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Top & Best Hydraulic jack Review 2022– How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Hydraulic jack: How to choose the best in 2022?

where the best product reviews take place. We’ll bring you everything you need to know to buy the perfect hydraulic jack for your needs.

You have probably seen it used. A hydraulic jack allows you to lift heavy objects with some ease.

Varied in use and function, the most common are for cars, such as tire changes, for example. However, these machines operate in various branches of industry. Interested in finding out more about them? Keep reading to know everything about them.

First, the most important

  • It is an extremely useful leverage system. Because, using a small load of force, you lift extremely heavy objects. This principle is called Pascal’s Law.
  • There are a variety of hydraulic jacks (which we will cover), with very different functions. They are not just for lifting cars and changing tires.
  • If you don’t like the mechanical options, hydraulic jacks are quick ways to lift your car to change a tire. The effort will be minimized by compact and practical equipment.

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Best hydraulic jacks: Our recommendations

We have already alerted you to the variety of hydraulic jacks available. Its applications are also very diverse. To maintain a focus, we will present models for use in vehicles here.

  • Sparta Hydraulic Jack
  • Hydraulic Jack Worker
  • Mtx Hydraulic Jack


Buying Guide

When dealing with the purchase of a hydraulic jack, you must pay attention to several criteria. Mobility, ease of use, size and weight are some of them. They are very different models and characteristics.

Let’s talk about it and more to help you choose the perfect model.

What is a hydraulic jack?

We will dedicate the first two paragraphs to the strangeness of the name. After all, there is no similar to the equipment with a monkey. It turns out that a marketing action for these weightlifters took place right around the time of the King Kong film.

So the company associated the film and the great ape’s strength with the tool. In this way, “Monkey” – the term monkey in English – was attached to the idea of ​​the equipment, and it was so well made that the name has remained until today.


Generally made of steel, they are used for lifting and moving loads. Its design aims to allow maximum security with minimum effort by the user.

They work as a quick response to several procedures, the best known being the changing of tires on a vehicle. Every car has a jack – or should have -, but due to the reliability and power of the equipment, they are also usually present in:

  • Workshops;
  • Tire shops;
  • Construction.

What is the difference between the hydraulic and mechanical jack?

Not only in the hydraulic version, the jacks can also be mechanical. In fact, most of the equipment present in cars, for changing tires, is of this second type.


You may have already needed to use the jack to change a tire in the middle of the road.

If the model in the image above is very similar to the one you remember, then know that your experience was with a mechanical monkey. It is usually the cheapest option, and automakers like to save where they can.

Who uses this type usually makes a little more physical effort to lift the desired object. They are generally made up of simple levers, gears and support channels.



They are extremely versatile, managing to lift from a car even a bus. They are usually used to change tires, although their functions are extremely varied.

Some models have extremely resistant wheels, facilitating the movement of the jack for use, being locked when necessary.

Its operation is based on a principle of liquid exchange between closed containers, hidden in the monkey’s body. In this way, they are able to lift a large amount of weight, requiring little effort from the user.

We now present a small table with the two types of monkey, for you to better understand the characteristics of each.

Therefore, hydraulic jacks are excellent options when you intend to make a consecutive effort. Or else to lift larger objects, due to its enormous load potential.

Of course, among the hydraulic type jacks there are a lot of them. Used for the most diverse purposes, you need to keep in mind exactly what you need.

Or, as is the case in civil construction, having an engineer who will define which equipment to use, and for what.

What are the different types of hydraulic jack?

Our market has a vast number of hydraulic jacks, for the most diverse uses. You will find tools with a lift up to 3 tons and others up to 700 tons.

In addition, the collective use of some of these jacks is possible, sharing the lifting force and managing to lift even greater loads. After all, there are no limits to the challenges posed by human beings.

We will continue to focus on hydraulic jacks for automotive use. However, it is interesting and important that you know the range of uses of this equipment. Therefore, we will list the main ones, in order to focus – right after – on those that you are most interested in.



