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Top & Best Boot boot Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Boot boot: Know how to choose the best one in 2022

Today we are going to talk about the boot boot, a great innovation from the manufacturers of sports materials. It is able to guarantee not only more comfort and safety for your feet, but also brings technologies that improve your game!

Recently launched, a boot boot helps both professionals and weekend peladeiros. But, after all, what are the advantages of its use? Why try to prefer it over traditional models? Stay with us to get a complete overview of the accessory!

First, the most important

  • Boot boots provide greater protection and stability for players. Not only do they reduce the risk of injury, they also make some technical gestures easier.
  • It is possible to choose between boot boots with several different technologies and materials, each model suitable for a type of player.
  • Before making your purchase, take into account important issues such as the surface on which you will most use the boot and in which position you play.

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The best boot boots: Our opinion

Many leading sporting goods manufacturers offer good booties. We started this article by showing you some of the best, thus facilitating the moment of purchase!

  • The efficient and discreet boot boot
  • The model recommended by Cristiano Ronaldo
  • For those who want quality without spending a lot


Buying Guide

Is the boot really capable of making you play better? Or will it just give you more security and comfort during your football matches?

We come to the buying guide, the sector of the article that analyzes each of the most frequently asked questions about the product!

What differentiates a bootie boot from an ordinary one?

As the name says, the boot boot has a different aspect: It not only covers the contour of the feet, but also has a slightly higher barrel that is also capable of protecting the ankles. This makes it a little more fair, with its own suitability.


The first practical difference that appears is the protection: By covering the ankles, the boot boot leaves this region less exposed, which is normally so vulnerable that it becomes a little less susceptible to injuries.

But the accessory is also able to help you improve your football! It has several characteristics that mainly assist in stability, making slips less common and greater balance. This is important, for example, when dominating the ball.

It is worth mentioning that each brand has its own boot boot models, always applying its technologies and presenting unique punctual improvements. A Nike model is not the same as an Adidas model, for example.

We prepared a table by buying boot boots and traditional boots:

What technologies are brought by booties?

Each brand has its own technologies applied to the boot boots, however, there are those that are always common. The main one is the change in the texture of the boot, making the sensitivity of the ball much greater. This interferes with the quality of technical gestures.

Sporting goods manufacturers also try to make boot boots very light. The idea is that the player hardly realizes that he is wearing shoes. This follows the line of increased sensitivity of the ball, which should become practically an extension of the feet.

There are also other issues that vary from brand to brand such as thermal control, fine shoelaces to improve kick control, automatic adjustment to the feet when putting on the boot and seams only in areas that do not come into contact with the ball.

The manufacturers of sporting goods fight for the supremacy of this market and it is up to you to know with the models of which you feel more comfortable!


What are the advantages of the boot boots for your game?

We have already mentioned several characteristics of the boot boots that make them more advantageous, especially in terms of protecting the ankle and improving stability on the pitch. But can they also improve their football?

The design of the boot boots is designed so that the player has more comfort and less grip on the feet, but can feel the ball and its texture more easily. Thus, technical improvements are natural.

After a quick adaptation period, you will notice that your kicks, passes and control of the ball have a higher quality. The ball will follow the desired path more often, since you will feel much more clearly what kind of touch is giving it.

Of course, just a boot will not turn you from a wooden leg into an ace, but it can activate good technical characteristics that are already in you!

See in the table below the advantages and disadvantages of the boot boots on the pitch:



  • Protects ankles, reducing the chance of injury
  • Provides stability in movement, facilitating mobility
  • Allows superior control and control of the ball
  • Helps in the accuracy of kicks, passes and other technical gestures


  • It may take time to adapt to the new boot

What are the best materials for booties boots?

The materials most used for football boots, whether they are normal or booties, are leather and synthetic fibers. Shall we learn a little more about each of these possibilities?

    • Leather: It is a more durable material and resistant to adverse situations such as bad or wet lawns. It takes longer to adapt to the foot, and may not provide much comfort in the first uses.
    • Synthetic material: Alternative for those who do not want to use genuine leather, the synthetic allows special features to be added in its manufacture. An example is the special water resistance. It can be even more efficient, but more expensive.
    • EVA: The most common synthetic material in football boots is EVA, or satin vinyl foam. It provides greater initial comfort than leather and adapts easily to the foot, improving technical characteristics from the first moment. It does not have the same durability.
    • Thermoplastic polyurethane: Same material present in cell phone cases, it is the big news in the world of football boots. It promises to give athletes much more speed and control, which becomes even clearer in the bootie models.


How to put on and make the boot boot more malleable?

The boot boot has as one of its main features the ease to mold to the feet. For this reason, it must be fitted in a very natural way, allowing your material to then take on the correct shapes and proportions.


Football boots without laces are even more malleable.

There are models with laces and without laces. The second case adapts even more easily to the feet: They are, for example, those made of thermoplastic polyurethane. They do not need any adjustment due to the malleability of the material.

Put your boot on carefully, paying attention to the longer than usual pipe. We recommend that, before starting to use it in training or games, you use it on short walks or hikes.

Cleats not adapted to the feet can be uncomfortable and even cause blisters, so open yours for games only when you feel that it is already maligned enough!

How much does it cost and where to buy a bootie boot?

The price of a boot boot varies mainly according to the brand and the technologies used. It is possible to find models of great quality from R $ 100. However, if you want the top of the line or the models used by great stars, you can pay more than R $ 400.

Stores specializing in sporting goods or owned by major brands are great places to buy a bootie boot. You can also make your purchase over the internet, especially on Amazon. Also check out Amazon.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for choosing a boot boot

Now that you know the advantages and specifications of the boot boots, you need to choose the ideal model! We have selected four technical criteria that can help you:

  • Size
  • Locks
  • Player position
  • Design and color

Below, we’ll talk a little more about each one!


For comfort and efficiency when using your boot, it is obvious that you need to choose the correct size!

Because they are shoes, the boot boots have similar numbers to sneakers and shoes. So there is no secret: You probably already know how much you wear and, from there, you can choose the correct size.

Be aware only of the small differences between clothing that usually happen!


Boot cleats are important to allow comfortable navigation on different types of surfaces (natural or synthetic grass) and lawn conditions (dry, wet, with holes, etc.).

Aluminum locks have greater grip, ideal for tall or wet grass.

In dry artificial grass, the most recommended is to choose rubber locks. But for tall, natural or wet grass, aluminum models should be chosen, which have greater grip. They prevent slips and allow for much superior performance.

Cleats for natural grass also have fewer cleats than those for synthetic ones. Therefore, always pay attention to what type of surface you play the most before finalizing your purchase!

Player position

Even the positions in which players play already lead to different cleats!

Those who move a lot, such as sides and steering wheels, should opt for lighter models, capable of leading to a feeling that they are not even on their feet. Midfielders and more technical players are looking for technological boots that offer special ball control – the boots are even more suitable for them!

Goalkeepers, defenders and attackers look for models with tougher locks, better for braking and sudden movements.


Design and color

Do you like to stand out for the boot design too? Booties can also come in different designs and colors. They are capable of attracting a lot of attention or being totally discreet!

There are simple black or white models, not too flashy, and others with strong colors and elaborate designs. Just look at the most suitable boots for your game and, from there, buy the one that is right for you!


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