Top & Best Boot Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Boot: How to choose yours in 2022?

A precise pass, a well-aimed shot, a sensational sprint. Many improvise a sneaker for the week’s football and there are even those who play barefoot. But football is not just a ball and a field, players and two goalposts. Adequate equipment is increasingly observed.

And that’s not all. There are also issues of comfort and health, because choosing the wrong boot, in addition to worsening your performance, can bring you some physical problems and injuries to your ankles or knees.

With so many models on the market, it may be difficult to say which one is the best. It will depend on the purpose, the objective, etc. But rest assured, ReviewBox Brasil has prepared this article with essential tips and information to make a difference at the time of your purchase.

First, the most important

  • Quantity and size of the locks is a point that needs to be well analyzed at the time of your choice. Material of manufacture of the footwear and also of the latches can influence the value and quality of your ball.
  • You will find models of football boots for field or society football with prices between R $ 50 and R $ 1,600. The most expensive models are usually those that abuse technology and are used by players at the level of Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar Jr.
  • Nike and Adidas duel giants among the best models of football boots available, both in the national and worldwide markets. When one launches a model that comes to dominate, the other reinvents itself and arrives with something even more innovative.


Buying Guide

There are cleats for all tastes, soils, styles and even field positions. But all this is very clear when you have the necessary information at your fingertips.

And that is our goal with this Buying Guide: to bring all the essential information for you to make a good purchase and guarantee a great performance in the field.

What is a boot?

You have certainly heard the expression: “Hang up your boots”. It is a very common phrase to illustrate what happens when a football player retires or simply stops playing ball.

Football boots are a symbol of football and knowing how to choose is as important or more important than defining the best ball for matches.

It is a shoe, much like tennis, and can sometimes be mistaken for sports shoes. However, the boots have their own characteristics, differentiated design and cushioning and locking systems that guarantee more safety and performance in games.

Your choice will depend on your taste, of course, but also on the type of place where you practice the sport. There are differences between natural or synthetic grass and this implies the model to be chosen.

My heroes have always been football players. ” – Ronaldinho, football player


What is the difference between the boots?

The main difference between sneakers and cleats is the latches. There are models with more or less nails and also with shorter or longer nails.

The studs influence the stability of the boot for games on wet or dry lawns.

Those who usually play on sports courts, covered and with synthetic grass will certainly have to choose different boots than those who prefer open fields with lawns that are more humid and slippery.
For rainy days, another more specific type of boot is also recommended.


Known as SG and FG, Soft Ground and Firm Ground cleats were developed specifically for different types of lawns. Your position on the team also influences that choice.

If you are one of those who goes for the attack in the Neymar style, you will prefer an SG boot that leaves you more loose and free to show your skill. Defense players may prefer a FG to ensure more stability.

To contribute to your choice,prepared this table with the main characteristics of these two styles that allows you to compare when choosing your boot:


The boots are differentiated especially by the type of lock they have. The AG or Artificial Ground models are indicated for synthetic grass courts, which have smaller studs and a larger base.

Other types like Hard Ground (HG) and Multi Ground (MG), are also ideal for playing on fields with little grass or even on a solid ground court. The idea is to distribute the pressure and increase the traction.

Why do I need a football boot with friends?

That naked on the beach with friends does not require any specific accessory other than a cap on your head to protect you from the sun, but if the soccer of the guys already has a defined day and time weekly or every fifteen days, maybe it’s time for you to really search the ideal footwear.

Beginners always end up trying to join the team with some more used walking shoes and soon realize that it is not as simple as it looks. The risk of injury, slipping or simply not being able to participate or finishing any move is part of that choice.

Reusing tennis shoes may seem like a more economical way to join the team, but it certainly won’t be the safest.

Some people even find the boots uncomfortable due to the latches, but when put into practice you will certainly realize its advantages.

We highlight for you what are the advantages and disadvantages of using a football boot to play your football in the table below. Follow:



  • More safety and less risk of injury
  • Improves match performance
  • Resistant to impacts with the floor or ball


  • Extra financial investment
  • Not suitable for walking
  • It can be uncomfortable to walk off the field

What is the fashion of high boots or cleats?

Lately, it is increasingly common to see players wearing boots that rise to or above the heel.

Considered an evolution in footwear models, the so-called booties appeared in 2014, but have only fallen in the taste of athletes in the last two years.

The goal of high boots is very specific: to bring more sensitivity to the athlete in contact with the ball and the field. In addition, the booties are more comfortable, lighter and firmer on the feet.

They also tend to adapt to the player and are easier to put on. The laces are thinner and, consequently, provide better contact with the ball at a crucial moment, the kick.



How much does a boot cost?

