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Top & Best Car extinguisher Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Car extinguisher: How to choose the best and safest in 2022?

, which today teaches the best techniques to anyone looking to buy a car fire extinguisher. This is an indispensable item in order to contain or extinguish the incidence of fire originating in different parts of the vehicle.

Automotive fire extinguishers are among the most discussed accessories in traffic legislation. One hour they are mandatory items, other times they are among the extras that you install in the car only if you wish.

Did you know that there are different types of extinguishers for cars? There are also different sizes that must be used according to the availability of internal space in the car for storage. See more by reading the Shopping Guide!

First, the most important

  • Car fire extinguisher is available in two versions: BC and ABC.
  • Popular, small and light vehicles should use 1kg extinguishers.
  • Always look at the expiration date and the sealing characteristics before buying.

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Ranking: The 3 best car extinguisher models

When people least expect the electrical part of the car, it can cause a failure capable of generating dangerous fires. So, for safety, have a reliable fire extinguisher. The most reliable models on the market are:


Buying Guide

When you notice the smoke in the engine, stop the car, take the extinguisher and put out the intense heat before the fire becomes a fire. With the information below you can become a more conscious consumer and find better product offers.

What is a car fire extinguisher?

A car fire extinguisher is the product that has an amount of powder or foam inside to extinguish small fires in cars.

There are different size options, you must make a choice according to the diameters of your car. Outside the production area there is a metallic base and a label with information: Certificate, validity, how to use it, among others.


How to use car fire extinguisher?

First, you need to unlock the extinguisher. Versions can have different ways to be unlocked. But, the instructions for unlocking are also written on the label.

Several drivers insist on having a fire extinguisher in the car, either for safety reasons or to decrease the premium amount to be paid to the insurer.

First you remove the fire extinguisher, present under the passenger seat, next to the speaker or the car dvd .

It is necessary to find the focus of the fire and position the extinguisher a little upwards and then pull the trigger downwards – be careful not to turn the product too much because this interferes with the performance of the jets. More on this in the video:




What are the advantages of the car fire extinguisher?

With this lightweight product, on the basis of 1 or 2 kg, any adult person has enough strength to use it perfectly, following the indications on the label.

It is also not difficult to store in the car, especially when it comes to productions with fewer inches. They are known as chubby. Regardless of diameters, most certified brands offer quality triggers.

The bad thing is that it has a shelf life that can range from 1 to up to 4 years, depending on the characteristics of the extinguisher. It is also worth carrying out a training to know how to handle the product in time of need.

Shall we discover more advantages and disadvantages? Observe the table below:



  • Light
  • Easy to store
  • Effective trigger and informational tag
  • Put out small fires
  • Does not require safety items to use
  • Sturdy packaging


  • Requires training
  • Need to store in the car
  • There is validity period

What are the different types of car fire extinguishers?

If you search the market you realize that there are two options for automotive extinguisher: BC and ABC. Learn more about the differences between the two types by reading this section of the buyer guide.

BC Fire Extinguisher: This product must be used to put out the onset of fires that are caused by fuel or electrical parts in the car. The chemical component of the model is based on sodium bicarbonate.


ABC fire extinguisher: You can use the ABC fire extinguisher for solid materials (including wood or paper), fuels or electrical parts when a fire starts. Ammonia and its derivatives represent the main chemical agent present in the most popular version of a car fire extinguisher today.

Take a look at the chart that shows the model differences:

How much?

From R $ 30 to R $ 20, this is the average price. The product becomes more expensive as it is bigger. BC editions are 30% more affordable than ABC models, although they offer less performance.

The products that come with the support are more expensive. Chubby versions of 1 kg have low prices. The brand is also a differential that can make the car extinguisher cheaper or cheaper on the market.

Where to buy?

In many reliable retail outlets you can find 1 kg or 2 kg versions. We recommend some department stores.

It is possible to buy fire extinguishers online. So you don’t have to spend on gas or parking, and delivery takes place at your door. Visit sites like Amazon.


Did you know that today the car fire extinguisher is not a mandatory item? But, there is a bill in the legislative power to return with the obligation to use this accessory.

You can leave the expired extinguisher in the car without risk of being fined. With the end of the obligation it is not required that the expiration date of the product is up to date.

Most of the specialists contraindicate the use of extinguishers that have been overcome due to the lack of effectiveness to control or extinguish smaller flames.


Purchasing criteria: Comparative factors of car extinguisher models

If there was a firefighter on every corner, we could afford to travel with cars without a fire extinguisher.

But, this reality is far from happening, so you need to learn how to compare models to buy a quality extinguisher that doesn’t cost a fortune. Discover the best ideas for comparing offers below:

  • wood
  • Sealing
  • Support
  • Inches
  • Hang tags

Analyze each criterion better in the following words:


In case there are wood components in the car structure, including the engine space, it is recommended to use ABC fire extinguisher. Only this version can put out the fire in wood parts or with paper shavings.

Be careful, because when using a BC extinguisher to put out fires on wood or paper, the results are not useful, and can even magnify the flames.


The word of the moment is sealing. Only buy fire extinguishers in a package that must be removed before installing the product in the car.

In addition to the packaging, the fire extinguishers must also have a plastic seal. It must be broken every time you use the model to put out fire. Detach with your own hands without the need for knives or pocket knives .

There are some products sold without a seal or packaging at prices lower than the market average. For security reasons it is best to avoid promotions of this type. Remember that cheap is often expensive.



Do you already have a bracket installed in the car? Then buy the extinguisher corresponding to the size and save on your purchase.

On the other hand, if there is no extinguisher support in your vehicle you should opt for a promotion that offers the complete kit (extinguisher + support).

The safest way to store the fire extinguisher in the car is with a stand.


In general, the inches of the car extinguisher can range from 3 to 5.

The more inches there are in the product, the greater the height, with less fineness. The paunchy models are 3 inches and are among the most used for the ease of storing in the car safely.

Always pay attention to the size of the extinguisher before making a purchase. Keep in mind that there can be many variations in size if you also consider fire extinguishers not specific to cars.


Keep an eye on the product label. In the case of online shopping ask the seller questions who can answer with a simple look at the labeled information.

The label gives you 3 fundamental points: The fire class that the product can extinguish (ABC or BC), the validity and numbering of the product equivalent to the certification granted by INMETRO (National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology).


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