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Top & Best Steering wheel cover Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Steering wheel cover: How to choose the best one in 2022?

Are you the type of person who sees a steering wheel cover as useless? If so, surely after reading this text your opinion will change.

Optimize driver performance in car control, protect and improve automotive aesthetics. These are some of the advantages of buying a steering wheel cover. Learn in the article to choose the models with more benefits.

First, the most important

  • Steering wheel covers must be sewn or fitted during installation.
  • Buy a cover model developed to the size of your steering wheel.
  • The most ergonomic steering wheel covers are massaging.

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Buying Guide

Can’t take your tired hand in the steering anymore? Perhaps a steering wheel cover is what you need in order to solve this problem. To better know which technical details to look for in the product, read the Purchase Guide now.

What is a steering wheel cover for?

Like any cover, this product has the objective of protecting the object involved, that is, a steering wheel. With it, you keep the direction looking new, protecting from water, sun or debris.

Available in different colors, the steering cover also serves to improve the comfort of the hands and wrists when driving. Currently there are even steering wheel covers for PC .



Oliver Wendell HolmesNorth American writer

“The most important thing in life is not the situation we are in, but the direction we are moving in”

What are the advantages of a steering wheel cover?

Redesigning the automotive interior is somewhat inexpensive if you consider only the steering wheel cover, a simple accessory that has an immediate impact on automotive aesthetics. Some versions even match the car charger !

Constant friction, weather, weather and hand sweat are aspects that can cause wear on the steering wheel, unless there is a cover to cover the steering. Take note of more pros and cons of this automotive accessory:



  • Sporty and luxurious look
  • Reduces wheel wear
  • More driving comfort
  • Different materials
  • Reduces hand fatigue
  • Custom templates


  • There are versions that take to install
  • You need to buy the correct size
  • There are not many options for very large steering wheels

How to install a steering wheel cover?

There are different ways to perform the installation, which depends on the format of the models. There are some editions that work on the basis of inserts, you only need to cover the different parts of the steering wheel.

However, there are also some installable models based on sewing thread. In these cases you must sew as closely as possible, keeping the size uniform between the stitches.



Did you know that to install leather steering wheel cover you need to use a resistant line?

When using poor quality yarns, production can open easily due to excess heat, making its use unfeasible and making driving less safe.

What is the best steering wheel cover?

Among the different types of steering wheel cover coatings which one should you choose? In order to unravel this answer, learn the aspects of each type:

    • Synthetic : It is the most conventional pattern on the market. It costs low prices and is available with plastic, polyvinyl chloride or eco-leather.
    • Leather : This is a standard that provides high comfort and enhances the car’s aesthetics. However, water contact can be detrimental to the durability of the production. Installable with seam.
    • Plush : It has a soft surface and serves to personalize the vehicle in a fashion way.
    • Crochet or rope : The choice forms a more classic look and warms up less when it is under the sunlight.
    • Rubber and foam : The inner part is foamed, the outer side is rubberized.

How much does it cost and where to buy a steering wheel cover?

Generally models that are made of leather cost high prices. You can pay an average price when buying a production of synthetic materials. Foam editions with excessive customization also have higher values.

trusted retail locations for buying more basic editions. Buying on Amazon you can find even the best versions of synthetic leather. The Tuning Parts and Connect Parts websites also sell the product.



Purchasing Criteria: Factors for comparing steering wheel cover offers

Driving in comfort is a real pleasure, especially if there is safety. When the steering wheel cover has quality, using only one hand you have total control of the vehicle, without risk of slipping. Compare the offers according to the following ideas:

  • Chrome
  • Massager
  • Seam
  • Size
  • Rhinestones

Read on to find out what each purchase criteria means:


The chrome effect is on the steering wheel covers in different ways. For example, there are editions in which chromium is present in the synthetic material itself.

There are also productions that mix the materials. You can find synthetic leather models mixed with plastic stickers or even metals. There are even versions in which the entire steering wheel body is chrome.


There are steering wheel covers that have such ergonomics to the point that they are relaxing for your hands on the steering wheel. Synthetic materials sometimes offer padding in strategic parts.

You can even buy models that have relaxation points on the inside of the steering wheel to comfortably support your wrist while traveling for hours on the road.


Opt for editions that have reinforced seams, able to remain fixed, especially in the case of buying custom models with superheroes, cartoons, among other personalizations.

Some products, although they are for fitting on the steering wheel, have seams in the lining, whose lines serve to contrast with the base colors of the cover.



The sizes of most steering wheel covers can range from 36 centimeters to up to 40 centimeters. This thickness is used to fit most directions of popular cars of medium or small size.

If your steering wheel is larger or smaller than the average, pay attention to the size of the cover you intend to buy. Some productions have the cars on which they can be installed described on the packaging or e-commerce, considering the use in the original directions.


There is a steering wheel cover that has a mirror finish, known as rhinestones, composed of crystals, acrylic or glass and manufactured on the basis of welding. In addition to being brilliant, this component is resistant to rainwater.


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