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Top & Best Puma Football Boots Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Puma Football Boots: How to find the best pair of 2022

Today’s text is designed for people who think outside the box. Let’s talk about the Puma boot, the shoes of one of the most stylish and innovative brands of sports equipment in the world.

In the Guide below, you have at your disposal a complete analysis of the Puma boot catalog, containing the best models and descriptions of the lines and their technologies. With this information, we hope to help you find the ideal model for your game.

First, the most important

  • Puma’s catalog of boots is quite complete, with models that focus on innovation, others on performance and even those that rescue the brand’s classics.
  • The main lines of Puma football boots are the Future, the One and King .
  • The price of a Puma boot varies between R $ 100, in the most basic models, and R $ 1500, in launches and professional shoes.

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Best Puma cleats: The ideal pairs for each field

Let’s go to our ranking of models. Here, you will find our selection of the best Puma cleats, designed to meet what each field and each player needs, and also, of course, to assist your search for the ideal boot.

  • The Puma boot for all lawns
  • The ideal Puma model for society
  • The boot for good indoor football





Shopping Guide

In the “war” of sports brands, Puma has always positioned itself not only as an alternative company, but as differentiated. This definition fits your football boots very well, with non-standard designs and models, but with technologies and materials that owe nothing to competitors.

In addition to being different, Puma football boots are also quite diverse, with models for all types of game and player. In this Shopping Guide, we will explore this diversity, always with lots of information and exclusive tips, and everything else you need to choose the best boot.



What are the characteristics of Puma society boots?

Society football is the most popular sport among amateur footballers. There is no lack of reasons, such as its smaller number of participants per game, and consequently easier organization, and also for the ease of maintenance of the courts, the absolute majority of synthetic grass.

Puma football boots live up to this popularity, with a diverse offer that is entirely adapted to the sport’s requirements.

Most models use low rubber soles, which is nothing new. The innovation is due to the clover shape of the nails, which improve movement on the lawn, without sacrificing stability.

Many models have soft uppers, most of them leather, for better adaptation to the speed of the court, and also greater resistance against those fibers that leave the synthetic grass and go with you home.




Puma football boots: Future or One line?

Two of the most innovative and successful lines of Puma football boots are Future and One , and you will certainly come across some of their models in your research.

The Future line , with the name implies, is a boot that focuses on news, technologies. Its biggest brand is the soft leather, made of synthetic material, which gives greater comfort to its use, and also gives a touch, with forgiveness for the futuristic pun.

Models with textile flaps on the sides of the leather and models with slip-on construction, dressed as socks, contribute to the innovations and modern looks.

The One line , in turn, is the standard line, the competitive one, and the most used by professionals. It also works with textile applications on the upper, but more focused on performance – such as greater grip with the ball – than on comfort.

The models have designs closer to the classics, but with bolder details and visuals, such as innovative moorings and multi studded soles.



What are Puma’s lines for futsal?

Futsal is far from being despised by Puma. All of its main lines have at least one boot suitable for the sport. There are models from Future , One and the classic, King.

Each line obviously has its own characteristics. What unites them are the soles, made of rubber and with non-marking technology , which prevents them from marking the surfaces of the courts, whether they are made of cue or concrete.




Puma may even be an innovative brand, betting on an alternative image within the battle of sports brands, but it still values ​​the past and traditions.

The greatest example of this is the Puma King line, which has revamped its classic boot, which has already worn some of the best feet in football history, such as Cruyff, Maradona and the biggest of all, Pelé, who certainly inspired the name of the line.



Did you know? Pelé signed a millionaire contract to play with Puma cleats in the 1970 World Cup, the Tri. Years later, his companion Tostão said that the ace wore Adidas boots, which he found more comfortable, dressed as Puma models.


The King line is complete, with models for field, society, salon and professional models as well. Its look is classic, predominantly black, with Puma FORMSTRIP ( the patented white band on the sides) and details with small logos of the brand.

They are models made in leather, some softer, others lighter, but all very resistant. Still, they are heavier boots, and with few of Puma’s exclusive technologies.


  • Classic look
  • Resistant
  • Complete line


  • Heavier
  • Less technological

How is the Puma professional field boot?

However diverse and innovative the Puma boot catalog may be, the brand would not have the size it has without professional models of the highest quality, which are concentrated in the field of football, for obvious reasons.

For boots that play the feet of soccer stars with Argentine Agüero, Frenchman Griezmann and Uruguayan Luís Suárez, Puma went with the full arsenal.

The models, which include all the lines of the catalog, have all the best technologies of the company, some of them exclusive, including.

Future cleats, for example, have technologies in the design of the meshes, in the lashing, even in the combination of the latches; the models of the One line have improvements in all the main surfaces of contact with the ball, from the side of the leather to the heel.

The King Pro and King Top boots bet on the excellence of the materials despite the technologies. The best leather leathers, high-performance TPU on the sole, those things.


Purchasing Criteria: Comparing Puma Boots

The various lines and designs of Puma football boots can make you hesitate when buying. That is why, in the list below, we will condition your look to pay attention to what matters and what you need to notice in order to choose the ideal model for your game.

  • Playing field
  • Line
  • Design and technologies
  • Look and colors

Playing field

The first and most objective way to choose a Puma boot, and any other, by the way, is from the playing field, that is, if this playing field is made of grass, synthetic grass or putter / concrete. In other words, you have to think about whether you need a boot for field football, society or futsal.

Each boot has not only the latches in the right sizes and materials for their respective modalities, but also the design of the uppers, the shape of the tips, among other details that make the difference for a more powerful kick or a more accurate pass.


Puma divides its boot catalog into a few lines, which have models for all fields and modalities. For this very reason, they are excellent starting points for your choice.

Each line has its own characteristic.

Each line has its own characteristic, like Future , which is, as the name implies, the most innovative, or like One, which is the most standardized. The King , in turn, is more clásica, and so on. Once the line is chosen, just explore it in its models, modalities and versions, which may be newer or older, but never outdated.

Design and technologies

If your search for the Puma boot is more specific, for example, to better suit your position on the pitch or function during the game, it is best to look at the design and technology of each model.

Puma has some novelties in the design of the boots, such as textured or mesh uppers, ultra-light or multicolored soles, among others, and also a good collection of patented technologies, such as NETFIT, lashing, evoKNIT and Ultralight SPRINTWEB , with light uppers, RAPIDSPRINT, for the sole, and so on.

Look and colors

Your last resort for choice is aesthetics. Today, the look and colors of a Puma boot gain the same attention as technologies and materials.

The idea is, having found the characteristics that you need a boot, choose the model with the look and colors that appeal to you.


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