take your sneakers with you.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing a backpack?

Regardless of the model you choose, in general wearing a backpack has many advantages and few disadvantages.

Practicality is certainly the greatest of them, present in any type of backpack. In addition, you distribute the weight of your belongings equally between the two shoulders, which is very good for your spine.

Your hands are free, either to take public transport or to talk quietly on the phone. Partitions allow you to organize your belongings, making them easier to find.

The biggest disadvantage may be that on very hot days your back would be sweaty. So a model with a top handle can also be interesting for a situation like this.

So that you can see both the advantages and the disadvantages we have made a table demonstrative.



  • Allows you to load many objects in one place
  • Distributes the weight between the two sides of the body
  • Partitions and pockets keep items organized
  • Convenience for use in public transport
  • Convenience for short trips


  • Most models are more vulnerable to theft
  • Make your back sweaty on hot days
  • Can take up a lot of space where there is no closet for belongings

Why is backpacking good for your health?

It distributes the weight between the two shoulders, not overloading just one side of the body, as with bags. But be careful! Each person can carry the equivalent of 10% of their weight on their back. This means that a 70 kg person can carry up to 7 kg. This includes the total weight of the backpack and all belongings.



Oswaldo TellaNeurosurgeon

“The weight carried too much on the back, which exceeds the tolerable limits, is harmful for both children and adults.”

In an interview for the website, the neurosurgeon at Hospital Edmundo Vasconcelos, in São Paulo, also warned about other important details. The straps should be thick and reinforced to avoid injuries and pain and preferably padded. In addition, the user must always carry the backpack on both shoulders.

Height is also important. The ideal backpack rests against your entire back, otherwise it can damage your joints and posture.

How much does a backpack cost?

This answer obviously depends on the type of backpack you are looking for. As we saw in this guide, each model meets a specific need and for that reason prices can vary widely.

Also remember that we are presenting you the best backpacks on the market, so the average price is around R $ 300.

Where to buy a backpack?

In physical stores you will need to go to specific locations, according to the type of backpack you are looking for. To buy a sports backpack, stores Centauro can be an option. But you will hardly find the other types of backpack there.

So, so you don’t have to look for the physical store where you have the backpack you want, online stores end up being the best way to make a purchase.

You can find all types of backpack on a single website. In addition to guaranteeing better prices and receiving at the door without wasting too much time. There are some department stores that sell backpack, such as: Amazon.


Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare the different backpack models

If you are looking for a specific backpack such as a loader, for example, you have certainly made your choice. Or if one with wheels, for sure you already know which one to buy. But it may still be divided between a leather backpack, executive style, sports or anti-theft.

This doubt is normal, many backpacks mentioned are used both for going to work, as for college or even other commitments.

That is why we decided to facilitate your choice through the purchase criteria, highlighting some factors that may be decisive for your choice:

  • Compartments
  • Comfort
  • Capacity
  • Material


If you like organization, this criterion should be a priority in your choice. Some backpacks allow you to organize your belongings in a very careful way, with space determined for each object.

This makes it easier for you to find everything. So analyze how many pockets you have, what the internal compartments are like and what the dividers are.

Casual backpacks tend to be more basic and have fewer compartments.
Some have internal images and you can see how the backpacks are inside.

If you want a backpack for everyday use, taking your computer, books and other materials a good room can make your routine easier. Small compartments for wallets, keys, cell phones, pens and portable batteries are great features.

Also check the dimensions of the notebook pocket, if it is compatible with the inches of your computer. Another detail for your electronic security is to see if this pocket is padded.


To carry a backpack on your back, for whatever purpose, it needs to be at least comfortable. And comfort is related to some important factors to be analyzed.

The design of the backpack and the materials say a lot whether it is comfortable or not. It is important that the straps are padded so as not to hurt the shoulders. And it is still necessary to adjust them to the correct height so as not to cause trauma.

The backpack panel that comes into contact with the back must also be padded and made of materials that allow perspiration. There is no need to give up elegance for comfort, the models combine the two very well. Like the leather backpack, for example. Make a detailed analysis of this criterion.


What do you need to carry during the day? How much time do you spend away from home? Ask yourself this before making your decision.

If you only need the basics, like computers and documents, a smaller model would be perfect, like the leather one or the anti-theft.

Now if you take your lunchbox, gym clothes, electronics, umbrella and everything else you can, consider buying a model with more capacity, such as sports or casual.

This criterion is essential and requires reflection so that in fact your backpack becomes useful in your routine and is not an object thrown in your wardrobe. Therefore, to ensure your satisfaction, carefully read the dimensions of the backpacks.

In addition to the width, length and depth, most of them have a capacity marked “L” in the description, which is equivalent to liters. This number can vary from 10 to 60 liters for everyday backpacks.


Some materials are more resistant and durable than others. Nylon and polyester are usually more resistant to water and are strong backpacks for everyday use. Most of them are made from these materials.

It is also important to also reflect the care that each material requires. Leather, for example, although very resistant, requires specific care for greater durability. Are you as willing of your model as he deserves?

Even for cleaning, this influences, since each material has a different instruction. If you are looking for a backpack that is your long-term companion, you need to pay attention to the quality of the material. This is very much linked to the strength it has and also the durability.


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