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Top & Best Glue stick Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Glue stick: What’s the best of 2022?

Learn how to buy stick glue, a product famous worldwide for being present in the hands of children while doing schoolwork.

The best productions are ecological, composed of raw materials that do not denigrate the environment, whether at the time of extraction, production or when people use stick glue in the office.

Do you think there is only that basic version of stick glue used in your old school? This thinking is a mistake, considering that the market offers a variety of different options. Read on and have a great shopping experience.

First, the most important

  • There are already versions of colored stick glue.
  • Those who need to buy more units should opt for packages that have 10 sticks or more.
  • The product dries faster than liquid glue.

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Best stick glues: Our favorites

With so many offers of glue stick, we ended up taking the first promotion that we found up front and then we regret it. To know what to expect from the best productions we suggest that you read the list below:

Buying Guide

School holidays are over. Stick glue is always one of the essential items for classes. If you are not sure which model to buy we recommend reading the Guide that guides you easily.

What is glue stick?

Stick glue is an adhesive to stick papers, letters, stamps, fabrics, photos, among other things. Many children use it to build their own board games or other children’s toys.

Because it is solid, it presents less risk to children’s use when compared to liquid glues. There are several national and international brands of stick versions, present in plastic packaging.

Who invented stick glue?

In Henkel’s laboratories, Dr. Wolfgang Dierichs together with his team developed the first stick glue known to mankind in 1967.

The invention was produced in a lipstick package, which stimulated the idea in the current stick glue with regulator. The product of the German brand Henkel hit the market in 1969 under the name of Pritt.

Today Pritt glue is the most famous in the world among stick-type editions!

What are the advantages of stick glues?

Many people prefer to use stick glue because it can stick fast. Unit prices are popular, being considered one of the cheapest and longest lasting school supplies.

There are even colored versions of stick glue. The use of editing generates less chances of having dirty hands, thus favoring the maintenance of hygiene in the work environment.

In addition to being safe, stick glue generates less bad smells when handled. It is not advisable to use it to make slime or stick rods that form the structure of the kite.

We have gathered in the tables below the advantages and disadvantages of glue stick:

Stick glue or liquid glue: Which is better?

The school period begins at the beginning of the year, when the guardians of the children look for promotions to complete the list of school supplies. At these times it is common to have doubts about which glue to buy.

To reduce indecision, we recommend reading about each type of glue, below:

Glue Stick

The item is present in a packaging in the shape of a lipstick, with the small wheel at the bottom. You rotate the wheel to one side in order to raise the glue and the other side to lower the glue before putting the lid on for storage.

This production generates less dirt and clutter on the table, making it easier to correct gluing errors before the glue dries.

A simple job can require a lot of glue stick, which generates less durability to the model. This glue is small and fits easily in the children’s backpack without risk of leakage.

Liquid glue

Liquid product in a tube with different sizes. Most models have an opening and closing lid. The pasting power of the edition is superior, so it lasts longer.

Although more durable, this model can generate a lot of dirt, making your hands go bad. There is a risk that younger children will swallow the liquid or snot on their hands.

It is the best production for making slime. Until this glue is able to glue the papers very well, but it does not fit broken wooden toys that stick better with wood glue .

How much?

The price ranges from R $ 2 to R $ 15. It all depends on the brand you intend to buy and the quantity of grams in the product. Those who need a lot of units should opt for the 10 unit package.

Imported brands of glue stick cost higher prices. They have more power in bonding than national low-value productions in retail and have quality wheels to raise or lower the product.

Where to buy?

In the best stationery stores you will find several glue stick options. are known for having shelves reserved for school supplies.

On the internet it is easier to find both smaller versions and larger models. Find even packages with 10 units of large stick glues on the websites: Amazon.

Did you know that Pritt stick glue was tested on the International Space Station? In space this product proved to be useful, with no problems with regulation or the power of gluing. The production has the Space Proof Quality seal.



Purchase Criteria: Factors for comparing stick glue models

In artistic education our children take the opportunity to use and abuse creativity. Several creations are developed with scissors and glue stick, as long as it has quality, otherwise everything can end in tears.

Let’s learn now the 4 essential criteria that make you never make a mistake in choosing stick glue for children:

  • Cover
  • Toxicity
  • Color
  • Size

More about each criterion will be revealed below:


Suddenly you use stick glue and the product does not stick anymore. This happens when buying productions without a quality cap.

The best caps editions are known to close all air intakes, avoiding problems such as dryness, these are the so-called sealed caps.

Observe the type of glue cap before confirming the purchase.


The more natural raw material present in the glue stick the better it is for children’s safety. Non-toxic products have a water-based composition and other things, such as plant extracts.

Large manufacturers are already working with the manufacture of models composed of sugar and potato starch, generating a low level of environmental impact in the production process.


Photos, felt, fabric, cardboard, paper, in short, any of these materials can receive a colorful finish using colored stick glue. There are usually the following colors available: Black, pink, red, blue and yellow.

You can hardly find these editions in packages larger than 10 grams. They cost more than the standard white / transparent.


Buying online is cheaper, but you need to keep an eye on the size of the glue.

Several people are surprised to find a promotion with low prices, to buy the product and when the glue arrives home they realize that the tube is smaller than imagined.

Models can range from 10 grams to up to 50 grams or a little more. The 10 gram versions can cost 5 times less than the 50 gram models.



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