Top & Best Credit card points Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Credit card points: Discover the best programs in 2022

Credit card is a widely used form of payment. It is difficult to find someone who does not have at least one card option. Did you know that it is possible to accumulate and exchange credit card points for the most varied products? Many people do not use this service, losing the benefits it offers. That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

For each purchase or amount spent you accumulate points. These points serve to revert benefits for you, be it services, products, travel or entertainment, the options are unlimited. Keep reading and learn more about credit card points.

First, the most important

  • To accumulate points is very simple, just make purchases with your credit card. To enjoy the benefits, you need to be registered in a points program.
  • You can exchange your points for products and even airline miles. Each program offers different conditions and its own benefits, so it is worthwhile to find out about the best for your card.
  • In some cases you earn a point for each purchase, regardless of the amount, in others you receive a point for a certain amount spent. Stay tuned because the points are valid!

The Best Credit Card Point Programs: Our Recommendations

Are you interested in starting to accumulate and redeem your points? Many people use their credit card daily and end up neglecting the benefits of points. Here are some programs to start enjoying the benefits of credit card points:

  • The largest points program
  • Points for credit card 
  • Dotz, a partner
  • A points program for several banks

Hiring Guide: Learn all about credit card points

Have you ever thought about making your purchases by credit card, accumulating points and then reverting them to products or services? This is possible thanks to the credit card points program.

You can go to the cinema, buy clothes, shoes, exchange for fuel and even travel. The benefits are many. If you want to know more about credit card points, continue with us throughout this guide.

What are credit card points and how to accumulate?

Credit card points are benefits accrued with each purchase or amount spent. Every time you use your credit card, this purchase earns you points.

These points are retained at your card company, and often end up being forgotten there, until the expiration date and you can’t use it for anything. It seems strange to see a benefit being “thrown away”, but that happens to many people who do not pay attention to the advantages of using them.


To accumulate points just use your credit card.

To accumulate points is very simple, just use your credit card. Depending on the carrier or loyalty program you use, this accumulation of points may vary depending on your purchase.

However, to take advantage of all the advantages and exchange these points for products, you have two options: use the system of the bank that operates your credit card or register with a loyalty operator.

From this register you can redeem the points, exchange them for the most varied products and services or even transfer them to request miles for a trip.

What are loyalty programs?

Loyalty programs are offered by companies that carry out these points exchanges for you. There are many loyalty programs, they usually work with several banks. Before choosing your program, check which one is your bank’s partner.

Dotz, Smiles, Pontos Livelo, MasterCard Surpreenda and Multiplus are examples of loyalty programs.

You need to make a registration informing your CPF to be able to enjoy all the benefits that the program offers. On the operators’ websites, you can check the partner banks, register, redeem your credit card points and exchange for the most diverse products and services.

Most of them also have an application for your smartphone, so you can more easily control how many points you have, their validity and even receive promotions for exchange.

What are the advantages of using credit card points?

The biggest advantage is that you can reverse part of the amount spent, even if slowly, it is a way for your money to get back to you. If you receive points for each purchase, over time you can exchange these points for other products, with a return on that investment.

You can exchange these scores for products and services, that is, you can make purchases or hire services. On the operators’ website, you can check the exchange possibilities. The most common exchanges are for:

    • Clothes, shoes and accessories;
    • Home items, such as appliances and decoration;
    • Various electronics and accessories, such as a computer, smartphone, headset, USB stick, among others;
    • Credit for cellphone;
    • Fuel for the vehicle;
    • Transportation services, such as Uber racing;
    • Tickets for cinema, theater, concerts or other sources of entertainment;
    • Supermarket shopping;
    • Payment of bills and bills;
    • Travel agency services;
    • Car rental;
    • Donations.


The downside is that many operators may require thousands of points for certain products. This calculation is related to the value of what is for sale. Therefore, more expensive products will require more points for the exchange.

For those who use credit cards a lot and make high-value purchases, exchanges end up being more advantageous. If you use it sporadically for small purchases, it may take time to have enough points for an exchange.

Another issue is that the points are valid, so keep an eye on not to lose the benefit.

How do I transfer credit card points to use them?

