Top & Best Basketball Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Basketball: What is and how to choose the best of 2022?

If you are passionate about the sport of the orange ball, or if you want to gift someone who dreams of being a star like LeBron James or Oscar Schmidt, today we will help you choose the best basketball.

Here, at ReviewBox Brasil, you will know what you need to take into account when buying a basketball and, of course, which are the best models for each situation. Keep reading and learn all about your next orange ball, which you will basket and bury on the courts around!

We have made a detailed survey of the main models of basketballs and we will show you, with exclusive tips and essential information that will help you decide which ball to buy.



Buying Guide

Basketball arrived in 1896, so there have been more than 120 since the North American Augusto Shaw brought the sport to our country. It is no wonder that it is among the most popular sports here.

Today, here in this review, you will find all the information you need to choose the right basketball for you.


What are basketballs and how to choose the ideal model?

She is the giant among ball sports, and as if that were not enough, she has a characteristic color that draws attention in any sporting goods store.

If that was all you needed to know before buying your basketball, it would be easy. It would be enough to pick up the first orange tree that was in front of you and everything would be resolved.



Larry Joe Bird3-time NBA Champion, Olympic Champion

“Basketball should be fun first of all.”

But there are so many variations, so many details to be analyzed, that ReviewBox Brasil has prepared this step by step and will give you the best information on a tray.

To start with, if size and color are your references, we will say that there are only five different sizes. And different colors are gaining more and more space between basketballs.

Material, durability, target audience and even the place of the match are factors that differentiate the basketballs a lot and are taken into account at the time of purchase and also by the major brands when developing or improving the models.


Basketball for indoor or outdoor use?

Basketball is basketball, period! That’s where you can be wrong, and a lot. Beyond the division between male or female, adult or child, there is a basic difference between basketballs that can guarantee you months or years of longer life for your product.

In a closed and covered court or gym, with wooden or synthetic floors, the basketball is one. Now for the street game, in the playground or in the neighborhood, your ball will have quite different material and conditions.

The main differences between basketballs for indoor and outdoor use are as follows:



Special post-purchase care

A basketball is not one of the cheapest items on the market, especially models developed in genuine leather. It is difficult to assert the lifespan of your product, but some observations can prolong the life and quality of your basketball.

For cleaning, in most cases, just gently wipe the equipment with a damp cloth and remove any residue with a soft sponge. But natural leather balls require special attention and products.

If your ball is wet, you need to wipe it with a clean cloth and keep it away from heat (by heating or sunlight) so that it can dry in peace. The use of a hair dryer to speed up the process is highly prohibited. Leather requires patience.

How much?

A basketball can cost between R $ 60 and R $ 400 and its price will depend, basically, on the material of manufacture and purpose. In practically all brands, the price variation occurs even among the options offered by the same manufacturer.

Indoor basketballs, mostly made of genuine leather, are the most expensive on the market.

In many cases, even with different sizes, such as sizes 6 and 7, developed for female and male use, respectively, they may have the same market value.

Rubber balls for outdoor use are more affordable. The exception is due to the collectible balls, which although made of rubber, usually have a price slightly above the category average.


Where to buy?

Certainly, the best place to buy a basketball in physical stores is for sporting goods.  the brand’s own stores, like Nike or Adidas, are some examples.

However, another option, where you will find a greater variety of models, colors and size, is the internet. Sites like Amazon,  offer a wide range of basketballs.

In specialized stores, you can get more specific advice on each model. However, as you continue to read this article, you will also find the information you need to not make a mistake in your purchase.

After all, the important thing in life is to never give up, even when it comes to finding your perfect basketball.



Michael JordanFormer NBA player

“I missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I lost almost 300 games. In 26 opportunities, they trusted me to make the winning shot and I missed. I failed many, many times in my life. And that’s why I succeed . ”


Purchasing criteria: factors for comparing basketball models

Some factors determine which model of basketball you will decide to buy. If you are looking to learn more about the attributes of a basketball, ReviewBox Brasil will help you with the choice of the ideal basketball, observing mainly:

  • Production material
  • Ideal size of the basketball

These are two very important factors for you to analyze before buying your basketball. We detail each one so that you can find the best option and go for the game.



We commented earlier that the most used material for indoor use is legitimate leather, and rubber is more used in street courts.

This factor is essential for your choice, since the use of leather balls is not recommended outdoors, because the material tends to deteriorate more easily in uneven terrain.

On the other hand, if you play both indoor and outdoor and can only buy one ball for now, the rubber ball is the ideal option for you. They are made for playing on the street but do not lose performance if played indoors. With them, you can also make moves like this:

Production Material

We have already described the importance of having the right material for each environment, internal or external. However, the material is also important for other factors, such as the durability of your basketball, for example.

In addition, in the table, we mention “softening” the balls for internal use and this is a very valuable tip. As they are used in major national and world competitions, such as NBB and NBA, these leather balls undergo a kind of test drive, or pre-use, so that during the competition they are softened and guaranteed to perform better.

What is the ideal size of the basketball?

Basketballs are also quite varied in size. There are five different sizes, divided between male, female and child. The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) has a specific standard in its official balls:

  • Ball 1 – From 3 years old;
  • Ball 3 – From 4 to 6 years old;
  • Ball 5 – From 7 to 12 years old. These are made especially for children, of special size, they usually have 55.8cm in circumference and weigh up to 311g;
  • Ball 6 – For women over 12 years old. They weigh approximately 560 grams and the circumference is between 72 and 74cm;
  • 7 Ball – For men from 12 years old. For adult amateur and / or professional league athletes, the balls weigh an average of 620 grams and the circumference is between 74 and 76cm. For athletes in the basic categories over 12 years, such as Sub 13, Sub 15 or Sub 19 – who are considered juniors, the ball used weighs between 400 and 450 grams and has an average of 69cm in circumference.


Design and style

A basketball player has his own style, very easy to identify because of the particularities. Wide Bermuda, regatta and tennis belonging to the modality. But it is not only in clothes that style counts, the ball is also part of this composition.

And then, you may have a more classic style and prefer a traditional basketball, like the orange ones with white stripes. They are easily found anywhere and manufactured by all brands.

However, it is not uncommon to find balls of different colors nowadays. Some athletes even like to combine the ball with their pair of sneakers. If that is your case, escape the traditional ones.

There are also collectible models and balls that pay homage to some NBA teams. Define your style before making your purchase.


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