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Top & Best Survival kit Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Survival kit: How to find the best model in 2022?

Today we are going to talk about a product that in an ideal world would not be necessary, but that is becoming increasingly necessary today: the survival kit.

The name, let’s face it, can be scary, but its idea is actually present in many houses and routines, which is simply to be ready for eventualities. And for this the survival kit is prepared, from the most serious catastrophes to the most everyday situations.

In this Guide, we will discuss or basic items, the differences between models, their advantages, disadvantages and even purchase criteria, to help in choosing the ideal kit for you, your routine and your environment.

First, the most important

  • The general rule is that the lighter and more complete the better the survival kit.
  • Although there are basic items and common to all models, they differ mainly by purpose, as generalists, for cars, jungle, etc.
  • Its price varies between R $ 40 and R $ 400, depending mainly on the number and which components, in addition to the material and type of the container that stores the kit.

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Best survival kit models: We recommend

We now list or three best survival kit models on the market, taking into account the quantity and types of items, their packaging and their cost benefit.

  • EchoLife Survival Survival Kit
  • Cheetah Survival Kit

EchoLife Survival Survival Kit

No products found.

The EchoLife model values ​​practicality and portability, weighing less than 150 g and focusing on basic and small items, such as a razor blade instead of a knife and a compact fishing and sewing kit.

Buying Guide

Survival kits are just as important as our life is unpredictable. From major disasters – rains with floods and landslides, overwhelming storms – to something more everyday with a broken car on the road at night, or even a camping that went wrong, anything can happen.

And this product gives you a support that no other can give you these hours. In this Buying Guide, we will show how – and with what – this support is made, showing its varieties, its pros and cons. So you can think of the type that best suits you and your concerns.

What is the survival kit?

The survival kit is a set of items that seeks to meet, for a certain (and most of the time, short) time, the most basic needs of the human body, even under extreme conditions.

It is difficult to date or locate the beginning of the commercialization of ready-made kits, but it is undeniable its growth in the market due to climate change, instant global communication (increasing the news about extreme situations around the world) and even the greater consumption of cultural themed products. apocalyptic.

What hasn’t changed are the basic needs of our body, what keeps it alive, healthy, alive and active: heat, hydration and energy.

Thus, the kits operate by putting together items that can supply these needs or make it possible to obtain them. Then, they act in the beabá of survival strategies, providing / enabling shelter, protection, lighting and location.
Below, we set up a table with the most basic items that the kit should contain, obeying the logic of the aforementioned needs and survival strategies.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the survival kit?

Having a survival kit at your fingertips has its advantages and disadvantages. Among the advantages, one of them is certainly the possibility, the chance of survival in extreme situations.

But it is not in major disasters that live or unforeseen. Getting stuck in the car during a storm, getting lost while fishing or camping, on a trail … and the kit is just as effective.

There is also a sense of security of having such a product ready for use. In fact, this is the most lasting interaction you have with the kit, since (we hope) emergencies in which it is necessary are not common or recurring.



This is also the root of one of its disadvantages, which is maintenance. Batteries for flashlights, validity of food and chemicals, the status of first aid items, in short, there are a number of details to be inspected over time.

Another disadvantage is a certain paradox that the product carries, needing to be complete in items but compact in size and light for transportation – after all, we are talking about extreme situations.

The survival kit, then, will never be perfect. It is either complete and heavy, or light and incomplete. Accordingly, it is difficult to escape individual kits, since supplies for more than one person make the product even less practical.


  • Survival in extreme situations
  • Survival in everyday situations
  • Precaution and sense of security


  • The compact is incomplete and complete is heavy
  • Maintenance
  • They are generally for individual use

General survival kit, for car, ship or jungle?

Although the kits meet the most basic needs of our body, different environments create different situations and need different solutions. That is why there are several sets, seeking to prepare for specific occasions.

kit for the jungle , for example, should have more knives and items for shelter, in addition to focus on campfires. A naval , that is, to have on boats and marine vessels, must focus on life jackets, flags, easy foods and of course, waterproof materials.



A model to have in the car should focus more on batteries, light sources and even communication, in short, as we said, thinking about different situations and their respective solutions.

There are also generalist kits , which seek to offer maximum subsidies, from shelter to heating, from first aid to signage, but which for a specific situation may be incomplete.

How much does a survival kit cost?

Survival kits have a high price range, between R $ 40 and R $ 400. It happens, mainly, for the items: their quantity, quality and functionality.

The size of the case, that is, the purse, tote, backpack, box, etc., can also influence its value, as well as its material.

Where to buy?

Physical camping and outdoor stores, such as Treme Terra and Mundo Terra, even sports such as Centauro, offer specific or general kits, but with quality.

For a greater variety of types, models and prices, online stores such as Amazon and Mercado Livre, and specialized stores such as OFF Esportes Outdoor, are the best indication, in addition to enabling the comfort of a home purchase.


Purchasing Criteria: Factors for learning to choose the ideal survival kit

Below, we bring together some aspects of the product and its use that are so characteristic, serve as good criteria for choosing at the time of purchase.

  • Environment and location
  • 72 hours
  • Compact and complete
  • Resistant and waterproof materials

So, let’s talk about these criteria one by one, so that your option is the best informed and most appropriate possible.

Environment and location

Before proceeding with your purchase, think about the environment you are in or where you think the survival kit can be used, in addition to the place where it will be stored.

This precaution is especially valid if you are searching stores and websites abroad. An example: what’s the use of models for snow – or for earthquakes – here ? Try to be generalist or consistent with where you are.

Then, where the kit will be stored can make a difference.

72 hours

Survival manuals say the first 72 hours of an emergency are the most essential. It is the period in which there is a greater chance of rescue and, objectively speaking, of survival.

Therefore, give preference to models that offer subsidies for at least 72 hours, including the number of candles, battery life, food, water, etc., available.

Compact and complete

One of the most efficient ways of comparing two or more models is through compact-complete duality. Always look for the most compact and complete kit possible.

We suggest this sequence for you to notice the models:

  • Which ones meet basic needs (heat, energy, hydration)?
  • Which is the smallest or lightest?
  • Which is the most complete (shelter, security, location, first aid, etc.)?

Resistant and waterproof materials

Last but not least, check or model materials. The ideal kit has as many waterproof and reinforced resistance items as possible.

Waterproof matchbox, drop-resistant flashlights, anti-cut tarpaulins, to name a few, make your model much more durable, either during use or when stored.


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