  • Hydraulic nail jack : Used for lifting loads inches from the floor, for placing studs and other activities. Widely used for large machines and equipment, with variable load capacity. They can even work upside down.
  • Miller hydraulic jack: More robust and tall, they are specialized for lifting in trucks, buses and the like. They are used to change and maintain the spring beam of these vehicles, working in a vertical position, often with a “claw” for greater grip on the bodywork.
  • Gearbox jack (Exchange): They are specifically designed for car gearbox exchange and maintenance services. Its shape allows better use under the vehicle, with some including tool holders, to facilitate work. They do not usually have a very high load capacity, due to the specific service they perform. Usually in the range of a ton.
  • Alligator hydraulic jack: Offers less load lifting capacity, compared to other types of hydraulic jack. Several models are found on the market with a load capacity of up to twenty tons. Although it is more common to find equipment with a maximum capacity of two tons. Its main feature is the long, thin rectangular shape, in addition to the wheels for quick movement. Hence the name of alligator.
  • Hydraulic bottle jack: It has a cylindrical shape, with horizontal lifting driven by a lever. That is why the name “bottle”. Its main feature is the ability to lift a larger load, with some models being able to support up to 50 tons. Due to their capacity, they are usually used in loading and unloading processes for large goods. Even in the port area.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the hydraulic jack?

Now that you know the most varied types, you are ready to compare the advantages and disadvantages of the two most common models of hydraulic jack on the market: the alligator and the bottle.


How much?

Now that you’ve discovered the importance of having one of these tools nearby, let’s talk about values.

Certainly, for those who carry out heavy and maintenance work on machines and vehicles, it is essential to have a hydraulic jack to assist. And you can find the bottle type from R $ 80. Alligator type can be found from R $ 110.

In both cases, thinking for loads up to 2-3 tons. The price of the product will rise as you need to lift more cargo. Some well-known brands, which manufacture the product, will also put very high prices.

Where to buy?

You will find hydraulic jacks for sale in stores specializing in the automotive sector. Some large department stores will also provide some options.

In this case, internet research is extremely valid. Several manufacturers may not have access to stores in your region, and it would be a shame to stop buying products.

Online stores, like Amazon, add a lot of hydraulic jacks. Different manufacturers and models to choose from, delivered in the comfort of your home.


Purchasing Criteria: Factors for comparing hydraulic jack models

We have already moved on to the final part of this analysis, and we certainly raised your knowledge on the subject. So, you already know the types well, but we would still like to give you some tips on how to choose the right hydraulic jack for you. Before purchasing one, pay attention to:

  • Mobility
  • Ease of use
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Packing

Below we will understand the importance of each of these points.


Do you intend to have the equipment placed in a specific place, where the loads go to it to be moved? Or do you want to have a hydraulic jack capable of getting to loads easily

There are options with wheels, capable of providing a quick response to any demand, as per your need. In the same way, there are options that allow fixation in place, to ensure that they are well secured, regardless of the load to be moved.

In the video below you can see in practice how an alligator-type hydraulic jack works:



Ease of use

Hydraulic jacks follow a principle of minimum effort for maximum execution. For this reason, they are usually extremely practical in their operation.

But, we know that practicality is relative for each person. You can choose the model that most seems easy to use, after all, different equipment has different ways of working.


Some hydraulic jacks are quite large. Occupying spaces the size of motorcycles, sometimes even a little more. Define if you have enough space for the model you want to purchase.

Otherwise, you will be forced to get rid of other things, or you will end up throwing objects over it. This will significantly affect the use of the device. After all, to use it, you’ll first need to clear the path, and then keep it in place again.


Hydraulic jacks are made of resistant material. This means, most of the time, steel, a reason that often makes them heavy to keep moving.

However, some brands work with lighter material, still maintaining a high resistance to work. You will find versions with much of the aluminum housing, for example.

This will make the use more practical and easy, as moving the jack will not be a hassle.



Generally, when purchasing a hydraulic jack, it will come in a disposable packaging. You will unpack and use it. How to store it after use is up to you.

However, some brands sell their products with “suitcases” usually made of rigid plastic. This option provides an adequate and practical place to store the equipment, as in a case.

Therefore, all transportation and displacement will be facilitated, without the risk of loss of parts on the way, or damage during transportation.



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