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Top & Best Pioneer Media Center Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Pioneer Media Center: What is the best for your car in 2022?

Today we are going to talk about the Pioneer multimedia center, which can turn your vehicle into a real source of technology. In addition to leaving you with fantastic resources from the modern world, it still bears the name of one of the most trusted brands in the business!

With a Pioneer multimedia center, the car now has several excellent features such as DVD, GPS, AM and FM radio, parking sensor and connection via bluetooth. And the best part is that all of this does not result in a loss of warranty! Ready to know everything you need about this product?

First, the most important

  • Pioneer has decades of experience in the vehicle entertainment industry and today it is also the highlight among multimedia center manufacturers.
  • You can choose between models with the latest technology and others that are still very good, that fit perfectly in your pocket, such as those of the G line.
  • As a specialist in automotive sound, Pioneer is very careful in the audio characteristics of its multimedia centers. Line A stands out a lot in this regard.

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Buying Guide

Do you know why Pioneer is the best in your niche when it comes to media centers? And what are the real benefits that this device can bring to your car?

Stay tuned in our buying guide to know everything that the Japanese brand can offer in its multimedia centers!

Why does Pioneer stand out in the car multimedia market?

Pioneer is a brand with almost a century of tradition in the multimedia car niche: Since it started producing speakers in 1937, it has never stopped growing towards being one of the leaders in the automotive audio, video, entertainment and technology markets .

This experience appears in the quality of the products, which are very technological and seek constant innovation. Today, the company seeks not only to deliver the best final result, but also to go through the best possible process to reach it.

There are several quality and safety certificates and there are many awards. No other brand has been more awarded with the “Os Eleitos” award from Quatro Rodas. This shows that all the work for high-level products results in great public recognition.

Pioneer’s leadership is the result of a lot of history, work, innovation and respect for the consumer.



Did you know that Pioneer was created in Japan under the name Fukuin Denki? The name change came only in the 1950s, when the brand sought to go international. It lived up to its name for being the pioneer when installing stereo systems in automobiles in the following years.

What are the advantages of Pioneer media centers?

Before reaching the media center market, Pioneer spent years manufacturing audio equipment. Through this experience, it is able to offer great sound quality in its products, which allow the user a new perception of vehicular entertainment.

The brand’s multimedia centers offer a lot of features and excellent connectivity. The high number of model launches per year means that there are always new steps towards the most modern in this niche.

Connectivity and quantity of resources are among Pioneer ‘s biggest concerns, as well as the relationship with the customer. But the biggest advantage, probably, is the possibility of installation without losing the warranty of the vehicle, unlike what happens with low quality products.

The prices of Pioneer media centers are above the market average, which is the only clear disadvantage.

We have prepared a table with the advantages and disadvantages of Pioneer media centers. Check out:



  • Correct installation does not void the warranty of the vehicle
  • Always up-to-date and modern products
  • Excellent connectivity and number of features
  • Great customer relationship
  • Respected brand with many years of experience


  • Prices above the market average

What are the Pioneer multimedia center lines?

To identify what a multimedia center offers, it is necessary to know the acronym and know how to separate by lines. The first difference is in the prefix, which can be, in the most recent devices, “AVH” and “DMH”.

Here, the main difference is that “AVH” models are capable of playing external physical media, such as CD and DVD, while “DMH” can only use traditional connectivity via bluetooth, USB and the like.


Then, the first letter after the hyphen must be noted. It indicates which line the multimedia center belongs to. The most evolved in terms of technological resources is the Z, and this is where Pioneer invests the most in its research.

Line A is the one that most invests in technology for sound, that is, it is ideal for those who prefer to listen to music over the quality of other resources. AG, in turn, is the lowest price, still with a lot of quality, but suitable for those who want to pay less.

Within a line, the higher the number after the letter, the greater the technology. Therefore, the “AVH-Z9280TV” model is more advanced than the “AVH-Z7280TV”. The acronym TV, of course, indicates the presence of digital TV.

We compare in a table the main lines of Pioneer multimedia center:

What are the special features of Pioneer media centers?

After all, what makes Pioneer multimedia centers so different from those presented by other brands? We put together a list of the best that the Japanese brand offers:

    • Superior quality screen: Pioneer invests a lot in interface and is already able to present devices similar to those of smartphones. With models up to 8 inches very responsive to the touch, the experience becomes considerably superior.
    • Connectivity: The latest Pioneer media center models are compatible with the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto applications, making the device almost a smartphone. The possibility of wireless connection is also very positive.
    • Sound quality: With its long experience in the automotive sound market, Pioneer uses features such as Bass Boost, which reinforces the bass, to transform the act of enjoying audio inside a car.


How does Pioneer technical support work?

Pioneer has a large technical assistance network throughout. Only in the state of São Paulo, for example, there are thirty-four authorized units. This way, you can have good support in case something happens to your multimedia center, which is rare.


The official Pioneer website offers many useful resources for the user.

If you have doubts with the products, know that the official website of the brand offers some resources that can help you. There is a SAC with service from 9 am to 6 pm, instruction manuals for download, measurement guide and useful applications.

It is always important to remember that the installation of a multimedia center must be done with a professional: There must be no changes in the electrical part of the car, or the vehicle is not guaranteed. Pioneer models can be installed without this occurring, but care must be taken.

How much does it cost and where to buy a Pioneer media center?

The line and the amount of resources are the factors that most influence the price of Pioneer multimedia centers. It is possible to find new models starting at approximately R $ 400, with the top of the line AVH-Z9280TV costing around R $ 2,400.

Stores specializing in automotive sound or auto parts are great places to find Pioneer media centers. Buying over the internet is also a great option, especially on Amazon, Amazon international.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for choosing a Pioneer media center

Convinced to buy a Pioneer media center? It’s time to decide which model you like best! We have selected some technical criteria that can help you:

  • Functions
  • Processor
  • Inputs and outputs
  • Screen

Below, more details about each one!


What are the most important functions of a multimedia center in your opinion? Good smartphone connectivity? Ability to play multiple audio media? Sound quality? Help on issues like parking sensor?

You need to know this answer to know what is essential in a multimedia center for you. If it is resource technology, for example, you should choose a model of the Z line, but if you prefer unbeatable audio, line A is the best option. There is always a choice to be made!



The quality of the multimedia center’s processor is very important for those who want to exercise many functions at the same time, such as using GPS, listening to music and keeping the smartphone app connected.

To perform multiple functions simultaneously, choose a model with a great processor.

The more advanced the model, the better the processor: As with computers and smartphones, this is measured in GhZ and demonstrates the real operation capacity of this part. To perform several simultaneous functions, you need to opt for a top of the line.

In the case of Pioneer, the most advanced processors are those of the Z line, which receives the latest technology from the Japanese brand. However, for users who do not demand too much of the device, all models are capable of rendering very well.

Inputs and outputs

Today, much of the connectivity is already exercised by wireless technologies. Still, it is important that the media center has a satisfactory number of entries.

The most important are for the audio components, which will distribute the media reproduced by the multimedia center, in addition to those destined for the rear camera, multimedia center and similar resources. Also don’t forget the good old USB and HDMI.


If you choose a multimedia center with features like DVD or digital TV playback, you certainly want a quality screen. Check the size, resolution and color display capability before checkout.

Pioneer invests a lot in the screen quality of its multimedia centers, but the “AVH” models are the ones that stand out the most: After all, they play DVDs very efficiently. Your passengers can even have a movie session in the car!


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