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Top & Best 185 / 60r14 tire Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

185 / 60r14 tire: Know how to buy the best in 2022

Need to change your car tires? Thinking about changing basic features like width or profile? Today we are going to talk about a type that is very popular: the 185 / 60r14. Stay with us to understand if it is ideal for what you want!

185 / 60r14 tires are quite intermediate in what they offer and, therefore, can be very useful. We will teach you how to understand this nomenclature and what each of the characteristics of this specific accessory brings to your car!

First, the most important

  • Type 185 / 60r14 tires are suitable for small to medium-sized vehicles and can be used both within cities and on roads.
  • Tires are considered to be very intermediate in terms of stability, fuel consumption and the comfort they provide.
  • Be sure to check important specifications about the tires, such as the load index and speed index.

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Buying Guide

The time has come to know everything about 185 / 60r14 tires. Want to understand more about the nomenclature? Know what each feature means?

The buying guide is the ideal sector to have any questions you have answered!


What do the numbers in a tire nomenclature mean?

To buy ideal tires, whether 185 / 60r14 or not, the first step is to understand the nomenclature.

The first number, in this case “185”, refers to the width of the tire in millimeters. The measurement is made from one end to the other. “60”, in turn, is called “profile”, the percentage of the width that the height is. Here, therefore, it indicates 60% of 185, or 111 millimeters.

The letter “r” indicates a radial tire, as opposed to diagonals. This second type, however, is increasingly out of use. Finally, “14” refers to the diameter of the wheel, the famous “rim”. The 185 / 60r14 needs a 14-rim wheel.

With this explanation, you can already understand the nomenclatures of all types of tires!



Did you know that the spare tire is mandatory in all cars sold? Even the driver who drives without this spare tire is subject to a fine of R $ 127.69, in addition to five points on the driver’s license.

Can I choose 185 / 60r14 tires if they are not the originals of my car?

Many people think of replacing the car’s original tires for aesthetic or performance effects. Is it possible to move from another type to 185 / 60r14?


The load capacity of the new tires must be equal to or greater than that of the previous ones.

Yes, this transition can be made, but many factors need to be noted. First, the new models must have a load capacity equal to or greater than the previous ones. In addition, the diameter of the total set formed by tire and wheel cannot exceed the original by more than 3%.

If the wheel has the same diameter, the change is simpler and can even be done by yourself: It is, of course, enough to replace all four tires to avoid causing weight distribution and handling problems in the car.

Changing the wheel, in turn, is more difficult and should only be done by specialists. They should assess whether a replacement is a good idea for your car. Do not forget that this change also involves changing the tire width.

What features do 185 / 60r14 tires offer?

To better understand the benefits of a 185 / 60r14 tire, we need to analyze each of its characteristics:

    • 185 mm wide: It is a low to medium width, mainly indicated for small to medium sized vehicles. It already provides a little more stability than smaller ones, like 175 or 165.
    • Profile 60: The height of only 60% of the width means that the tire needs to rotate more, which generates a little more fuel consumption. It is recommended for smaller vehicles.
    • Wheel rim 14: It is intermediate between those used in small vehicles. It means good fuel consumption and adequate performance.


185 / 60r14 tires are quite intermediate among what is usually used in small to medium-sized vehicles and present consumption and performance also within the average.

What are the advantages of 185 mm wide tires?

185 mm wide tires are indicated mainly for compact cars and from small to medium size. There is no point in wanting to use them in larger vehicles, as they will not offer enough support and will greatly increase consumption.

Among the tires recommended for compact vehicles, those 185 mm wide are already intermediate to large tires. In this way, they offer excellent stability and acceptable consumption.

They are ideal for those who also like to hit the road with small vehicles and don’t just walk around the city. The greater comfort they provide when driving makes them a high-level option, even if their aesthetic effects are not the best.

See the table below for advantages and disadvantages of 185 mm wide tires:



  • Offer optimum stability for compact vehicles
  • Do not generate excessive consumption
  • Ideal for those traveling with compact vehicles
  • They have a wide range of models


  • They are not visually beautiful
  • There are better options for those looking for less consumption

Opt for an original or remold 185 / 60r14 tire?

A common option for many people is to use tires that have been remolded. Much cheaper, they are also safe, although they do not have the same durability.

The process is simple: An already used and damaged tire has its external part, mainly the tread and sidewalls, all replaced. Ready to run again, it is returned to the market.

You can opt for remold tires if you want to pay less, but pay attention if the source is reliable. It is better to opt for models sold by the traditional brands themselves.

Check the table that compares original tires and remolds:


How much does it cost and where to buy a 185 / 60r14 tire?

185 / 60r14 tires are sold as a unit or in kits. The second option leads to a better cost-benefit ratio, with the unit being found between R $ 250 and R $ 300. It is also possible to choose the remolds, whose values ​​vary between R $ 150 and R $ 250.

You can buy good 185 / 60r14 tires at specialty stores, tire shops, auto repair shops and even some hypermarkets. Great e-commerces are also great ideas, mainly Amazon, international Amazon.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for choosing a 185 / 60r14 tire

Despite the specifications we have already mentioned, 185 / 60r14 tires are not all the same. There are some categories that differ and may influence your purchase. We selected four of them to discuss:

  • Shooting bar
  • Durability
  • Load index
  • Speed ​​index

Below, more information about each one!

Shooting bar

We call the tread the part of the tire that is directly in contact with the ground. It promotes the stability of the moving vehicle and is therefore essential for safety.

There are several types of tread: symmetrical, asymmetric, two-dimensional, off-road, among others. Manufacturers also tend to follow formats for specific purposes, such as better stability on rainy days or ease of turning.

Before buying a tire, read about the tread offered and find out if it meets your goals!



Tires are quite expensive. Buying a complete kit can cost more than a minimum wage, which is even impossible for many workers. Therefore, you always want them to have extremely high durability.

Always prefer tires from trusted brands.

To check the durability of a tire kit, pay attention if the brand is reliable, if there is a good guarantee, if the material is reliable and if it is original from the factory. Also be sure to make sure it is compatible with your car.

Only with all this information, you can be sure that you are investing in high-level tires, capable of running safely for years.

Load index

The load index is usually indicated in the technical specifications of a tire. When absent, it must be written on the accessory. It is a number that indicates the weight supported.

Load index numbers vary between 20, which supports up to 85 kg, and 122, capable of supporting 1500 kg. Of course, you need to multiply it by four to find out if a certain tire is compatible with what you usually carry in your car. Otherwise, there will be no security in the shooting.


Speed ​​index

Indicated by letters, this is the indicator of the maximum speed with which a tire can rotate. It goes from “L”, to 120 km / h, to Y, above 300 km / h.

It is also important data when buying a tire, especially if you usually ride on roads and at high speeds. Remember that your safety must always come first when driving a car.


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