To transfer your credit card points to a loyalty program, you must first register. Regardless of the operator you choose, on the website you can check the procedure for each one for this transfer. We have no way to indicate a step by step, as this may vary according to the program.

Some programs may have a minimum limit for making this transfer and some banks may even charge a fee for this service. For example, to transfer your credit card points from the Cashier to Dotz, you are required to have at least 1,000 points. As for Banco do the same program, there is no minimum limit.

Did you know that operators carry out promotions for these transfers? Some offer up to 50% more bonus on transfer scores on a specific day.

So, register, find out about the transfer method and keep an eye on promotions.

How to convert credit card points into miles?

If you are registered in a loyalty program, these points can be converted into miles within the operator’s own website. They offer hiring travel agency services.

You can exchange points for airline tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals and even purchase tickets to visit attractions at your destination. All this in a very simple and intuitive way, following the steps on the platform.

Multiplus and Smiles are the most famous loyalty programs when it comes to travel and miles, but that does not mean that the others do not offer great advantages. Multiplus is developed by Latam and Smiles by Gol.


The point-to-mile fare depends on each carrier.

The big issue is that to enjoy these air services you will need many points, due to the high value of the services. The point-to-mile fare depends on each carrier.

Some end up equaling the values, that is, 1 point is the same as 1 mile, in other cases you will need 1.25 points for each mile.

Now if you are going to exchange your points directly from your bank to a loyalty program, you will first need to register for one of these programs. From there, you need to check with your bank how it performs this transfer. In many cases you can do this through your online access, without even having to call the operator.

Are credit card points valid?

Yes, at least almost always. There are specific situations of points that never expire, however, the vast majority have validity.

This validity will depend on the administrator, and can vary from 12 to 48 months, that is, from 1 to up to 4 years. Be careful to make your exchanges and transfers before this period.

According to the Central Bank, in 2010, 101.3 billion points expired and were not used by consumers.


In recent years, people are waking up to this knowledge, and seeking its benefits. Proof of this is that you are here, finding out about credit card points.

How many points do I earn for every dollar spent?

There are two ways to calculate a point. The first one is for the amount spent and the second option for the purchase made.

The most common is that operators offer one point for each dollar spent, so even if you make your purchase, in real, the dollar rate will be converted on that day to add the points of each purchase.

The higher the dollar, the more you have to spend in reais to earn more points.

The other way is, regardless of the amount spent, you earn one point for each purchase made, a less used practice.


Hiring Criteria: Choose the program to use your card points

Although this guide is packed with information, we want to bring you extra points that can assist in your final choice. The main criteria that must be considered are:

  • Bank and Loyalty Program
  • Value per point
  • Transfer amount
  • Transfer time

Now read each topic carefully in this section and learn how to make the best choice.

Bank and Loyalty Program

First of all you need to study the most beneficial program for your credit card, one that is compatible and offers more advantages. That choice starts with your bank.

As mentioned, Multiplus, Smiles, Dotz, Livelo and MaterCard Surpreenda are the most sought after. Enter the operators’ websites and check the partner banks and the benefits offered.

Value per point

Another important criterion is to check the value of each point. That is, how much you need to spend on your credit card to accumulate a point. Most of the time, you are offered 1 point per dollar spent.

Transfer amount

Some operators may charge you to transfer points to a loyalty program. This amount may vary from bank to bank. Check with yours the amount of this fare before making this transfer. Sometimes it is worth waiting for a larger accumulation of points to transfer at once.

This amount is not always charged in reais, if the operator has a partnership with a certain bank, the transfer usually costs nothing. What can be established is a limitation of points to transfer them, for example, it is necessary to accumulate at least 1,000 points.

Transfer time

The transfer of points can be immediate or take up to 7 working days. It is worth checking this information with your loyalty program and your bank to ensure that you have enough time to enjoy the points in time.


Everyone who uses a credit card ends up accumulating points. The big issue is that not everyone redeems or makes that exchange. Making your registration is a loyalty program you get more benefits and control of these points.

Pay attention to the partner banks, the value of each point, if the bank charges a transfer or has a minimum score limit and how long it can take.

Don’t let your points expire. Register and start exchanging your credit card points more consciously, taking advantage of all the benefits.


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