Top & Best Nubank Card Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Nubank Card: Is it worth having in 2022?

it may be that you have already seen a friend of yours with the purple one in your hand and was curious. The Nubank card is gaining more and more space and it is not only its different color that draws attention. There are many advantages over a traditional credit card. Want to learn more about the Nubank card? You are in the right place.

Contrary to what many people think, Nubank is not a bank. They classify themselves as a startup and have more than 2,000 employees. In 2019 it was elected by Forbes magazine as the best bank and also the preferred credit card  in a CardMonitor survey.

First, the most important

  • Nubank is differentiated by many factors, the main ones being: all transactions and assistance are made online and the Nubank card has no annual fee.
  • It is very simple to request your Nubank card, just enter the website, register and wait for approval.
  • Today there are more than 5 million Nubank cards spread across

Nubank Card: Enjoy the benefits

If you want to order your Nubank card, just click on the link below and follow the step by step on the startup website. To know all the advantages of this card, continue with us throughout this guide:

  • Credit card without annual fee

Ordering Guide: What you need to know about the Nubank card

Having a Nubank card means avoiding the bureaucracy of traditional banks and not spending hours waiting for assistance to be able to carry out certain transactions. Everything within reach of your smartphone, this is the main way to deal with your Nubank card.

The benefits are many, and your doubts may be too. Normal, after all, who knew that one day we would trust a 100% digital bank? If you would like to have a Nubank card but you are still not sure that this is the best option for you, keep reading this guide.

What is the Nubank card and what are its advantages?

It is a credit card issued by Nubank itself, licensed by the MasterCard banner. He is famous for having no annual fee and for Nubank being a 100% digital bank.

Although the brand does not describe itself as a bank, this is the best way to name them to facilitate understanding throughout this article. But they classify themselves as a “company that uses technology and design to give people control over their financial lives”.


The Nubank card has no annual fee.

The main advantage is that the Nubank card has no annual fee, as mentioned. Therefore, you use all the services of a credit card without paying anything for it. By not having a thirst for service, Nubank is able to reduce expenses and offer this advantage.

This is just another high point, there is no need to go to a physical bank to solve your problems and make transactions. You have everything within reach of your smartphone, something that even traditional banks are already facilitating for their customers.

With a Nubank card you eliminate numerous bureaucratic processes. In addition, you enjoy all the benefits of the MasterCard banner and have access to the MasterCard Supreenda, a loyalty program to take advantage of credit card points.

The only disadvantage that we can highlight is that, precisely because it has no headquarters, the withdrawal must be made at an ATM of the Banco24horas network. And for this transaction you pay a fee of R $ 6.50 per withdrawal, we will talk more about that in another section.

What is a digital bank?

You may be asking yourself, “What is the difference between a digital bank and an ordinary bank, anyway?”

The first thing is that as the name explains, it is 100% digital, that is, it does not have a customer service center. With that, all transactions and customer service are done online, using your computer or smartphone.

With this reduction in expenses, digital banks are able to perform their services without charging fees. And how do they profit? In this case, digital banks, such as Nubank, have two ways to earn money, receiving a small percentage of the establishment where the purchase was made through the MasterCard banner, or through interest when the invoice is delayed and the customer needs to pay in installments.

Another difference is that because you are not thirsty, to make withdrawals you must find an ATM from the Banco24horas network. This should not be an obstacle, as they are spread across the country. You can download the app to find the one closest to you.

In addition, all transactions carried out by a traditional bank can be made by a digital bank, and often without charging fees. To transfer money from your Nuconta to another bank, for example, you pay nothing. Many banks charge a fee that can reach R $ 10.

You can make payments, make deposits, charge, among others with just a few taps on your smartphone.

Does the Nubank card have an annual fee?

No, the Nubank card is free of charge. This means that you enjoy all the benefits of a credit card without paying anything for it.

Some operators offer free annual membership cards to certain groups, such as university students, for example. However, this is a service offered to everyone who has a Nubank card, without distinction.

With the annuity the customer can spend more than R $ 100 per year. Therefore, this generates great savings.

In addition to eliminating the annual fee, Nubank also carries out other operations free of charge. You do not pay a fee to make a transfer to another bank.

Did you know that Nubank has 24/7 customer service on 0800 591 2117? You can contact the team via chat, phone, email or social media.


Does the Nubank card have fees?

As we have seen, no. Nubank does not have fees on its transactions and this is one of the differentiators of the company.

The only charges made by the bank are through the subscription of Nubank Rewards – an optional fee – and in case of withdrawal – which is not reversed in profit by Nubank. You will learn more about these two issues in the next sections.

Can I make withdrawals with a Nubank card?

Yes, to count the withdrawal option you must activate the Debit function on your Nubank card.

If your card is of the new model, requested after September 2018, you must access the settings in your application and click on ‘Request debit function’. With these simple steps this function is activated and you can now make withdrawals.

To withdraw, as we have already seen, you will need an ATM from the Banco24Horas or Saque e Pague network, spread across the country. As the withdrawal is made possible by outsourced companies, Nubank clarifies that this transaction has a cost.

To cover the costs of transporting and securing money, renting space, maintaining equipment and taxes, each withdrawal has a fee of R $ 6.50, which is not reversed in profit. It is through this charge that the digital bank is able to provide the withdrawal option for its customers.

On the limit, there are two options: make a withdrawal of a maximum of R $ 1,000 or withdraw R $ 2,000 in a 24-hour period.

