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Top & Best Women’s backpack Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Women’s backpack: Learn how to choose the best one in 2022

hat concept that a backpack is synonymous with something robust – and ugly – is behind us. Today you find beautiful models of women’s backpack that offer comfort while still having a feminine touch.

The truth is that they are increasingly winning the hearts of women for everyday life. The use of a women’s backpack offers many advantages has prepared a complete guide to show you all of them.

We have listed 6 beautiful backpacks of excellent quality, considering important factors for any woman: functionality, comfort, style, resistance, durability, size, weight and style. Everything for you to buy the perfect backpack from the comfort of your home.

First, the most important

  • The women’s backpack combines practicality and comfort for everyday life. They offer more space and have become a piece that make up the look of the day.
  • Many women are exchanging traditional women’s bags for backpacks for the weekly routine of work, gym and college.
  • In this ranking you will find backpacks for all styles that take quality into account. Their prices range from R $ 99 to R $ 800.

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The best women’s backpacks: Our choices

With the variety of backpacks on the market it is really difficult to decide on the ideal model. But don’t worry, we have selected the best ones so that you have options to choose from. Check out the ranking below:

  • A discreet and functional option
  • A leather option
  • For those with a more sporty style
  • To keep your belongings organized



Buying Guide

One of the advantages of purchasing a backpack is the practicality it brings. Being able to take all your belongings in one place greatly facilitates the life of those who use public transport, or make a journey to the final destination on foot. Keeping your arms and hands free is easy in these cases.

In this guide, we tell you everything you need to know to choose your backpack in style, without forgetting functionality. Come with us!

What are the advantages of using a women’s backpack?

It is not new that women have been exchanging traditional bags for a beautiful and modern women’s backpack. In the rush of everyday life, leaving home at 7 am and returning at the end of the day, requires women to carry a lot with them.

Computer, books, makeup, personal hygiene items, a change of clothes for the gym, lunchbox, college supplies … this list can be almost endless.

This is the reality of women who work out and still study or practice some physical activity. That is why they have been looking for more and more space.

When most people think of the word backpack, that old and traditional concept may come to mind. Robust backpacks, without elegant design and little functionality. This is changing.

Today there are many options for modern and spacious backpacks without losing the feminine touch, whether you are a business woman, student or athlete. The leather options allow you to even wear high heels. The truth is that they do not hinder anything in your look.

Many models allow you to have more practicality and space without giving up your style. After all, both the purse and the women’s backpack are part of the costume.

In addition to being a facility for those taking public transport, it is ideal even for those who go to work by car, the less a woman can carry the better.

Not to mention that your health thanks you. The women’s backpack balances the weight between the two sides of the body, saving your column from wear and tear.

Did you know that each person can carry the equivalent of 10% of their weight on their back? A 60kg woman can carry up to 6kg, which is more than necessary for everyday items.

And if you need to carry your notebook, the backpack is much more spacious and sturdy for that.

By using a female backpack in your routine, you avoid that mess of changing bags. Have you happened to look for a property and not find it because it was in the bag you used the day before?

That way you organize everything you need daily in one place, leaving the bags for shopping trips at the weekend. Another great advantage is the organization. A backpack has more compartments, dividers and pockets.

You can have a specific space for each belonging and you will have no difficulty finding a lipstick, wallet or car and house keys, for example.

The advantages are incredible. But there are also few disadvantages. Except for anti-theft, most backpacks are more vulnerable to theft in large cities. For being on the back, someone else has access to the outside zippered pockets on busy streets or even on public transport.

In addition, on high temperature days, they can make your back sweaty. Although brands already develop backpacks with antiperspirant material, on very hot days it is not enough.

It is worth analyzing the advantages and disadvantages to decide if a women’s backpack is exactly what you are looking for.


  • Allows you to load many objects in one place
  • Distributes the weight between the two sides of the body, preserving the health of the spine
  • Dividers and pockets keep items organized
  • Convenience for use in public transport, as it leaves your hands free


  • Most vulnerable to theft
  • Make your back sweaty on hot days

Female bag or backpack: Which one to choose?

In the course of this guide we have already highlighted the advantages of a women’s backpack, as well as the variety of styles and models.

There are still other types that we did not mention in our ranking because we wanted to ensure that you had access to the best women’s backpacks, taking into account the quality, functionality and durability of the models.

But you may still be in doubt between choosing one of the models mentioned and enjoying all the advantages or continue with the traditional side bag.

For this reason we made a table to make it easier for you to compare the two options and make your decision:

How much does a women’s backpack cost?

The truth is that the value of a women’s backpack can vary widely. There are models from R $ 50 to R $ 800. And even more expensive. So the price is very much related to the quality and functionality of the model. The brand’s popularity also dictates a lot of value.

