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Top & Best Electric Skateboard Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Electric Skateboard: Which is the best for you in 2022?

Today we are going to talk about the new fashion among young people: Electric skateboard! A mixture of locomotion, exercise and fun, the product provides hours and hours of joy among children, teenagers and even adults!

Want to find out if it is worth buying one or just know how to make the best model choice possible? So stay with us! In the next lines of this article, we will calmly analyze everything that involves the product and present you with an absolutely complete overview of it!

First, the most important

  • Invented in 2013, electric skateboards are gaining more and more space both for fun, as a means of transportation and locomotion.
  • There are great variations in important features of electric skateboards such as battery life and maximum speed achieved.
  • You should always wear protective equipment when riding an electric skateboard: Falls and falls are common and being well protected is essential!

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The best models of electric skateboard: Our opinion

It is clear that for this article we seek a great knowledge about the electric skateboards available. Let’s start by introducing you to the highest quality models:

  • A classic hoverboard
  • The complete electric skateboard
  • For those looking for mobility and cost-benefit

Buying Guide

After all, what is an electric skateboard? Is he really safe? Is it just for fun or can it also be of real use in everyday life?

We are in the buying guide, the sector that will answer all these questions!

What is an electric skateboard and what is it for?

The basic concept of electric skateboard is that of a board with wheels on the bottom that serves for mobility and works in a motorized way. From there, it can come into existence in different formats or mechanisms.

It is possible to find frontal electric models that work via balance, as in the case of hoverboards, inspired by “Back to the Future”, and others that simulate conventional skateboards, but with a motor and remote control.

In addition to great fun for children and teenagers, who are already fans of conventional skateboards, the electric versions can also serve as a means of transportation within the city or on roads, as an accessory for the development of physical skills and even in competitions.



Did you know that the first electric skateboard came after a crowdfunding? In 2013, US investor Shane Chen created the product patent based on the film “Back to the Future” and placed it on the Kickstarter platform.

Quickly, several celebrities joined the cause and made not only the financing a success, but sales also exploded after the launch.

What differentiates a normal skateboard from an electric one?

The first difference between normal and electric skateboards is obvious: The first works by energy generated by moving the body, while the second uses an engine for the same purpose.


Thus, we easily concluded that the common skateboard requires much more body movements and, as a physical exercise, it is the best option. The electric model also has some benefits in this field, but it is far from what is achieved by the more traditional version.

The electric skateboard, on the other hand, wins when it comes to urban mobility. Most models have a range of at least 10 km with a fully charged battery and allow long journeys to be made. Meanwhile, the common version is tiring and dangerous as a means of transport.

For maneuvers and competitions, the common model allows for much more freedom. And, of course, it also has a much lower price.

We have prepared a table comparing the two types:

What are the advantages of having an electric skateboard?

The electric skateboard has fun as its main function. Children, teenagers or even some adults are very fond of the period they can spend getting around it, especially if there is a large outdoor area for this.

But it stands out for also serving as a means of transport. If you master it well, you can use it to cover good distances within the city or even in more isolated areas, as it has good speed and sufficient battery life.

As it changes direction through the pressure of the feet, it is also a good way to develop balance skills, especially in younger people.

There are serious risks of an accident with the electric skateboard. Use it at higher speeds and go out on the street only when you have mastered it. The high price can also be a disadvantage.

See the table below advantages and disadvantages of electric skateboards:



  • Generate fun for the whole family
  • They can be a good means of transport
  • Help develop balance
  • Achieve a good maximum speed


  • They have very high prices
  • Inexperienced people can suffer accidents

For whom is an electric skateboard indicated?

After all, which people should benefit most from an electric skateboard? We put together a short list:

    • Children and teenagers looking for fun: Buying an electric skateboard for your kids will make their days a lot happier! You can have a lot of fun with this product. Even the falls can generate laughter!
    • Who seeks compact means of transport: Do you live relatively close to work or other activities and want a practical and compact form of transport? Why not the electric skateboard? It is not tiring, nor is it exorbitantly priced. You can do the role very well!
    • Supermarket and store employees : It is common for employees of large stores or supermarkets to use roller skates or segway for faster locomotion. Why not, then, electric skateboards?


