Top & Best Cantil Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Cantil: How to choose the best in 2022?

Do you have the habit of camping, hiking or entering places with possible water shortages? Do you like going to parties in open spaces and think that having your own drinks with you is a good idea? So having a canteen can be very useful!

Storing and transporting liquids in canteens is something very old: We see reports in the cinema and literature of these objects being used in the most diverse situations. In this article, we will help you buy one by bringing a lot of valuable information, in addition to letting you know about types, materials and other important issues!

First, the most important

  • Having a flask is a very efficient way of transporting water and other liquids. It has been used since the most remote times of mankind and still has great use today.
  • You can use a canteen in many situations: From ensuring the water supply on a long trail, to having your favorite drink always near you at a carnival block.
  • There are many types and formats of canteens and each of them suits a different situation. It is important to know how to make the right choice.

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The best canteen models: Our opinion

With the large number of types and models of canteens, choosing the best for you can be difficult. Therefore, we selected some that have above average quality and that can certainly make you satisfied!

  • The perfect canteen for bohemians
  • The ideal model for a trail
  • A large capacity canteen


Buying Guide

Want to better understand in which situations you can use a canteen? What liquids can you carry in it? And, even more, to know if this is an acquisition that makes sense to you?

Read our purchase guide carefully and learn everything you need about this item!

What is a canteen and what is it for?

A canteen is a small object that serves to store or transport water or other liquids. It can have different shapes and be made of different materials. It is important that it has a good seal and, eventually, thermal maintenance capacity.

There are two main uses that can be given to canteens: For people who like parties or meetings with alcohol and want to transport their own drink out of bottles, and for those who make trails, camps and outdoor activities in places where it can be difficult find water sources.

In one way or another, storage of liquids is important. Canteens are often used by the army, on missions in remote locations, and have been immortalized by cinema in films featuring bohemian characters who always had this object at hand to take a sip of their favorite drinks.

Whenever you need to transport water or other liquids, the canteen is the perfect solution!

Did you know that canteens are very old artifacts of mankind? Even in primitive times, water transport was already necessary. And without making objects, sometimes even fruit carcasses were used.

The porongo was one of those fruits: Its shape is very reminiscent of a current canteen. Born in Africa and India, he followed the early stages of human development.

What are the advantages of a canteen?

There are other ways to store or transport liquids. Having a bottle with you and filling it whenever possible is one of them. So, why have a canteen?

The canteen can accompany you on all your trips and adventures, avoiding the need to always buy new containers. It is very durable, usually made of materials that resist the actions of time and nature.

In addition, it is a much more hygienic object than bottles, with many specimens offering thermal insulation and keeping the liquid at a pleasant temperature. And there are transport facilitations, like neck straps or belt loops.

The only disadvantage of a canteen is the limited capacity. Still, it is always possible to choose a model that meets your expectations in this regard.

See the table below for the main advantages and disadvantages of a canteen:



  • Ideal for transporting liquids
  • Many models allow thermal maintenance
  • Some types are beautiful and stylish
  • Features such as carrying handles
  • It is hygienic and beneficial to the environment


  • It has very limited capacity

What are the types of canteen?

We talk about canteens for alcoholic beverages that are used in parties and urban events, we talk about canteens for water that are taken to trails and camps. After all, how many types of this object are there?

Canteens made for alcoholic beverages are small, usually made of metal and must be stored in the clothing pockets themselves. They are the ones that usually have more stylish designs, since their use is more associated with leisure than with necessity.

The market for canteens for trails and camps is much wider. There are four basic types: Spanish, camel, flexible and round. Of course, all of them can also be used for alcoholic beverages, if that is your wish.

We have prepared a table comparing these four types of canteens:

How to clean your canteen?

Keeping your canteen clean is essential. Whenever we use it, it is normal for waste to be left over. With humidity, heat and other actions of nature, it is possible for bacteria to proliferate and cause health problems the next time it is needed!

Always wash the canteen well under running water after use.

Therefore, the first important point is to never store the flask with liquid remains. Wash it thoroughly using running water. Then, insert a brush or a small plain fabric and try to dry the entire interior well.

Eventually, it will be necessary to do a more complex cleaning. For this, you must use some product such as bleach diluted in water. This way, the bacteria will be eliminated and you will be able to continue using your canteen safely: Of course, after drying it well.

Store the canteen in a clean place and make sure it is in good condition whenever you use it. Because it comes in constant contact with your mouth, it cannot be an easy target for bacteria!

How much does it cost and where to buy a canteen?

The price of a canteen can vary according to the material, capacity and type. The simplest models are found for around R $ 15, while some specials have prices above R $ 100. You can buy a very high-quality copy by paying around R $ 40.

Canteens for hiking and camping can be found in shops specializing in these activities, while those for urban use with alcoholic beverages are sold in establishments such as tobacconists, wineries and gift shops.

You can still buy your canteen online:


Amazon is an excellent option. Be sure to also visit Amazon.


Purchasing criteria: What to consider when choosing a flask

Deciding to buy a canteen? Do you already know which type is needed? Before hitting the hammer on a model, you still need to know some important criteria! We selected four for further discussion.

  • Capacity
  • Material
  • Ease of use
  • Seal

Below, we’ll talk in more detail about each of them:


The canteens that belong to the specific types we have listed have defined capabilities, but apart from them, there can be a wide range. From simpler models made for alcohol consumption, with a maximum of 200 or 300 ml, up to a maximum of 2 L.

If you plan to have a canteen to go to parties or use in urban life, small capacities are ideal. For camps or long trails, you need to think how often you will have access to water. If it is not available on the route, choose the largest model possible.


Canteens are made from a huge variety of materials. Leather, plastics and metals are among them. Everyone is able to help you in the mission of transporting liquids: The decision must be made by your style and by some specific characteristics of each one.

Leather canteens are impregnated with smells and flavors of liquids.

Leather has the disadvantage of storing liquid smells and flavors, metal can rust and plastic does not have the same resistance to impacts or drops. You can choose the material from which of these characteristics is most negative for your needs.

Both leather and metal can be very stylish, either for use on trails and camps, or for drinking alcoholic drinks with friends.

Ease of use

If you are on a carnival block, you will not have a backpack. The canteen will probably be in your hand at all times, facilitating constant consumption. On a trail, however, the ideal is not to carry it all the time, but to have easy access to it: For example, if it is attached to the belt of your pants.

There are several ways to use a canteen and each adapts to different situations. It is up to you to recognize how much you need practicality and which characteristic is ideal.

Do you prefer to keep the object always in hand? Pinned to your neck by a strap? Inside the backpack, with a hose in his mouth? Everything is valid. The most suitable changes according to the occasion.



It can be a disaster if your canteen leaks into a backpack or pocket. Even outdoors, wasting liquid. Therefore, it is important that it is very well sealed, especially in the mouth region.

When choosing your canteen, make sure that it has special leak protection and that the closure is really safe. Only then, unwanted liquid losses can be avoided.


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