Top & Best Tweeter Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Tweeter: Know how to choose the best in 2022

If you are building a sound system or if you already have one but you need it to have an improved treble reproduction capability, a tweeter or super tweeter is the ideal solution! Tweeter is the theme of this article that will help you make the ideal purchase!

The tweeter is the ideal type of speaker to reproduce very high frequencies, that is, above 5 Khz. It can be used in various types of sound systems, whether in automobiles or other devices. If you want to know everything about this equipment, stay with us on the next lines!

First, the most important

  • Tweeters are the speakers responsible for reproducing the most extreme highs in a sound system, that is, indispensable for the entire sound spectrum to be reached.
  • It is possible to install tweeters both in home sound systems, such as home theaters, and in automotive or larger events.
  • There are also super tweeters, bigger and more powerful versions of tweeters. They are for situations that require a greater range of sound.

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Buying Guide

Do you want to know what a tweeter can provide your sound system? In what situations is its use most suitable? What are the main differences between models?

Do not worry! It is in our buying guide that your questions will be answered.


What is a tweeter and what is it for?

When we set up a sound system, we need to have speakers of varying characteristics. Some are specialized in lower sounds, others in medium frequencies, others in those responsible for treble. For the latter category, there is no better option than a tweeter.

In most cases, tweeters are capable of reproducing sounds that vary between 5 and 20 Khz. Considering that 20 Khz is precisely the maximum frequency detected by the human ear, these speakers are essential for covering the full scale.

The reproduction of high-pitched sounds is fundamental in songs that use vocalists with more complete vocal extensions, such as tenors (in the case of men) and sopranos (for women). Not only opera, but rock’n roll and even pop can take advantage of these characteristics.

So, if you want your home, car, or event sound system to reach the full range of sound frequencies, you can’t miss purchasing a tweeter!



Did you know that there are links between the names of the tweeters, the speakers, and Twitter, the social network? Both originate from the word “tweet”, from English, which means “peep”: An extremely short and high-pitched sound!

What are the benefits of a tweeter for a sound system?

If you want to have a complete sound system, you need a tweeter. Only he is able to reproduce the highest pitched frequencies, present in various sounds of nature, musical instruments and voices.


A sound system without a tweeter has very poor audio quality.

A sound system that does not have a tweeter will simply not be able to reproduce such sounds, causing the audio quality to be seriously impaired. It is the same as not having a woofer, the speaker responsible for the lowest frequencies.

The more you invest in a tweeter, the better quality it will have in the reproduced sounds: There are generic speakers, with all kinds of divisions inside, but obviously the range, clarity and power are not the same as a special model and high-quality.

What are the advantages of buying a tweeter?

Buying a tweeter goes directly to how much you care about the sound quality of a system.

For example, if you already have a home theater, with five speakers installed, there are probably components of that system capable of reproducing the treble. However, the quality is not the greatest, since there is no specific speaker for this.

When we add a tweeter to that system, quality changes. The treble becomes much clearer and the sounds with this characteristic stand out.

If you have a sound system to watch movies or listen to music at home, for your car, if you work with events or need to sound a venue, you can choose the simplest option, with basic speakers, or the specialized one, with the tweeter.

The main advantage of choosing specialized speakers is quality, while the biggest disadvantage may be the cost.

Check the table below for the main advantages and disadvantages of a tweeter:



  • Improves the quality of the treble reproduction of a system
  • It makes the entire human auditory scale be contemplated
  • Ideal for certain styles or musical instruments
  • Indispensable for a professional system


  • Price may not be worth it for those who don’t care so much about audio quality
  • Must be installed correctly

Tweeter, bugle or driver?

Since tweeter and driver are two types of speakers that serve to reproduce high-pitched sounds, it is common for there to be confusion between them. After all, which one to buy?


Drivers and tweeters reproduce different sound frequencies.

First, it is important to note that the sound frequencies of the two types of speakers are different. The drivers are for mid-treble, normally reproducing between 300 Hz and 6 Khz. The tweeters, as we already mentioned, usually have a range between 2 Khz and 20 Khz.

Therefore, the ideal would be to have both speakers present in your sound system. Thus, it will be even more complete.

Another difference is that tweeters are used in all types of sound systems, even indoors or at shows. Drivers, in turn, only exist in automotive versions.

It is also possible that there is confusion between tweeter and bugle. The latter, however, is even more different: It is usually threaded on drivers or tweeters to amplify and better distribute the sound produced by them, also affecting mainly cars.Tweeter or super tweeter?

You will also often find “super tweeters” on the market. But after all, what are they for?

A super tweeter is nothing more than a bigger and more powerful version of a tweeter. There are no changes in the reproduced sound frequency, that is, it remains ideal for the most extreme highs that our ears can understand.

Because it is bigger and has great power, the super tweeter is for situations in which it is necessary for the sound to maintain quality over a long distance. Obviously, they also have much higher prices.

There is no need to buy a super tweeter for your home theater or a simple automotive system: Use the larger version in electric trios or when there are events in places of reasonable to large size.

We have prepared a table comparing the two types of speakers:


How much does it cost and where to buy a tweeter?

You will find tweeters on the market with great price variations: From R $ 15, usually on poor quality models that can even damage your system, up to about R $ 100, already with satisfactory quality.

Super tweeters, on the other hand, tend to vary between R $ 150 and R $ 300. Usually it will be necessary to buy a pair.

Stores specializing in electronics or car audio are good places to buy tweeters. We recommend buying online, mainly by Amazon. Also check out Amazon international


Purchasing criteria: Factors for choosing a tweeter

Deciding to buy a tweeter? Then it’s time to choose the ideal model! We have selected four technical criteria that can help you a lot!

  • Dimensions
  • Wattage
  • Impedance
  • Finish and durability

Next, we’ll talk about each one in more detail!


The dimensions of a tweeter are usually related to its power. The common models are quite small, averaging between 0.5 and 3 inches. In the case of super tweeters, there is a considerable increase.

Before buying a tweeter or super tweeter, pay attention to whether there is room for it in the place where it will be installed, either on a shelf or wall in your living room, or next to your car door. The ideal is that he can occupy his place comfortably, so that the sound is free to leave.


Tweeters have their power measured in watts. The number is usually related to the volume and range of the sound produced, which means that it doesn’t have to be big for a home theater, but rather for an open-air party or a large event.

Smaller tweeters may have a higher range.

However, note that we don’t hear the watts, but the decibels. And so, there are other numbers that can also influence the distribution of the sound, leading tweeters with supposedly less power to achieve a higher range.

Also be sure to check if the power of your tweeters is compatible with that of the other speakers in your system. Otherwise, it may not perform optimally or even suffer damage. We recommend that you consult a sound engineer before finalizing a purchase.


When searching for speakers and other sound equipment, you will always find a specification called impedance. But, after all, what does it mean?

Impedance is a measure that concerns the electrical resistance of a speaker and its reactance, that is, the impediment of the passage of electricity generating kinetic energy, which causes the cone to vibrate and generate the sound. The number is important when assembling circuits.

For a sound system to function properly, it must have compatible impedances between all parts. So, again, the ideal is that you have the help of a specialist in the field at the time of purchase.

Finish and durability

A loudspeaker made of resistant materials, with quality wires and a high level finish is always a good choice. You will know that it will take a much longer time to experience problems.

Opt for tweeters from well-known and renowned brands in the middle of sound systems. Also understand what are the most used materials, such as polypropylene for the body and aluminum for the wires.



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