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Top & Best Wilson Racket Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Wilson Racket: What is the best in 2022?

In today’s article, we go to the tennis swing to talk about the Wilson racket. It is, therefore, a vital piece of equipment to the game, and produced by a leading brand and a lot of tradition in the sport.

In the Guide you will read below, we select the most important information, answer the most disturbing questions and list the best models on the market, all to assist in research and, especially, in the purchase of your ideal Wilson racket.

First, the most important

  • Wilson divides its catalog between ideal rackets for beginners, intermediate and advanced players (or professionals).
  • All of them vary between measurements of the different parts of the racket, such as the head and the number of wires in the net, which impact the performance of the models at the time of the stroke.
  • The price of Wilson racquets varies between R $ 150 and R $ 1500, depending a lot on the material and technologies of each model.

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Shopping Guide

The racket is not only essential equipment for tennis. It is the extension of the tennis player himself, the outflow of his concentration, his wit, his technique, even his anger. She needs, therefore, to be able to accompany the tennis player, either in the best shots, or in moments of tension.

That is why Wilson rackets are produced in huge variety, for the various tennis players and their various styles of play. In this Shopping Guide, we will delve into these varieties and styles, as well as technologies, materials and other technical aspects, all so that you can find the model that best suits your game.

How is Roger Federer’s Wilson racket line?

Roger Federer is one of the legends of tennis and all over the sport world, maintaining a very high level of performance for years and years, and collecting titles, records and many fans along the way. Wilson’s luck to have his name associated with the brand and, mainly, his rackets.

There are two models related to the Swiss tennis player, the first and most obvious, Roger Federer , always accompanied by a number, like 25 or 26, a light children’s racket, suitable for children up to 10 years old or between 1.40m and 1, 50m.

Professional rackets are  ProStaff , developed with Federer, and used by him in competitions. The line models are made in graphite, and the most recent ones have Spin Effect technology , to facilitate the tennis player’s famous spins.

What are the advantages of the professional Wilson racket?

Although they are cutting-edge models, Wilson’s professional rackets are not immune to the classic dichotomy of advantages and disadvantages.

Starting with the advantages, the first is its high performance, maximizing its main attributes, whether speed, precision, control or power.

This is because its level of detail is great, such as the number of wires in the network, or the distribution of weight to favor the force of the blow, which in itself is another advantage.

Finally, with a professional racket, there are many chances that you will use the same models as your idols, like the aforementioned Roger Federer or the supercrack Serena Williams.

Did you know? Tennis players Bruno Soares and Thomaz Bellucci, two of the most important tennis players today, also use Wilson rackets.

On the other side of the coin, or better, the racket, the disadvantages, such as the price, the great but of the professional models. Then, if you are still developing your game, some models may be limiting, or at least incompatible with your style on the court.


  • Performance
  • Level of detail
  • Idol racket


  • Price
  • Models incompatible with your style

What is the Wilson BLX racket made of?

Very popular model in the market, the BLX is indicated for intermediate and advanced players. With weight facing the cable, it is made of basalt fibers – hence the name “BL” -, which, in some models, can be joined to carbon and graphite fibers as well.

Wilson Clash or Blade Racket?

Wilson Clash and Blade rackets are the two most popular among those belonging to the Performance category of the brand’s catalog, that is, suitable for intermediate and advanced players.

Both have internal varieties, with a difference in network standards, among other technical aspects. The Blade is a more technical racket, which accumulates technologies such as FreeFlex and Carbon Maping . Clash, in turn, is a more flexible and powerful model.

Purchasing Criteria: What to see on your Wilson racket

The following is an exclusive list of purchase criteria. These are valuable tips for the decisive moment, the choice of your Wilson racket, based on elements characteristic of the models and the experience of their use.

  • Level of play
  • Head
  • Swing
  • String pattern
  • Grip technology

Level of play

The first point that should guide your purchase is your level of play. It dictates the specific needs of the racket, which are increasingly greater as its level of practice increases, as well as its price. Why, then, overpay for something you might not need?

The game level is divided between Beginner, Intermediate and Professional, the latter called Performance by Wilson. Therefore, define your level, and look for your model in this segment.


The larger the head, the greater the strike force.

The head is the “oval” area in which the net is distributed, and it communicates directly with the power of the racket, that is, the larger it is, the greater the striking force, as well as the “safer”, because it has a greater contact area, and less possibility of errors.

Think about your style of play, and go from bigger heads to a stronger and safer game, and smaller heads to more controlled and accurate strokes.


The swing is the sum of the racket’s weight with its movement. The ideal to measure it is to notice the weight distribution in the model.

The rackets that concentrate the weight on the head are more “basic”, of greater stability, and the ones that have greater weight on the handle are more advanced, with more precise and difficult strokes. There are also balanced models

String pattern

Literally measured by the number of vertical strings x horizontal strings, the string pattern (or weave) also speaks to the racket’s performance. They are classified as open, with a low number of strings, and closed, with a large amount of strings.

The open pattern is in the average of 16 x 19, which increases the speed of the ball with the stroke, and makes it more malleable for spins, but with less precision in the direction; the closed pattern, on the average of 18 x 20, has greater control and slower speed.

Grip technology

Wilson has a good range of grip technologies, from the most comfortable to the most durable. Note this on the packaging and product descriptions on the internet and choose the one that best fits your use.


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