Top & Best Inflators Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Inflator: How to choose the best in 2022?

Today we are going to talk absolutely everything about the inflator, the machine that not only changed the way we look at inflatables, but transformed an entire effort of hands and lungs into the push of a button.

Party balloons, buoys, mattresses, even tires, in short, everything that insists on being deflated when we need them most, with an inflator in your house, filling them becomes a matter of minutes.

In this Guide, not only will we show you everything you need to know about the inflator, but we will also help you choose the ideal model for your home and your inflatables. Lists of products, advantages and disadvantages, among other tips and information, everything is at your disposal, below.

First, the most important

  • As with any electronic device, remember to check the model’s voltage, between 110 and 220, to avoid surprises when you get home.
  • The inflator is as versatile with what it inflates as the adapters they have for their beak.
  • Its value can vary widely, between R $ 45 and R $ 450, depending on its power, technology and efficiency.

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Best inflator models: Our favorites

Below, you will see our list with some of the best inflator models on the market, evaluated based on their capacity, technology and cost-effectiveness.

  • Electric Inflator 127V – Western
  • Electric Inflator 12V Bivolt – Cheetah
  • Rechargeable Electric Inflator 220 / 12V – Nautika


Buying Guide

There is no shortage of everyday situations in which an inflator greatly facilitates your life. Only at a barbecue with the family, he can fill all the buoys for the pool and, later, the inflatable mattresses. Out of the bladders for a birthday, or even the ball for that naked one on Sunday morning.

With so much supply of inflatable products, manufacturers followed the market, and the variety of inflators increased, to meet the most diverse air chambers, but also in search of maximum and efficiency, with the lowest energy expenditure, both electric and electric. your body too.

What is the inflator?

The inflator is an automatic air pump, which transfers, through a motor, air from its internal chamber to the chamber of an inflatable object, such as a float, for example.

It is a machine designed for common handling, working with relatively low pressures and powers, and equipped with thin hoses and nozzles that fit in the most common inflatable product chambers.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the inflator?

Having such a specific device for use and operation brings a number of advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages, for example, is the practicality with which an inflatable is filled, in the sense of the speed that makes this happen.

Another advantage is the versatility that the inflator presents, being able to calibrate a great sort of inflatable products, such as buoys, party balloons, balls in general, inflatable dolls, even tires, depending on the model.

This saves time, especially for numerous items, such as bladders, or bulky items, such as mattresses, and even energy, that of our own bodies, saving some good pumping to fill a ball from scratch, for example.


The disadvantages, on the other hand, are a kind of price that the inflator has to pay for this facility. One of these is the loud and constant noise that most models make.

A disadvantage is also the not very practical handling of the machine, with its cables and wires and care during execution. A child, for example, is not indicated to use it.

Finally, we are talking about products that have 40 to 600 watts of power, that is, a large potential energy expenditure, which, let’s face it, is a big disadvantage, but, as we said, the price to pay.


  • Practicality
  • Time and energy savings


  • Noise
  • Practical handling
  • Spending electricity

Electric, manual or balloon inflator?

As much as the air is the same, as well as its purpose, that is, to transfer air to an empty chamber, there is a certain variety of inflator models. Within the category we are in, there are the electric inflator, the manual and the balloon inflator.

The electric inflator would be the standard, with a motor inside and an adaptable nozzle on the outside and a consumption that can go from 36 to 500 watts. It is the most versatile of the models, even because it presents a variable efficiency, but that invariably results in a quick filling.


The manual inflator is like a big accordion, in which you press a large bellows, with high volumes, from 5 to 10 liters, and release the air to your hose and nozzle. It is useful for low pressure and high volume inflatables, such as mattresses, for example.

The balloon inflator, as the name says, is designed to fill balloons and party balloons, with a special nozzle for balloons. They are also electric, and work with an even greater power range than standard inflators, aiming at maximum efficiency, that is, filling as many bladders in the shortest possible time.

In your searches for the ideal inflator, you can run into the compressors, and be left in a natural doubt. The issue is practically nominal and large, in a way.

Especially because inflators and compressors are used for the same thing: to transfer air in a practical way and at high speed. Its basic operation is the same, inclusive.


In the end, compressors are called air pumps that work with high pressures, for industrial purposes, maintenance of machinery, etc. A striking feature of the compressors is their tanks, which look like small gas plugs attached to the machine.

How much does it cost and where to buy an inflator?

The price of an inflator can vary widely. Its power, its voltage, its efficiency, even peripherals such as its hose and nozzles, all influence the price.

So, you can find cheaper models starting at R $ 45, and the most expensive ones around R $ 450.

Due to the variety of products it “serves”, the inflator does not have a specific niche. So, you can find it in various types of physical store. Still, construction stores and utilities for the home are the safest bets to seek varied and quality models.

Now, on the internet you can easily find a great luck of models and prices, especially if you browse sites Amazon


Purchase Criteria: how to choose the ideal inflator

Following our mission to help you choose the ideal inflator model, we have put together a list of selection criteria, to be applied at the time of purchase:

  • Voltage
  • Adapters
  • Deflate Mode
  • Noise

We will, of course, talk about each of these items. Especially because you need to be very well informed to make the best purchase possible.


As we said at the beginning of the text, always pay attention to the voltage of the model you are choosing, between 110V and 220V.

Choose the model that matches the plugs you have in your home. Remember that when the voltages between a machine and the outlet do not match, either the product malfunctions, or it may even burn out.


The inflator is as useful as the adapters they have, both for their beak and for their power source. Therefore, give preference to models with nozzles three in one or with at least two types of nozzles.

Likewise, try to opt for the inflator with two-pin plugs, with car plugs and / or bivolt chargers. The more power sources your model fits in, the more opportunities to use it will be.


Deflate Mode

Following the footsteps of looking for the most versatile model possible, give priority to the inflators that have the deflate function.

In this way, the model not only makes the process of, for example, emptying and storing mattresses easier, it also becomes more useful, being almost an inflatable inflator.


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