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Top & Learn How To Choose The Best Automotive Wax Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Learn how to choose the best automotive wax in 2022

Are you passionate about your car and want to always leave it with the beautiful and protected paint? Do you still wax it like old times? So stay with us! Today we will teach you how to find out which is the best automotive wax available!

Waxing the car was very traditional until a few years ago, but fewer and fewer people are dedicated to doing it. It is a practice that brings many benefits, such as increasing the resistance to the sun, to the debris that is attached to the paint and to dirt. Choosing a good wax is a fundamental step to making it correctly!

First, the most important

  • The application of automotive wax causes the car to gain extra shine and keep the paint protected. It is an essential activity for the vehicle to maintain its value.
  • You should always pay attention to the time between one application and another recommended by the brand. Respecting it is important.
  • It is possible to do special processes to protect the painting, as is the case with crystallization. With it, an extra layer ensures even greater protection for the vehicle.

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The best automotive waxes: Our opinion

There are many types of wax available on the market: The types of application and the composition vary widely. We have made a small selection of products that will surely make you satisfied.

  • Traditional and established automotive wax
  • For those who prefer spray wax
  • A great crystallizing wax



Buying Guide

Why should you wax your car? How to choose the ideal wax? It is natural that there are many doubts on this subject!

From now on, we will bring you many answers so that you understand everything about automotive wax!

What does automotive wax do?

If you know someone in love with automobiles, you have certainly seen him waxing his car. This process was very common in the past, but it is not because fewer people do it today that it has lost its importance.

Automotive wax is responsible for protecting the paint on a car. Once applied, it serves as a layer that prevents the passage of ultraviolet rays and polluting agents, helps prevent rain and common dirt from causing damage and even poses an obstacle in the event of scratches.

In addition to the aesthetic effect of shining paint, which is beautiful, the wax therefore acts on the longevity of your vehicle, making the paint last longer and not suffer so much from natural damages that are so common.

Did you know that waxing and polishing a car are different things? The first serves as protection and can be done by anyone, while the second happens after any damage and asks for professionals.

What are the advantages of waxing a car?

Protecting your car paint is the most obvious advantage of using automotive wax frequently. That way, it will be much longer lasting and will not suffer from unpleasant effects caused by the sun and the dirt of everyday life.

But there are other reasons for waxing a car. Aesthetics is one of them: Waxed cars are much more beautiful, as they even shine and can attract attention from a distance.

It is also necessary to think long-term: Without wax, the car’s paint will wear out and become more fragile. The problems that appear can be very expensive. There is also a direct reflection on the value of the car if you ever want to sell it.

The only thing about waxing the car is that it can be a time-consuming and effortless process. And if you choose professionals, the cost is a little high.

See the table below for the advantages and disadvantages of using automotive wax in your car:


  • Offers great paint protection
  • It has beautiful aesthetic effect
  • Increases the value of the car in case of sale
  • Costs for repairing damaged paint are high


  • The process of waxing a car is time consuming and requires effort

When should the car be waxed?

If you bought a regular wax to wax your car, you may be wondering how often you should use it.

Most automotive waxes should be applied once a month.

The answer depends on the wax. Most products have a shelf life of one month, but we recommend that you read the label to understand the frequency of application recommended by the manufacturer.

It is possible to find specimens that range from two or three weeks to two months in durability. Professional waxes, used in car wash companies, resist much more.

You can create the custom of a Sunday a month to wax your car, for example. That’s how many people did it in the past!

What types of automotive wax?

There are several types of automotive wax available on the market. Some have their own directions, so you need to get to know them better.

    • Protection wax: It is the most common. Made almost entirely of natural products, such as carnauba and beeswax, it stands out for its layer that prevents the action of natural elements and dirt in the painting. It gives a strong shine and has medium durability.
    • Sealing wax: It has mainly synthetic products in its composition. It also serves for protection and shine, but it is much more durable, even resisting for a year.
    • Cleaning wax: Used mainly in workshops, it serves to disguise scratches and give a little shine to the car. It doesn’t have that many protective effects.
    • Crystallizing wax: It is not exactly a wax, but a product that helps in the crystallization process, that is, an extra layer that gives even more protection to the car. It must be applied together with another type of wax.

See in the table below the comparison between the types:

How to apply automotive wax correctly?

Before applying wax, you must ensure that the car is completely clean. The ideal is to wash beforehand.

Then apply the wax according to the chosen type. You need to spread it out completely and allow the layer to be created over the entire surface. There should also be no contact with plastics and glass.

To complete the process, you only need to respect the so-called “curing period”, which varies between two and four hours. The car must not have contact with water or suffer any friction in that time.

How much does it cost and where to buy automotive wax?

There is a huge price variation in automotive waxes depending on the type, materials used and the amount of product in the packaging. It is possible to find good specimens from R $ 30, but do not be surprised to find others that come close to R $ 200.

Stores specializing in auto products, lavacars and even some hypermarkets can offer good automotive waxes. The best option is to make your purchase over the internet, mainly on Amazon. Other e-commerces with good automotive waxes are Amazon.

Purchase criteria: Factors for choosing an automotive wax

There are still some technical criteria that you need to know before hitting the hammer on an automotive wax. Let’s discuss four:

  • Drying
  • Form of application
  • Ease of application
  • Cost benefit

Below, more information about each one!


The drying time of a wax, or more precisely “curing”, varies widely. There are some specimens that take a few hours, like two or three, and others that may need close to six hours.

If you have a covered place to leave your car and you don’t always use it, you don’t have to worry. But waxes with shorter curing times are ideal for exposed vehicles, which can therefore suffer from rain, sun or even scratches.

Form of application

Automotive wax is sold in three main formats: Liquid, paste and spray. Each has its advantages and asks for its own care.

Paste wax is the most famous and used.

Paste wax is the most famous. It almost always needs to be applied with a sponge or similar, but most packages already offer one. Similar to it is liquid wax, which has quicker and easier application and asks for a microfiber cloth to be correctly spread.

Finally, liquid wax is ideal for those who want practicality. Although it does not bring as many benefits as the others and does not offer as much protection, it is able to leave a good shine in the car. And that after a much shorter application time!

Ease of application

If you are experienced in the application of automotive wax, you need not worry about this sector. However, if you have never done the activity or are just getting started, you can choose the types that give you less work.

As we already mentioned, spray waxes are the easiest to apply, but they do not offer so many benefits. If you want to go for a paste model right away, choose one that comes with a quality sponge and is approved by professionals.

Cost benefit

There is a considerable variation in the amount of wax in the packaging. Some smaller ones can bring only 100 g, others offer even 500 g.

So don’t just pay attention to the price: Divide the amount by the quantity of product, thus finding out how much you are paying per gram. This is how you will know which brand offers the best value for money.


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