As the amount is charged per withdrawal, regardless of the amount withdrawn from Nuconta, it is worth making the withdrawal only once to have a sum of money with you. The same does not happen if you use the direct debit function in establishments, for example.

Is the Nubank card international?

Yes, by automatically requesting your Nubank card you will receive an international card. With it you can both travel and shop on foreign websites.

If you have a trip scheduled, just activate the travel notice and you’re done. For purchases on international sites, nothing needs to be done.

It is worth remembering that for either option, you will need to pay the IOF, a tax charged by the government that comes with your bill. The value is 6.38% for expenses with foreign currency.

What do I need to apply for a Nubank card?

To order your Nubank card you only need to fit within four very simple criteria:

  1. Be over 18 years old ;
  2. Have a regular CPF with the IRS;
  3. Living;
  4. Have a smartphone compatible with Android (version 4.4 or higher) or iOS (version 10 or higher).

Once this registration is done, just wait for the credit analysis and approval. If all is well, approval should happen within a few days and your card will be mailed.

As Nubank is a digital bank, the smartphone is essential for approval. It is through this device that you will be able to carry out the necessary transactions.

What is the interest rate on the Nubank card?

We have already explained that Nubank does not have fees, and one of its sources of income is through interest, charged on overdue or installment credit card bills.

Nobody buys wanting to be late with their commitments, but unforeseen events happen and everyone is subject to an invoice negotiation at some point. Knowing this, another concern arises: what is the interest rate charged by Nubank?

To offer more transparency, Nubank offers on its website the amounts charged. Check the table below:

What is the credit limit released by Nubank and how to increase mine?

There is no defined value. After you pass, an automated system analyzes data to establish an initial limit. Often the value starts with R $ 700 due to lack of sufficient data about the customer. From use, the increase is released gradually, based on your expenses and also with the payment fidelity.

If you want a higher limit than the one granted, you will need to show Nubank that need. For this you can adopt some postures that will facilitate this release.

    • Explore your current limit: This means that you should always end your limit within the month, showing the bank that it is insufficient for your needs. To do this, concentrate all your purchases on that credit card.
    • Honor with your invoice: If you make the full payment of the invoice within the due date, Nubank will realize your need for a higher limit. If you are spending all your limit and are unable to make the payment, if you need to pay in installments, you will hardly be able to clear a higher limit.
    • Update your income: Go to your Nubank app and keep your income up to date.


To request a higher limit you can use the application itself. Look for ‘adjust limit’, click on ‘request total limit increase’, type the amount you want and finish with ‘request more limit’. Just wait for the answer in the app or email.

How to migrate from Nubank Gold to Platinum?

MasterCard offers Gold and Platinum cards, and Nubank counts those cards. In summary, the Nubank Gold card offers benefits related to purchases and Platinum is ideal for those who travel a lot.

Anyone who requests a Nubank card receives the Gold version, after using and analyzing expenses, Nubank can offer the Platinum version if they think it makes sense to the customer, as an invitation.

The benefits presented by this card, such as travel insurance, travel advice, car insurance and international offers are offered by MasterCard, and not by the digital bank.

You can even contact Nubank and express your desire for a Plantinum card, but this migration will only be possible if the bank realizes that the benefits make sense according to your type of spending.

What is the Nubank Rewards benefit program?

Nubank has an optional service called Rewards. This is the only tariff charged by the company. It is a benefit program, in which you pay an annuity to enjoy.

One of the main benefits is the accumulation of invalid points. For every R $ 1 you spend you earn a Rewards point, and that point does not expire. An important detail is that the point is received for real expenses, when most loyalty programs offer 1 point per dollar, becoming more impracticable.

With these same points you can earn discounts on invoices or even delete certain expenses, which will require a certain amount of points. Restaurants, Netflix, Uber, Amazon and iFood are among the most erased spending by customers.

You can still buy your airline ticket on any website. The bank announced a partnership with Smiles. So you can transfer your points there, with no validity to convert it into miles.

The service costs R $ 19.90 per month or R $ 190 per year. You can test for 30 days and analyze if it is convenient for your needs, calculating if it is really worth investing in this program.


How to contact Nubank if they do not have a physical headquarters for customer service?

Nubank has 24-hour service during the seven days of the week to facilitate communication with its customers, precisely because it does not have a physical headquarters for service. This prevents you from queuing and having your needs answered and attended to in an agile manner.

There are three main ways you can contact Nubank.

  • Telephone: The main and fastest one is through the call center by telephone. Just call 0800 591 2117 anytime.
  • Chat: If you are unable to make the call, or prefer online service, on the website or even in your application you will find the chat option. You leave your question and an automatic response will come, if your question is still not answered, an attendant will go online to help you.
  • E-mail: If you do not need an immediate response or like to keep your needs registered, you can send an e-mail to

Nubank is also on the main social networks. And even on the Nubank website you can access the Frequently Asked Questions page, your question may have already been answered there, it is worth checking out.

Another interesting channel is the blog, filled with interesting information for Nubank customers.


Conclusion: Is it worth having a Nubank card?

If you are a person who likes technology, wants to escape bureaucracy and bank fees the answer is yes. The Nubank card has no annual fee and facilitates your purchases. With your smartphone you can carry out all transactions quickly and at no cost.

Even though the company charges R $ 6.50 per withdrawal, this amount ends up paying off, since it is used infrequently. It is much cheaper than paying annual fees and transfer fees, services charged by traditional banks.

It is easy to request a Nubank card, the registration analysis is quick and you just need to live, be over 18, have a CPF regulated by the IRS and have a smartphone. So, what are you waiting for to order yours?


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