Pioneer car stereo

Top & Best Pioneer car stereo Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Pioneer car stereo: Discover the ideal sound for your car in 2022

Today’s article is about Pioneer car audio. It is for you, the driver, who likes to explore the features of your device and does not give up quality audio.

Powerful, beautiful and full of options for you to play your favorite media, Pioneer car sounds varied enough to offer the right audio solutions for every car, and every ear. In the Guide you will read below, we will help you find your model.

First, the most important

  • The recent Pioneer car stereo models have audio connection options, from the good old auxiliary to Bluetooth 4.0.
  • Pioneer has produced a special automotive sound for smartphones, with innovative buttons and removable support.
  • You can find Pioneer sound models starting at R $ 200, and for up to R $ 2000.

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Shopping Guide

Nowadays it no longer makes sense to have a car without an automotive sound, especially with the huge offer of audio content out there, with a touch, with a click. By opting for a Pioneer sound model, you are guaranteed to be able to reproduce everything, and with great navigation quality out of the speakers.

In our Purchasing Guide, we will show you everything that is most relevant about Pioneer automotive sound, between screen sizes and functions. The idea is to provide you with the necessary tools to find and choose the ideal model for you, your car and your trip.

What comes with a complete Pioneer sound?

In the universe of sound systems, whether they are automotive or not, the term “complete sound” is very common. This means not only a sound system with all components in order, but that they are all compatible with each other.

This configuration is sought not only for superior audio performance, but for the longest duration of the components, which can communicate at the wrong powers, and, for example, blow up the speakers.

In the case of Pioneer automotive sound, the complete and fully compatible sound will, of course, be entirely made up of the brand’s components, which are sold on a large scale in the  market.

To have a complete Pioneer automotive sound, you will need, in addition to the sound, an amplifier module and speakers, all compatible with each other in terms of power and channels.


Is it still worth having a Pioneer dolphin sound?

A Pioneer automotive sound line that marked the era was DEH, affectionately called “dolphin”. The name comes from a small animation, which showed a surfer interacting with a dolphin, which was performed while a CD was playing.

But what really left the line in the collective memory of the drivers was the CD insertion mechanism, which instead of the traditional one, in which the disc is inserted in a small opening in the device itself, the sound panel literally slid down, making make the rear case visible, as well as the opening for the disc.

Then, just press a button and that’s it, the model was back to normal.

More than the famous features, however, the consolidation of the dolphin in the market was due to its great possibility of equalization, with more than five bands, and features such as voltmeter and volume and gain graph.

To have such a model these days, therefore, is to have a device with a nostalgic air, but with an audio quality delivery above a lot of equipment out there. On the other hand, you may suffer from some compatibility issues, either to install, or with connections, such as bluetooth and USB.


  • Nostalgia
  • Functionalities
  • Performance
  • Compatibility
  • Connections

How to adjust the Pioneer car stereo?

The regulation of an automotive sound can be complicated for many people. There are many numbers, names and buttons to take into account. To make the process somewhat simpler, we will base the equalization on three aspects:

    • Car interior : control the volume and gain of sound from the acoustics of your car. The more acoustic, that is, the easier it is to propagate sound through it, the lower the volume and gain need to be.
    • Speakers: You must consider not only the type (quality, power) of your speakers, but their position as well. Increase the bass only if your speaker has the ability to play them, and set the sound to stereo only if you have speakers on the ports.
    • Your ear : there is no point in configuring your sound according to the most technical requirements if you don’t like the result. Control the volume, gain, bass, treble, etc., according to your taste for the result. Our tip is to do the equalization from songs that you hear a lot, so you can notice the nuances of the reproduction.



Car stereo or Pioneer car DVD?

Finding out about the Pioneer catalog, you can face an important question: choosing an automotive sound or an automotive DVD? This is because both have very similar audio reproduction qualities, and some connections as well.

There are, for example, car stereo models with screens as large and functional as DVDs. Apart from Pioneer’s line of Multimedia Centers, the devices have become somewhat hybrid, which only adds to the confusion.


The option should be based on your day to day.

The option should be based on your daily life, in your direction. Because if you don’t have time to sit around and watch something in your car, or you don’t usually take people in the back seat, the DVD function loses some sense.

Still, Pioneer DVDs have high options for audio inputs and media connections, so if you care more about practicality and alternative connections, that is, time to put music from your MP3, time to put a podcast from your phone , it is likely that your search for a DVD will yield more results.

Where to buy a Pioneer Bluetooth car stereo?

There are very few Pioneer car stereo models that do not have a Bluetooth connection, at least among those launched in recent years. You can find models with the technology in practically the entire sound and automotive equipment store.

The best option, however, is to make your purchase over the internet, not only because of the possibility of finding the complete Pioneer catalog, but also because of the price offer, apart from the comfort of making your choice of your own sofa. Sites such as Amazon are the best in the segment.

Purchasing Criteria: Choosing your Pioneer car stereo

To make sure you leave the store having purchased the best Pioneer car stereo, be sure to take a look at the list below. These are purchase criteria, which will help your search and your choice, in short, of the ideal sound model.

  • Media
  • Control
  • Screen
  • DIN size


As we are talking about an automotive sound, there is no more important criterion than the media that the device reproduces. Ideally, the model of your choice has as many media as possible, from CD to Bluetooth, and the Pioneer catalog will hardly let you down, but there are lines with some limitations.

Give priority to models that have compatibility with the way you usually listen to music, whether by cell phone, USB stick, CD, MP3, in short, those that provide the reproduction of your music and content, wherever they are stored.



Keep an eye on the control of your Pioneer car stereo. The brand’s catalog has several ways to control the device, from touchscreen to external controls, and even by steering wheel control.

Choose the one you’re most familiar with, be it the thinnest touchscreen or the classic volume and tuning knob. Also note the models with external control, which can make navigation more practical.


If you remain in doubt, rest assured. There are Pioneer models with dual navigation, that is, with side buttons and touchscreen



The screen of an automotive sound is somewhat personal. There are people who prefer small screens, so as not to distract attention; there are people who like big screens, to facilitate navigation; there are people who see everything on the cell phone, and whatever the screen, then.

Either way, Pioneer is very versatile in this regard, from seven-inch screens to the smallest possible size, only to read between “USB”, “BT” or “AUX”. In that choice, try to think what is best for you and your direction.


DIN size

Pay attention to this point especially if you are going to make your purchase over the internet, and sometimes you are not aware of the size of the model you are choosing. There is a basic measure that you should know, “DIN”.

It measures the size of the car panels, and only has two units, 1 DIN, which would be the small panel, and 2 DIN, the large panel. You must choose the sound with the right DIN measurement, because if the measurements between the device and the car are incompatible, you will not be able to install the sound.



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