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Top & Best Football goal Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Football goal: which is the best in 2022?

Today we will talk about everything there is to say about the football goalpost, the true transforming element of any ball game, the epicenter of the sport’s ultimate goal: the goal.

What is a soccer field if not a space with beams? With a couple of them, you can finally make the dream field in the backyard feasible, and organize that weekly soccer game. You can even play alone …

In the Guide we bring you, we will show you the essential information about the goalpost. Its materials, its varieties, its advantages, disadvantages, the best models on the market, in short, everything that can help in your search for the ideal goalpost.

First, the most important

  • There are different sizes of football goal posts, for different ages, modalities and uses.
  • There are three most common materials for a football goal: PVC, iron and aluminum.
  • In your research you will find four types of beams, mini-beams, portable, fixed and mobile beams.

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Best soccer goal models: Our favorites

Let’s start with our list of the three best soccer goal models. The products were chosen based not only on their material, but on their resistance, the ease of assembly – the user experience, in short, and the cost-benefit ratio, of course.

  • Youth goalpost
  • Mini collapsible beam
  • Mini beams for the classic free lock


Buying Guide

Part of the magic of football is in its simplicity. If there are a thousand possibilities just from a ball, imagine with a goal. With the three goalposts, you can play a match, a goal on goal, a penalty shootout, even a training session.

Outside you can put a goal almost anywhere, whether on the asphalt, in the sand or in the yard. There is, of course, a type of goal for each of them – for each situation, by the way. In this Guide, we will take a look at this variety, in addition to its pros and cons, materials, sizes, among other points that will help in your search.

What are the sizes of the football goalpost?

Football can be played by everyone, in all corners, climates and terrains, but for the game to run smoothly, adaptations are required for each of these places. For the goalpost, that means different sizes.

Only in field football there is already a great variety in this sense, with goals having different measures for certain ages. In the professional, that is to say, from fifteen years upwards, the beams measure 2.4 meters in height and 7.3 in length, the official measure.

The measure decreases according to age, that is, for the sub-15 (2.1m x 6.4m), sub-12 (1.9m x 5.6m), sub-10 (1.2 x 1, 8m). In soçaite, the size is unique, being 1.8m high and 3.6m long. In the lounge, 2m x 3m.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the football goalpost?

Having a football goal in the backyard to play ball is all good, but it also has its issues. They are advantages and disadvantages, like everything in life. One advantage, for example, is being able to organize a match.

One, not several. Having the beam makes your backyard an attraction, it gives you a tool to gather friends, socialize, which is also an advantage. But you can also play alone, or even train, to be the ace of your field, and, who knows, of others out there – another big advantage.


On the other hand, you need to have space, and enough space, which is a disadvantage. It is also necessary to mount the beams, another negative point. Finally, if you decide to leave them assembled, there are the weather to test the resistance of your purchase.


  • Organize football matches
  • Socialization tool
  • Training site


  • Need space
  • Assembly
  • Weather

Mini-beams, children’s beams, professional or portable?

In addition to the sizes and modalities, there is a variation between the beams for more market reasons. For those who want to hit an unpretentious ball every now and then, there are mini-beams. They measure about 50 cm x 78 cm and are very practical.

For slightly larger children, there are children’s beams, measuring about 60 cm x 110 cm, with safer materials, such as plastic and PVC. Professionals are for anyone who wants to make a field, a court, in short, a serious game. They may contain wheels or have the option of being fixed to the floor.


What has been gaining the market recently has been the portable soccer goal, with a measure similar to the mini goal, and with an operation similar to an easily assembled tent, compressed in a special bag and which is assembled instantly after being “released”.

What are the materials of the football goal posts?

The football goalpost has a striking feature which is its material, which needs, at the same time, to be light enough to be easily transported and assembled, and strong enough so that the goal can stand.

The most common materials are PVC, iron, aluminum and steel. The first is the lightest, ideal for a field in the yard. The second is rarer, even because it is heavier and less resistant. Aluminum and steel, in this sequence, are the ones that best move between lightness and resistance.

There are also nylon beams, exclusive to portable models, as well as inflatable models, which are obviously children’s beams.


How much does a football goal cost?

Such a distinction between football goalposts, of models, sizes and materials, generates, as expected, a wide variety of prices. It is possible to find simpler beams from R $ 50 and more complex for up to R $ 700.

Where to buy football goal posts?

In the country of football, you can easily find a football goal. Major sports stores, Decathlon, have at least one model of each type. There is also a large offer of establishments that tailor the beams.

Through the internet, you can also find all types, but in a wider range of prices and brands, in addition to being able to make the purchase in the comfort of your home. Sites like Amazon for example, are valuable pointers.





Purchasing Criteria: how to choose the ideal goalpost

We have also put together a list of selection criteria, to assist in your search for the best football goal for you. They are basic elements of the product, but which, when noticed carefully, can be very useful at the time of purchase.

  • Local
  • Age
  • Resistance
  • Assembly

We will delve into each of the items, so that your choice is indeed well informed, and therefore complete.


The place where you want to place your football goal is very important to define the ideal model. Large fields, why, ask for larger beams, while courts should have smaller models.

In the same way, if the space is leaner, which does not even configure such a small field, perhaps the best option is a mini-beam. And if, in the end, everywhere is a place, a good portable beam is ideal.


Age is a criterion that is most useful if players are under fifteen years old, after all, it is down there that the beam measures are changed, and even the material. Infant beams are recommended for children under the age of seven.

It is also worth thinking with your head in front. If the small player is close to the measurement deadlines (6, 8, 10, 12 years), it is not a bad idea to consider purchasing a beam with the measurements of the next age.


A very important point in determining the best model of football goal is your endurance, especially if you want to leave your goals mounted outdoors.

Sun, rain, wind, cold, heat, all of which can bring down and damage the beam. So look for models with resistant metals, waterproof paintings and, if possible, with UV treatment.


Many of the beam models, whether professional, children’s or mini-beams, have to be assembled. The idea here is to look for those that have the simplest assembly, that is, less practical parts and fittings.



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