Whether for fun or transportation, the electric skateboard has a lot to add to people’s lives!

How does an electric skateboard work?

There are two main types of electric skateboards available on the market and they work in different ways. Therefore, it is better to make a more complete explanation.

Hoverboard is the name given to the electric skateboard front and without remote control, based on the film “Back to the Future”. In it, the person is always facing his path. Speed ​​and direction changes are made by pressing the feet on the product surface.

In this type of electric skateboard, it is very important to have balance and practice to ride efficiently. The speeds achieved are more limited.

The models that simulate the format of the traditional ones, in turn, are simpler. If you’ve ever been on a skateboard, you’ll know that you should put yourself sideways to the path and how to always stay balanced.

Speed ​​and direction changes are made by remote control on electric skateboards that simulate traditional models. As they reach great speeds and are more familiar, they are more suitable as a means of transportation.


Is it safe to ride an electric skateboard?

It is common for people to fall and fall when riding electric skateboards. A simple search on the Internet reveals huge amounts of comic videos with compilations of these accidents.


Always wear protective equipment when riding an electric skateboard.

Falling may be part of the fun, but the first key to safety is to be well protected. Always wear a helmet, anklets, knee pads and other protective equipment to prevent an accident from becoming more serious.

Also, leave the house only when you have fully mastered the use of the electric skateboard. A fall on the street can be much more serious and have worse consequences than one at home. Don’t take chances if you don’t have complete confidence!

Finally, check that the selected brand is respected and that it has security certificates. The malfunction of the electric skateboard can cause problems, so always prefer what is guaranteed.

The use of an electric skateboard can be quite safe, but as we have seen it requires a lot of care.

How much does it cost and where to buy an electric skateboard?

The price range of electric skateboards is high. You start to find quality models for around R $ 800, but security and resources are growing along with the values. The most modern in the market can cost approximately R $ 6,000.

Stores specializing in toys, sports or transportation items may offer electric skateboards. The easiest option is to purchase over the internet: Amazon sells great models, as well as Amazon.


Purchase criteria: Factors for choosing an electric skateboard

Want to understand more what differentiates electric skateboard models? Do not worry! The time has come to talk about some important technical criteria:

  • Ease of use
  • Reliability
  • Technical assistance and warranty
  • Maximum speed and battery life

Below, we go into more detail about each of them!

Ease of use

Who are you buying an electric skateboard for? There are people who will find it much easier to walk with him, especially if they already have experience with common models, if they have great balance or if they are older. All this influences the specimen to be purchased!

Electric hoverboard skateboards are a little more complicated because they require great balance. Children and people with mobility problems may have difficulties with them. Therefore, you should always pay attention to whether the chosen model is suitable for who will use it.


Some problems with electric skateboards have been reported in recent years. Recently, models imported from China in the same batch caught fire. It is common to find overheating when the brand is not reliable.

Choose an electric skateboard from a well-known brand.

If you are going to invest a considerable amount of money on an electric skateboard, do not take any risks: Opt for a well-known brand, with easy access if complaints are required and with more than clear safety certificates.

Electric skateboards are still very new, with the first ones launched only in 2013. When the market is still in its infancy, there is no way to know which brands are well intentioned and which take risks to users!

Technical assistance and warranty

Likewise, the potential problems of electric skateboards are not fully understood, especially after a few years of use. All the more reason for you to choose a well-known brand that has a wide technical assistance network spread.

We recommend that you thoroughly research the brand of the chosen model, know how good its support is and demand a manufacturer’s warranty. So you can feel totally safe and have fun with your electric skateboard!

Maximum speed and battery life

What will you use the electric skateboard for? Will it just be fun inside the house or a means of transportation that will take you through the city?

In the case of the second option, there is no way to use a model that travels at a maximum of 10 km per hour, since the time to get anywhere will be enormous. The battery life will also need to be longer, avoiding the risk of discharge midway.

There are already models that reach up to 35 km / h. You can choose them if you want the electric skateboard to take you around town. In contrast, those with lower speeds are better for children and adolescents.



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