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Top & Best H4 lamp Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

H4 lamp: Know how to choose the best one in 2022

Do you need or want to change your vehicle’s headlight bulbs and are they compatible with the H4 fitting? Do you want to know what are the options offered by the market and how to choose the models that best suit your needs? Then you got to the right article!

We are here to tell you the differences between H4 lamps and those of other fittings, to talk about advantages and disadvantages, different types and how to recognize real quality in a given model. You will finish this reading if you feel like a real expert on the subject!

First, the most important

  • H4 lamp fittings are present in many of the most popular vehicles. They have two strands and are very practical.
  • It is possible to choose between several types of H4 lamps. Halogens, super white, LED and xenon are the most common, each with advantages and disadvantages.
  • You need to pay attention to the voltage and power of the lamp before closing the purchase: Both numbers must be compatible with the vehicle.

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Buying Guide

Do you know exactly what an H4 lamp is? When should you change it or get a new one? What is it capable of providing for your car, motorcycle or truck?

It’s time to answer the most common questions about H4 lamps!

What is an H4 lamp and what is it for?

Every vehicle has some lamps indispensable for the good visibility of the driver, especially at night. Headlights are the most important. It is law to use the low beam at night inside the city and during the day on highways, as well as the high beam in places without any lighting.


However, not every car, motorcycle or truck has equal inputs for lamps. The fit varies and you must buy these accessories according to the compatibility with the vehicle. Among the most popular types, used in all categories, is the H4.

H4 is just one of the most used lamp fittings, together with others like H1 and H7. You need to know your vehicle to know exactly which one is compatible with it.

Once you know that your vehicle uses the H4 fitting, you will be free to change the bulbs when they are burnt out or damaged, or simply when you want a different type of lighting.


Did you know that driving with the headlight off during the day on highways or at night anywhere hurts the national traffic code? If you are seen committing this infraction, you will receive a fine in the amount of R $ 130.16 and will have four points added to your CNH.

In which vehicles is the H4 lamp used?

H4 lamps are quite versatile. You can find them in vehicles of many different types and sizes, from trucks and tractors to motorcycles. Of course, many of the most popular passenger cars also use them.

We can cite Celta, Corsa, Siena, Palio Weekend, Ecosport, Ford Ka, HB20, Honda Fit and Sandero as some of the most popular cars that use H4 lamps. In addition to them, old models, including the classic Beetle, are also on the list.


A large number of trucks, tractors, buses and motorcycles use H4 fittings.

There are also a large number of trucks, tractors and buses with H4 fittings. If you have a motorcycle, the possibility is high that it is compatible with this type of lamp.

Do not try to use a car lamp on a motorbike or do any other similar combination: The voltages are different and you will only lose money in doing so!

Is it possible to install H4 lamps in non-compatible vehicles?

It is not recommended to change your vehicle’s original headlight configuration. If it comes from the factory with a fitting for H7 lamps, for example, you should use them. As no type of replacement is possible, you will spend all your time with the vehicle respecting compatibility.

As much as some people usually try to make changes through workarounds such as extending the original entrances or installing extra wires, none of this is recommended. By attempting such actions, you may damage the vehicle’s electrical system or impair its safety.

Anyway, there is little difference between what you can do with different sockets. Regardless of whether it is H1, H4, H7 or any other, it will be possible to find several options such as LED lamps, super white or xenon. Thus, the code serves only as a guide.

What are the advantages of H4 lamps?

H4 lamps have this designation because of their fit. So the difference really is in how they connect to the vehicle. There is no difference in matters such as brightness and power between them and the others.

There is a clear advantage of H4 lamps, which is the presence of two filaments in a single lamp. In other words, you do not need one part for low beam and another for high beam, which means more savings and less exchanges in the long run.

Other than that, H4 lamps maintain the same price range as the others, have considerable versatility in relation to the models they offer and are very easy to find. There is no reason to worry if you purchased a car that uses this type of fitting!

See the table below for the advantages and disadvantages of H4 lamps:



  • They have two filaments: One lamp serves for high beam and low beam
  • Compatible with many popular vehicles
  • Good versatility of light types
  • Prices compatible with other lamp types


  • There is no compatibility with some of the most popular vehicles

What types of H4 lamps are available?

H4 type fittings allow you to choose from all the most popular types of lamp for vehicles. So let’s get to know the four most used ones better?

    • Halogen lamp: This is exactly where the letter “H” comes from, which over time has come to refer only to the fitting. They are the lamps that usually come in the vehicle, producing yellow color. They do not generate very strong lighting, but they are quite inexpensive.
    • Super white lamp: Increasingly popular in the market, the super white lamp greatly increases the lighting capacity of a vehicle. The price also goes up, but it can be worth it if you want to have more safety in riding!
    • LED lamp: Just like indoors, LED lamps also gain their space in traffic. They have high durability, low consumption and generate very powerful lighting. Unfortunately, the price is also quite steep.
    • Xenon lamp: Uses extremely high temperatures to generate very powerful lighting. It is found in various colors, some of which are prohibited. It needs full regulation, as it can cause accidents when blind drivers who drive on the opposite side of the road.


We have prepared a table comparing the four types:

How much does it cost and where to buy an H4 lamp?

The main factor of price variation in H4 lamps is the type. Halogens can be extremely cheap, with models costing less than R $ 10 per unit. However, LEDs or xenon exceed R $ 300.

Stores specializing in auto parts or even electric vehicles will have great models of H4 lamps to sell. If you know how to make the switch, you can choose to buy over the internet:Amazon is the best option, followed by Amazon international.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for choosing an H4 lamp

Now that you understand more about H4 lamps, the next step is to choose the ideal model. We have chosen four technical criteria that will help you make that decision:

  • Voltage
  • Wattage
  • Docking structure
  • Cost benefit

Below, we will discuss each of them in more depth!


The voltage of the headlight bulbs is measured in V (Volts). Here, you cannot choose anything: To avoid damage, you need a model that is exactly compatible with the electrical system of the car, motorcycle or large vehicle.

Read the instruction manual or talk to experts to make sure you are buying lamps with the correct voltage. Otherwise, you could cause serious damage to the vehicle.


You might think that the more powerful a lamp, the better. However, this is a wrong idea: There must be compatibility not only with the vehicle, but also with the law.

Check the instruction manual for the recommended power for the vehicle.

First, look at your vehicle’s instruction manual and what it says about the optimal wattage for the headlight bulbs. Then, realize that legislation says, for example, that vehicles with 12 Volt electrical system must use models that are between 40 and 60 W.

Knowing well what your vehicle’s instructions and legislation are, you will arrive at the approximate number of which power is most suitable. That way, everyone will be safe!

Docking structure

Within the H4 denomination, you will find some minor variations like H4-2, H4-3 and H4-4. This relates more to the fitting system when there are changes from the original factory lamps.

H4-2, for example, indicates that there are two lamps in the same socket: Normally, a halogen for low beam, a xenon for high beam. In H4-3, there is what we call bi-xenon, when in addition to the original factory part, there are two in xenon that can be used whenever the driver wishes.

Cost benefit

It is possible that you only need one lamp, but often the purchase will be made in a group, especially if the idea is to replace, for example, the factory halogen lamps with super white.

In this case, always divide the total value of the lamp kit by the number of units it offers. You will arrive at the unit price and understand perfectly which of the sets is the one that gives you the best cost-benefit for the purchase.


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