Top & Best Wheeled Cooler Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Wheeled Cooler: How to choose the best in 2022?

Today we are going to talk about a product that is ideal for camping and beaches: the cooler with wheels. Developed to keep food refrigerated for longer, this item is very reminiscent of a cooler and its main differential is that it is easily transported.

The wheel cooler is very practical and promises to make outdoor activities even better. In this article you will know everything about this product. We will show you its advantages, value and more. Check out!

First, the most important

  • The wheeled cooler is ideal for keeping drinks and food refrigerated even outside the refrigerator.
  • The great advantage of this product is due to its wheels, which facilitate its transport and allow it to be taken everywhere.
  • The cooler with wheels can be used in places like beaches and camps and costs from R $ 110, on average.

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Best cooler models with casters: Our choices

The wheeled cooler can be easily transported everywhere and ensures that drinks are cold when they are consumed. There are several models of this product and for you to know more about it we have separated the best options below.

  • Consumers’ preferred option
  • A cooler with wheels with great internal space
  • The model with the highest thermal capacity
  • An option available in several sizes



Buying Guide

Those who like to enjoy their days on beaches, parks and camps have a cool ally in the cooler with wheels. This is because this product is easy to transport and keeps food and drinks refrigerated for hours.

Made to be taken everywhere, the wheel cooler is ideal for enjoying good times outdoors and in this shopping guide you will know everything about it. So, if you are looking for a product like these continue with us until the end.

What is a wheeled cooler?

The wheel cooler is a product that works much like a thermal box. Ideal for keeping drinks and food refrigerated for longer, there are electric and common models of this product.

The electric cooler, which is called a compressor cooler and a thermoelectric compressor cooler, can be plugged into the outlets or the car lighter. This version is equipped with a structure that creates refrigeration, resembling a refrigerator.

Common models are simpler. These are made with a thermal structure. This structure is often made of Styrofoam and is responsible for keeping what’s inside it cool without needing power, batteries or other additional items.

The simple models of this product are practically the same as the coolers and both are very efficient in keeping refrigerated drinks.

What can be stored in the wheel cooler?

The wheeled cooler is an ideal item to store drinks, whether in bottles or cans. There are even models with capacity for up to 100 cans, these being quite large.

However, that is not all that can be placed inside it. Food that needs to be refrigerated can also be stored in this utensil. However, remember that the cooler is not the same as a refrigerator or freezer.

If the food is very perishable and needs to stay at very low temperatures it should not be stored in the cooler with wheels for a long time.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a wheeled cooler?

Very practical and easy to use, the wheel cooler has a number of advantages.

Just because it keeps drinks and food refrigerated for hours does this product deserve to be highlighted, but that is not all.

The wheel cooler is also very easy to transport. Thanks to its wheels and handles, this is an item that can be taken everywhere without any difficulty.

The handle also deserves to be highlighted. Many versions of this product have height-adjustable handles and these are a great option, as they allow tall or short people to transport them.

It is also worth noting that the wheel cooler has a high durability. If well maintained this is an item that lasts for years without losing its thermal capacity.

The disadvantage is that the wheeled models have a higher value than the common ones.


  • Keeps drinks chilled for hours
  • It is easy to transport
  • It has adjustable height handles
  • It has high durability


  • Costs more expensive than versions without casters

Quais cuidados deve-se ter ao usar um cooler com rodinha?

O cooler com rodinha é um produto bastante resistente e que possui uma alta eficiência, mas para que ele funcione da melhor maneira é necessário ter alguns cuidados.

O primeiro deles está relacionado ao tipo de gelo usado nesse item. O mais indicado é utilizar blocos ao invés de cubos. Isso porque os blocos demoram mais para derreter e assim a temperatura interna do cooler se mantém mais baixa.

No momento de organizar as bebidas e alimentos dentro desse produto é indicado colocar tudo em camadas. Com isso, primeiramente distribui-se o gelo, em seguida coloca-se uma camada fina de plástico e por último a comida. Dessa maneira se impede que os alimentos molhem e até mesmo estraguem.

As the ice melts, you must remove the water, as it will make the remaining cubes melt faster.

In addition, anyone who wants to use what’s inside the cooler for several days can freeze the consumer products before placing them in the container.

So they will thaw little by little and days later they will still be at the ideal temperature.

Another precaution is to never leave the cooler cover with the wheel open. This simple act can cause cold air to escape.

After using this product it is recommended to wash it with warm water and soap. You can also use a little bleach to prevent the proliferation of bacteria. After cleaning the cooler, let it dry open and in the open air.

Then it is recommended to store it in a dry place and away from the sun.

How much does it cost and where to buy a wheeled cooler?

The wheel cooler can be purchased at any store that sells camping items, large supermarkets and even department stores.

This purchase can also be made in physical stores or online, such as Amazon.

The value of one of these varies according to the size and model. Thus, it is possible to find options costing between R $ 110 and R $ 1,400, on average.

Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing the cooler models with casters

If you love outdoor activities and are looking for a cooler with a wheel to accompany you, then know that now we will help you choose the best one. To do this, just take into account the following criteria:

  • Size
  • Thermal capacity
  • Color
  • Design

Below we explain to you each of these topics.


There are cooler models with casters of different sizes and this characteristic is determined in liters. In general, the smaller options support about 34 liters, while the largest can exceed 100 liters.

To get a sense, a 50 liter cooler has a capacity of up to 84 cans of soda, having a great internal space.

Thus, when choosing one of these, one must evaluate the quantity of products that will be placed inside it. So it is possible to choose a model that perfectly suits this.

Thermal capacity

As much as all the cooler options with wheels have a good thermal capacity, some models are superior in this regard. This is directly related to the material in which the product is made.

It is very common to find coolers that have polyurethane foam inside. This component is considered one of the best thermal insulators and is responsible for increasing the cooling capacity of the cooler.

There are also options that receive an extra layer of insulation and these can keep what’s inside cool for days.

Another type of thermal insulation quite common in the cooler with wheels is Styrofoam, which has high efficiency in this regard.

In addition, another feature also makes a difference in this regard: the color of the cooler inside. The whiter it is, the better the quality of its thermal insulation.


The cooler with wheels is found to buy in several colors and much more than aesthetics, this factor makes the difference in the efficiency of this product.

Whoever intends to use the cooler in places with high sunlight should avoid darker tones. These end up absorbing more heat, which can impair the thermal capacity of this item. In these cases the ideal is to choose a lighter color.


Thinking about the actual use of the cooler with wheels, it is also essential to pay attention to its design.

There are models that are simpler and others that have features that can make a difference.

An example of this is the cap. Many options have cup holders on their lid and make them a great option for places without a table.

The characteristics of the handle are also important. A cooler that has an adjustable handle turns out to be a good choice when people of different heights will transport this product.

It is also worth paying attention if the cooler has a water drainage system. This is a feature that facilitates the removal of water from inside the product, without having to turn it over.

With that, pay attention to details and choose the model that best suits your needs.


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