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Top & Best Oakley Backpack Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Oakley Backpack: What’s the best of 2022?

Gone are the days when backpacks were simply mobile storage spaces. Today they are pieces of innovative design, and, for many people, a decisive accessory for everyday life. At the head of this market transformation is the Oakley backpack, the focus of our article today.

Versatile, technological and very resistant, Oakley backpacks make up a complete and diverse catalog, with lines ranging from sport to day to day, from work to travel. In the Guide below, we will introduce you to this variety, as well as its benefits and innovations, so that you can find the ideal model for you.

First, the most important

  • Oakley works with backpacks in its catalog, and in some editions, such as Icon 2.0 and Icon 3.0.
  • Another way to differentiate Oakley backpacks is through volume, which varies between 20 liters and 30 liters in different models, but also in different editions of a model.
  • The minimum investment in an Oakley backpack is quite high for the market, starting at R $ 200, but as its price goes up, it also increases its durability and useful life.

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Best Oakley backpacks: The newsroom favorites

To save a bit of your time, and who knows, until you solve your search, we put together the list below. It contains only the best Oakley backpack models, the most successful on the market, the best evaluated, but without forgetting the cost-benefit ratio.

  • The complete Oakley backpack
  • The most stylish model
  • The toughest Oakley model

Shopping Guide

Backpacks need to keep up with today’s times, with the shortest distances and the most agile time. They need to be durable and use spaces wisely, for a person who leaves the gym for work, and from there to a bus for a weekend at the beach.

Oakley models are designed exactly for this, including itineraries beyond the urban space, and always with a modern style. In the Shopping Guide that we show below, we will help you find the backpack that matches your style and your itinerary.

Why is the Oakley backpack one of the most versatile on the market?

As we will see later in this article, Oakley backpacks feature several innovations and technologies to be sturdy, comfortable and with good storage capacity, with specialized pockets for the most diverse items.

What is decisive, however, for the models to be one of the most versatile on the market is their design, a hybrid between cargo backpacks and urban backpacks. In other words, they are long, with a more manageable internal space, they have durable materials and are very compact, which makes them much easier to transport.

Is it worth buying a camouflaged Oakley backpack?

Few prints have the resilience of camouflage, especially in the ephemeral world of fashion. Even more impressive is the “strength” that the style has within the Oakley catalog, with at least five lines with camouflaged editions.

The success of the print is due to a set of advantages that can be enjoyed from its use. Starting with the classic, inexorable style, like jeans or leather.

Fashion tip: if you are going to use your camouflage backpack in urban environments, go with the prints in shades of gray; in natural environments, go for green tones.

Afterwards, camouflaged products are generally quite durable, which is the case with Oakley backpacks, which incorporate the pattern in their more durable lines, such as Enduro ,  Utility and  Gearbox .

Finally, the camouflaged Oakley backpack is quite versatile, a backpack that fits both for travel and for everyday life. The negative side, however, is that in social or even casual compositions they are somewhat limiting, since they do not combine many colors or many tones.


  • Classic style
  • Durability
  • Versatility


  • Print limits other compositions

Why is the Oakley Enduro backpack ideal for everyday life?

Another Oakley backpack that is quite successful is Enduro. It is a line focused on urban use, so it is more compact and aesthetically more versatile.

The older models are more discreet, with pastel colors or even with camouflage print, while the newer ones are more daring in the visual, with blends of gray and more accentuated contrasts.

Ranging between 20 and 30 liters of capacity, the backpack measures, standing, less than 50 centimeters, and has at least ten pockets, between side pockets, compartment for notebooks and even for sunglasses.

What closes the line with a golden key is its care for comfort, with handles and back and bottom padded and easy to adjust. Thus, while being compact, versatile, resistant and comfortable, Oakley Enduro is one of the best models for everyday life in the city.



Oakley Kitchen Backpack or Bathroom?

There are two lines of Oakley backpacks with unusual names, Kitchen Sink (“Kitchen sink”) and Bathroom Sink (” Bathroom sink “), two of the most important in the brand’s catalog, inclusive. If isolated they are eccentric, when compared their names make a lot of sense.


Kitchen Sink is the larger of the two.

Imagine a kitchen sink and a bathroom sink. Which is the biggest? Which needs to be more resistant? Exactly, the kitchen sink. And the Kitchen Sink backpack is the larger of the two: while the Bathroom has 23 liters, it has a capacity of up to 30 liters.

This allows Kitchen to have, for example, a compartment for notbooks of up to 17 inches, while Bathroom has a model of up to 15 inches.

Despite the differences, both are, well, sinks, and need to be robust, resistant. This is where the models meet, since both have very similar designs, from black to hooks in the front pocket, to be versatile and durable.

What is the price of the Oakley backpack?

With a high degree of innovation and an enormous quality of materials, the Oakley backpack has a high price; with its various lines and editions, the variation of this price is also high.

You can find older and basic models starting at R $ 200, and top-of-the-line launches for up to R $ 2000.

Purchasing Criteria: How to choose your Oakley backpack

The large supply of Oakley backpacks can confuse your search a little. There are many lines, many models, many varieties. With the list below, however, you can search for your ideal model in a much more objective and practical way.

  • Original
  • Pockets
  • Volume
  • Edition


The first tip we share is to always look for the original product. Oakley is a highly sought after brand, and with some products, including many of its backpacks, with a high purchase value. This “stimulates” the clandestine market and counterfeits of all kinds.

There is no case, however, where the expression “cheap that costs expensive” is more true than this. The high value of the models is proportional not only to their usefulness, but also to their durability, given their high quality fabrics and reinforced seams and finishes.

It can also happen that you are deceived. To avoid this inconvenience, try to buy only from official and trusted stores. If you are suspicious, check the quality of the seams and look for stamps, stickers and authenticity labels.


Now out of the specs of counterfeiting, an objective point in selecting the best Oakley backpack model is to repair your pockets and compartments. Recent models have a similar number of pockets, averaging ten.

The idea, however, is not only to notice the quantity, even though it indicates greater versatility, but in the positioning, size and “specialization” of these compartments.

Think of the essential items in your backpack.

The best thing to do is to think about the essential items that you want to take in your backpack, and look for the model that behaves in a practical and safe way; then, think of those that would be a good addition to the “set”, and select the model that can also store them.


When we say that the number of pockets is not that important, it is a lot because of this item. The volume will more efficiently indicate the capacity of the Oakley backpack. This information is easily found, especially on shopping sites, with the volume indicated next to the line name, even as an identifier.

Most Oakley models work with volumes between 20 and 35 liters. But be smart! Volume is not weight, so also check how much the backpack can handle before you go around with your compact but heavy belongings …


Taking the tradition of clothing and accessories to its catalog of backpacks, Oakley works with editions of its main lines, such as “Enduro” or “Kitchen”, whose versions are identified as “2.0” or “3.0”. In theory, the higher the number, the greater the innovation.

In practice this also happens, but it does not mean that the previous edition is not a good one. It is, of course, different. So don’t forget to compare editions on the same line.



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