Very cheap backpacks tend to last less on a daily basis. They sew, tear or suffer other wear more quickly. With about R $ 150 you can find beautiful and resistant polyester or nylon models. The first backpack in our ranking, for example, costs R $ 179.90.

Legitimate leather options tend to be more expensive, like any piece made of this material. You can find these pieces between R $ 400 and R $ 600. More renowned brands may have slightly higher values, such as Samsonite, which was voted the best brand of luggage and travel accessories in 2015.

Where to buy a women’s backpack?

It is not at all difficult to find a women’s backpack in stores in your city. Small or large clothing and footwear stores usually sell this accessory. Not to mention the specific bag stores, which almost every city has.

It’s really hard to find the model you want in these stores. For this reason, buying online is easy. You find the model you need, usually for a better price and all this from the comfort of your home.

You can find a wide variety of women’s rucksacks in the following online stores: Amazon.

Purchasing criteria: Decisive factors for choosing the right women’s backpack

It is very difficult to find a backpack that combines all the essential factors. Some are more beautiful than functional. Others are more comfortable than stylish.

There are also those that are very functional, full of intelligent compartments and also very resistant ones, but leave some point aside. Some combine almost all of these factors. Therefore, you need to reflect the use of this women’s backpack in your reality.

Do you walk a lot? Do you use public transportation? Need to carry notebook? What other belongings do you take with you? These are questions that help in choosing the perfect backpack. We have separated some factors that will help you to define the ideal model for you. Are they:

  • Size and weight
  • Compartments
  • Resistance, durability and care
  • Style
  • Comfort

Size and weight

As we said, each person can carry 10% of their weight. But the less weight you can carry, the better it would be, isn’t it?

So, if you walk a lot and use public transport, it would be very interesting to invest in a lighter backpack. Pay attention to this detail in the descriptions. Some backpacks weigh just over 400 grams. Others can exceed 1kg.

Size is also important. If you analyze the technical details on the Amazon website, you will find the height, width and depth of the backpack.

Based on a 30 cm ruler it is possible to have a good idea of ​​the real dimensions. Photos can make a false impression, always read the measurements.

Check what belongings you need to take with you on a daily basis. See if the size is ideal. Combining size and weight with your needs will be no problem when using.


The compartments are very important for those looking for organization, both inside and outside. So that you can easily locate everything, especially small objects, the ideal thing is that each thing has its specific place. So, reflect:

  • Do you need a female backpack that is compatible with notebooks?
  • How many inches?
  • What other compartments would be interesting for your belongings?
  • Need to have a secret pocket?

Suddenly an extra pocket for basic makeup to touch up during the day can be very interesting and does not require the use of a makeup bag.

Some backpacks even specify what these internal compartments are like. For documents, cell phones, keys. Review the descriptions and images to see if you have the right number of pockets and dividers.

See how many compartments you need to meet your need, so there will be no regrets after purchase.

Resistance, durability and care

If you are looking for a women’s backpack that is your long-term companion, you need to be aware of the quality of the material. This is very much linked to the strength it has and also the durability.

As we mentioned in the price item, to buy a quality backpack you need to invest from R $ 100. Nylon and polyester are often very resistant and durable materials. Just like leather.

However, durability is also linked to the care you have with your backpack. Leather naturally requires some special care for storage and cleaning. Nothing too difficult, but be aware if you are willing to care for a female leather backpack as she needs it.

Put on the scale the care with each material, the resistance and the durability it offers to your backpack.


Style is very personal. What is your? More sporty? Casual? Executive? Or suddenly a little of each?

The backpack is part of your look and can express a lot about your personality. Some models are more specific, others can compose several different looks.

That robust concept is behind us. The designs are lighter and more modern. Nowadays there are backpacks of the most varied types and our ranking has proven that it is possible to combine a lot of style with the facilities that a backpack offers.


There is no point in ensuring that it is the right size and weight, that it has incredible compartments, that it is resistant, durable and does your style if you are not comfortable.

For those who spend a lot of time on the street and have a backpack as a great companion, this is perhaps one of the most important purchasing criteria. This is up to you to balance your priorities.

All the models featured in this ranking were designed to offer comfort. Some backpacks worked on this criterion, perhaps more than others. Padded straps and backs and also antiperspirants are very comfortable. Some models also have a design for a perfect fit on the back.

It is important to note that comfort is not only associated with more sporty backpacks. Many models combine elegant design and comfort very well, including leather ones.

Now you have your complete guide to buying the perfect women’s backpack. You already know how to analyze the essential criteria and compare with your real needs. That way you will not regret your purchase.


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