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Motorcycle rearview: How to choose the best in 2022?

Welcome to ReviewBox Brasil! If you ride a lot of motorcycles, you know the importance of the rearview mirror for your safety and good riding. Sometimes, there is no escape from the exchange, either due to breakage or damage, or for quality reasons. Therefore, motorcycle rearview is the subject of today’s article!

It is possible to choose the mirror for your motorcycle based on shape, curvature, compatibility and other characteristics. Stay with us to learn more about safety, durability, quality, legislation and other matters that will lead you to make the best purchase possible!

First, the most important

  • The rear view mirror is a mandatory part for motorcycle and must be in good condition and within the legislation. Always put your safety first.
  • When you need or want to replace the mirrors on your motorcycle, you can do so with identical models, manufactured by the vehicle brand, or universal, with different characteristics.
  • The design, colors, shape and special technological features of the mirrors can make you want a different model from the original of your motorcycle. In that case, check for compatibility.

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Buying Guide

Is it worth buying a universal rearview mirror or is it better to look for the specific one for your model? How to know if the chosen part is within the traffic legislation?

Do not worry! We are in the purchase guide and all your questions will be answered below!

When to buy a new mirror for your motorcycle?

The main reason for changing a rearview mirror on your motorcycle is when a break or damage occurs. Unfortunately, driving these vehicles often leads to minor shocks or collisions, making parts replacement more frequent than with automobiles.

When a motorcycle suffers damage to just one of the mirrors, you have the choice to change the broken side or replace the pair at once. This does not happen with the other reasons for the exchange.

This is because it is also possible to think about changing mirrors for aesthetic reasons, such as the search for more beautiful colors, or for safety, looking for larger models that allow better viewing.

Finally, it is possible to want to purchase a model that offers more technology, such as the possibility of filming the trips. In this case, it will also be necessary to change the pair.



What does legislation say about motorcycle mirrors?

Before choosing a motorcycle mirror, you need to know the laws well. Thus, it avoids fines and other possible headaches.

According to the regulatory standards of DETRAN, a motorcycle rearview mirror cannot have a reflective area smaller than 69 square centimeters. The minimum diameter of a circular mirror is 94 mm and the smallest dimensions accepted for rectangular models are 12 x 20 centimeters.

It is allowed to exchange rear view mirrors for models that are not the originals of the brand, but it is necessary to undergo an inspection after the modification to issue a new safety certificate. Without it, circulation is not allowed.

Do not forget to check if the chosen mirror meets the necessary standards, or to do what is necessary to remain within the law after the exchange!



Did you know that mirrors were born in cars? The first usage record is from 1911, during the 500 miles of Indianapolis, when the driver Elmer Berger decided to place a mirror on the car’s body for better viewing.

What are the advantages of changing the mirror of your motorcycle?

If there is damage to one of your motorcycle’s mirrors, there is nothing to be done: Replacement is necessary and urgent. But is it worthwhile to replace it for aesthetic and safety reasons?

It all depends on the personal preference of each one. Anyone who feels comfortable and safe with the factory mirrors and does not intend to give a personal mark to the motorcycle, can undoubtedly keep them and save both money and time.

But if you want larger mirrors or a different shape to have a better view of the traffic, or if you believe that the style of your vehicle is absolutely fundamental, there is also no big problem in making the change. You just have to follow the legislation.

You can find great mirrors for sale that can add a lot to a motorcycle. The important thing is what you think about the mirrors and whether or not you feel like changing them.

See in the table below the advantages and disadvantages of changing the mirrors of a motorcycle:



  • New mirrors can be larger and offer better viewing
  • Great idea for those who like to customize the bike
  • Some models have good technological resources
  • The exchange can make the driver feel more secure and confident


  • There is a bureaucratic process to be done after the exchange
  • The cost may not be worth it for a non-essential exchange

Universal or specific rearview mirror?

When looking for a rear view mirror to buy, you will come across those that are specific to a make or model of motorcycle and others that have universal compatibility. What is the best option?

If you are satisfied with the original rearview of the motorcycle, but need to replace it for breakage or damage, look for the specific model. The only problem is that in some situations, depending on the year of manufacture and the continuity of the line, it can be difficult to find.

Exchanges for aesthetic reasons will almost always ask for universal models, as the designs are not made with a specific motorcycle in mind. In that case, however, you will need to check for compatibility.

This is a question directly linked to what we said about the advantages of changing the mirror: The most important thing is to follow your preferences and search for what you believe is best.

We have prepared a table comparing universal and specific mirrors:

How to adjust the mirror of your motorcycle?

Regardless of the mirror you use, you need to know how to adjust it correctly. After all, blind spots can be caused by the incorrect positioning of the mirrors.


Never fold or shorten your mirrors to pass in aisles.

First of all, avoid the practice of folding or lowering your mirrors to pass more easily in corridors or narrow places. Your safety must always come first! Do not impair visibility to gain more speed.

As small touches can already move the mirrors, check the setting whenever you sit down to start the motorcycle. To keep them in the correct position, you should note that when sitting in the riding position, only the corner of your shoulders is visible in the mirror.

The adjustment will be wrong if it is not possible to see anything from your shoulders, but also if they occupy a large portion of the mirror. Therefore, correct positioning is indicated by viewing only the corner!

How much does it cost and where to buy a motorcycle mirror?

The price of a motorcycle mirror varies depending on the design and the extra functions. You will find models that cost from R $ 20 to others that can exceed R $ 100. Remember that on most occasions you will need to purchase a pair.

Stores specializing in motorcycle articles or dealers from manufacturers are the best places to buy a rear view mirror. You can also make your purchase over the internet: We recommend Amazon, but be sure to check out international Amazon.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for choosing a motorcycle mirror

We have already answered your main questions and presented you with good models. Now, let’s bring important technical criteria to help you when you buy!

  • Shape and curvature
  • Compatibility
  • Material
  • Extra features

Below, you will find more details about each of them:

Shape and curvature

You will find rectangular or curved mirrors on the market. The characteristics are different, although they have in common the fact that the larger the area, the better the visualization. So, in one way or another, the largest mirrors offer better security.

The greater the curvature of a rear view mirror, the greater the depth of the reflected image, that is, the distance you can see. That is why some drivers prefer this type of mirror. But rectangular ones are also able to offer you good security!


Before you buy a rearview mirror that is not specific to your motorcycle, you will need to check for compatibility.

Always read if the mirror is compatible with your motorcycle.

It is common to find mirrors that are compatible with all motorcycles of a brand or of a line. To be absolutely sure that the model fits your vehicle, however, read all specifications carefully.

Older bikes or rare lines can lead to more difficulties when it comes to finding a rear view mirror, especially if the original parts are very different from what we usually see in other models.


If you decide to change your motorcycle’s mirrors, you certainly want to purchase new quality models! Therefore, pay attention if the chosen mirror is made with high-level materials and capable of guaranteeing great durability.

The rods that connect the motorcycle and the rear view mirror must be made of metal and the part itself in injected plastics capable of withstanding the running of the motorcycle for a long time. Polypropylene is usually the best option: It is the choice, even, for the original factory models of major brands.


Extra features

The mirrors are more and more modern and present technological resources capable of surprising. Nowadays, it’s even common for them to have built-in cameras that record trips. Exceptional for those who enjoy motorbike adventures!

Anyone who wants mirrors with special features like cameras, lights or electronic settings, can search directly for them. Models that rely on such innovations are usually universal, but be sure to check compatibility.



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