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Top & Best Positron Alarm Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Positron Alarm: What is the best option in 2022?

Today’s text is for you, the driver, who seeks to make your vehicle safer, but also practical to use its components: let’s talk all about it, the Positron alarm.

The Positron alarm has several security modules, to guarantee your integrity and that of your motorcycle or car, regardless of the situation. In the Guide below, we will help you find the ideal alarm. We will present the main lines, technologies and other valuable tips for your purchase.

First, the most important

  • Positron divides its alarms, for four-wheel vehicles, dividing internally between cars and trucks, and for motorcycles.
  • The motorcycle models, in turn, are divided between universal and dedicated. The latter are compatible with some Yamaha and Honda lines, allowing installation without interfering with the electrical part.
  • The price of a Positron alarm ranges from R $ 100, for the most basic, to R $ 400, for the most complete.

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Best Positron alarms: The main lines

To assist in your research and also guide you between the lines, modules and technologies of Positron alarms, we have created an exclusive list, containing only the best models in the catalog.

  • The best Positron alarm for motorcycles
  • The ideal model for your car
  • Positron’s multifunctional model


Shopping Guide

Positron has been redefining the automotive alarm market. The models in your catalog take advantage of the connections of the safety modules to add functionality related to the control of the electrical parts of vehicles, such as windows, locks and stereos.

Among basic and advanced models, Positron alarms offer solutions for protection and practicality for all types of drivers and vehicles. In this Shopping Guide, we will help you find the model with the perfect solution for you.

How is the Positron motorcycle alarm?

Positon divides its motorcycle alarm catalog into two basic lines, Universal and Dedicated. The dedicated Positron alarm is made for those who want to keep the original features of the bike, that is, do not want to cut wires or alter other parts.

Positron currently works with dedicated models for certain Honda lines, such as BIZ and TITAN, and others for Yamaha, such as FACTOR and FAZER. This makes it have a certain limitation of functions, when compared to universal models of course.

Dedicated alarms include, for example, automatic activation and deactivation, module with motion sensor, presence control and protection against false triggers.

As for the universal models from Positron, which need some minor adaptations to the electrical part of the motorcycle, they have a greater range of features, such as passive assault mode and rescue and remote control with an anti-cloning system.


What are the functions of the Positron car alarm?

Unlike motorcycle alarms, Positron car alarms are differentiated by the set of features. Among all models, the main security functions are:

    • Passive assault mode , which triggers a siren and progressively blocks the engine when the secret button is not pressed;
    • Presence assault mode , which triggers a siren and blocks the engine if the vehicle, with the ignition on, moves away from the control;
    • Autolock , which automatically locks doors and windows five seconds after switching on the ignition;
    • Panic function , activated by a specific button or pressing the button turns on for five seconds;
    • Anti-cloning remote control


There are also other features, referring to the use of the car without you, such as the sound control, flashlight and headlights, the activation / deactivation of the control by motion sensor, and even, in some specific models, the option to activate all these functions in the your smartphone.

Is it worth having a Positron alarm with a pocket knife?

An advent that has been trending in the automotive market is the pocketknife key. Elegant and practical, it combines key with alarm control. The name pocket knife is given by the storage mechanism of the ignition key, which is “folded” into the device, just like a knife blade.

As a rule, Positron pocket knife key controls have four buttons. One that locks the doors, another that unlocks them, and two other auxiliary buttons, with customizable functions. One problem: the blade is not included, and you need to order it from a locksmith.


The pocketknife key is useful if you are after practicality.

The pocketknife key, therefore, is worthwhile if you are looking for something more practical, discreet and compact, which can unite what would be three separate parts (key, car control, alarm control), and if you have a Positron alarm more basic, with few features.

It, on the other hand, is not very recommended for you who have a Positron alarm with many functions, since it only has two auxiliary buttons, and you would have to walk with two controls to activate everything, thus ending up with your big advantage, practicality.


  • Elegant
  • Practical
  • Customizable buttons


  • Compatibility
  • Separate blade

What is the price to have a Positron alarm installed?

We strongly recommend that you look for a professional to install your Positron alarm. The models themselves are unlikely to exceed the range of R $ 400, which allows an investment in a quality installation.

The value of the installation can vary from R $ 300 to R $ 900, or even more, because it depends both on the chosen alarm model, on the car model and even on the place where you will do the installation.



Purchasing Criteria: How to Compare Positron Alarm Models

To ensure that you choose the best possible Positron alarm model, we have put together another exclusive list, this time of purchase criteria. The idea is that you note the following items carefully, to better compare the models of your choice.

  • Functions
  • Memory
  • Set
  • Auxiliary outputs


As we have been talking about throughout the article, one of the strengths of Positron alarms is their numerous functions, whether they are safety or related to the control of vehicle electrical components.

Thus, we suggest that you start your choice from the features you want, such as passive assault mode, presence sensor or even automatic activation of headlights and control of the stereo.



One point that can be very useful for comparing models is memory, that is, the number of controls that can be used for the same alarm. Positron’s catalog varies between memory for two and for four recordings.


Attention! The memory function of Positron alarms is designed for use by more than one person. If you lose control of the alarm, it is recommended that you seek the company’s technical assistance to explore its possibilities.



Also pay attention to the alarm set, that is, the box and its items. Look for the most complete sets, that is, with the largest number of controls, sensors and other necessary items.

The type of control is also part of the group. Note the number of buttons, the functions they perform, and even the type, that is, if the keyless type , which is designed for use with the original car key, or even the type of pocket knife, which joins the key and control in one piece.

Auxiliary outputs

Finally, pay attention to the number of auxiliary outputs of the Positron alarm of your choice. The auxiliary output is what allows the activation of vehicle equipment, such as trunk, electric windows, lanterns, headlights and other electrical parts.

The Positron catalog varies accordingly, with models that have one, two or no auxiliary outputs. The ideal is that you align your alarm with the possibilities of your car. It is not worth, for example, buying a model with two auxiliary outputs if your vehicle does not have a stereo or electric glass.



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