The price of a football boot varies between R $ 60 and R $ 1,600 and depends on some factors such as manufacturing material, design, purpose and technology used in the manufacture. There are many price variations including models offered by the same manufacturer.

If you want to literally follow in the footsteps of Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar Jr, and wear the same cleats as these stars, prepare your pocket. These are usually the most expensive models on the market, and usually alternate at the top of the price and quality list.

But for daily football, the club championship, the weekly meeting of the company, there are excellent options available in the market with prices ranging from R $ 100 to R $ 300.



Carlos Drummond de AndradePoet

“Scoring a thousand goals like Pelé is not difficult. It is difficult to score a goal like Pelé.”

Where to buy a boot?

Some large supermarkets and department stores, usually have a small variety of models and numbers. They are in the sporting goods sector.

Footwear stores are another option, with a greater variety, but the right destination is the stores specializing in sports, whether small or giant. It is there that you will see many more football options, for all tastes, styles and purposes.

If you don’t want to finalize your purchase at one of these stores, you can take the opportunity to visit all the models, feel the comfort, the material, the color, in short, do a complete test drive.

After that, you can get to where the biggest offer and variety of boots is, which is the online market.
For those who like practicality and have already decided exactly the model they want, the e-commerce site Amazon is the best option and can be the great facilitator of your purchase.



Purchasing criteria: Factors to buy and qualify the different boot models

You have read here that understanding the purpose and the way you intend to use your soccer ball is very important. And you also already know the importance of having the right material to achieve good results or even pleasure and satisfaction when exercising.

Whether to train for an important game, to organize a championship in your club, or for that weekend game, you will need to know what to analyze at the time of purchase.

If you are looking to learn more about the attributes of a soccer ball, to give an end to your decision,will help you with the choice of the ideal soccer ball, observing mainly:

  • Locks
  • Format
  • Design
  • Brand

These are very important factors for you to analyze before buying your boot. We detail each one so that you can find the best option and go for the game.


Considered uncomfortable for many players, the horror of the shins plays a more important role than one imagines. Knowing the function, type and even the ideal number of locks can be a differential in your game.

Latches, or nails, have an influence on speed, stability, traction, among other factors.

  • Rubber lock. It is usually more suitable for harder soils, low, medium or artificial grass fields. With less grass to cushion the impact, cleats with lighter latches provide greater comfort and less risk of injury to the knees and ankles. Suitable for society football, the rubber locks should only be used on dry lawns. They completely lose their grip in rain or wet soils, making it difficult for the player to stand.
  • Since the latches of aluminum and polyurethane have greater adhesion and are suitable for higher as well as wet areas. They are more used by players looking for more safety and stability, as they allow sudden starts and brakes.


Did you know that the number of locks interferes with the player’s position on the pitch. The boots usually come with 6 or 10 latches (which may be more in some models). As a greater number of locks usually means more mobility on the pitch, attacking players, midfielders and offensive sides choose 10-lock models. Defense athletes, including the goalkeeper, who need more stability, use the 6-lock models.



The variety of football boots available on the market is not only reflected in colors, textures and design.

Your ideal boot can be found in the most varied shapes (rounded, square, pointed, rubberized, high, low, etc.).

Explosion and speed attackers and players tend to prefer long, pointed boots. They provide more agility and greater control for the player.

Defenders, on the other hand, look for higher boots, which provide more comfort and padding. These models tend to be slower and can decrease individual race performance.


On the sides and half court, players look for the most rounded models, the most versatile boots. These athletes are responsible, most of the times, for the master touches, the precise passes and the best free kicks and the boots give more precision in these plays.


Although it is a very personal criterion, it is worth remembering that design cannot go unnoticed.

There are basic cleats, with shades of black, gray and white, some with few colors in details such as the brand’s logo and laces and even those that are fully colored, including the laces.

They can be smooth, printed or textured. Nowadays, the boots are designed so that the player can show a little more of his style and personality on the pitch. So, it’s up to you to reflect which one is yours.

Do you play the more serious type, who likes the neutral and basic? Choose a black, navy blue or other more sober tones. They are usually discreet and match any uniform.

Now if you really like color, there are even fluorescent yellow or lime green, which will not go unnoticed.


Yes, many athletes use the brand as the definitive criterion for their choice. We have already said throughout this article that the two giants Nike and Adidas compete in this market and launch boots with new technologies frequently.

In addition to these two, other trusted and renowned brands also stand out, such as Umbro, Puma or Mizuno. The guarantee of buying from one of these brands is confidence in a high quality product.

So, run away from little known and very cheap brands. The investment can end up being expensive, like having little durability and hurting the foot.

Some players get used to a brand and don’t trade for anything. Again, it is personal taste that determines that choice and only you can make that decision. Trying on the boot and seeing if it fits the foot perfectly can be a direction for that choice.


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