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Top & Best Car seat cover Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Car seat cover: What is the best choice in 2022

your best source of internet shopping guides. Today’s article is for you who are looking for car seat cover. Practical and functional, these accessories are the ideal solution for those who want to protect the vehicle’s original upholstery or give a new look to the interior of the car.

Follow us on this reading and check out the best product options, in addition to the features that you should pay attention to in order to make the best cover choice for your car seat.

First, the most important

  • There are universal and customized versions for each car model.
  • Some models can be installed by the user, while others require specialized labor.
  • The values ​​can vary between R $ 40 and more than R $ 1000, depending on the model, brand and material of the cover.

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Buying Guide

Renew the look, protect the upholstery, for temporary use when transporting pets, at the exit of the gym, beach or club. There are countless functions that a car seat cover can perform. And among the many versions available on the market, there are always more modern models and suitable for each of these objectives.

Check out our Buying Guide to learn everything about this vehicle accessory and know how to choose the perfect seat cover model to protect or completely change the look of your vehicle’s interior.

What are the advantages of the car seat cover?

Like other car parts and accessories, seats and upholstery also wear out over time and use. The car seat cover is the ideal option both to prevent and to remedy this wear and tear.

Available in different models, materials and styles, the covers can completely renew the interior of the car, giving a more sporty, sophisticated or stripped look, depending on the model colors and details of the chosen model.

The partial cover versions are ideal for transporting animals, parcels, people with wet or sweaty bathing suits, as well as loads that can leak or stain the seats.



  • Protect against wear and dirt
  • Beautify the car interior
  • Availability of various models and materials
  • There are options in all price ranges


  • Leather models have high value
  • Some versions require specialized labor for installation

When to use car seat cover?

The car seat cover is a very versatile product, which can be used basically on any occasion, at the owner’s request. Some suggested usage goals are:

    • Daily protection: Permanent coverage of upholstery from wear and tear, from dirt and stains;
    • Eventual protection: To transport pets, install car seats  or avoid contact of the bank with humidity, sweat and dirt in general;
    • Repairs: Covers hide stains and tears in the seats, making the car more beautiful and looking new;
    • Cleaning: easier to wash, covers make the car cleaner always;
    • Aesthetics: By investing in different models you can give more color, style or a sporty, modern or sophisticated look to your vehicle;
    • Valuation: Models of sophisticated design, fine finishing made of leather or noble materials can increase the resale value of the vehicle;
    • Economy: Investing in covers can be more financially advantageous than paying for maintenance of the original upholstery, with cleaning, waterproofing, leather hydration, etc;


How to install a car seat cover?

Nothing uglier than a badly placed car seat cover, with wrinkled parts, loose ends and poorly fitted. For the cover to really enhance the seat, correct installation is a fundamental step. Although some models require specialized labor, others are quite simple to install.



The tip for a well-installed cover is to place it patiently, very slowly, stretching well and securely attaching each end.


The solid versions, which simultaneously cover the backrest and the seat, must be placed from top to bottom, starting at the backrest and going to the seat, always stretching well.

Two-piece models, on the other hand, must be placed very stretched, securely attaching the ends using the hooks or velcro that already come in the piece. Pay attention to the details given in the product instruction manual to avoid damage to the material during installation.

How to keep your car seat cover?

Although the use of the car seat cover has as one of its main objectives to preserve the original upholstery, the product also demands care with cleaning and maintenance.


Care varies according to the model and material of the cover.

Care varies according to the model and material of the cover. To increase durability, clean your cover. Models in ecological leather or plastic materials can be cleaned with a soft sponge or cotton wool moistened with water and mild soap.

Persistent stains can be removed with alcohol. Nylon covers and mesh or polyester fabrics can be washed . Allow to dry in the shade to prevent fading.

How much does it cost and where to buy car seat cover?

The price of the car seat cover will depend a lot on the model, brand, material, size and design of the product you choose. You can find simple versions from R $ 30. More sophisticated models, in more resistant materials and differentiated designs, can have much higher prices, reaching R $ 1000 or more.

You can find seat covers at stores specializing in car products and accessories. However, it is online that you will find the largest variety of brands and models of the product at your disposal. E-commerce sites like Amazon offer variety and the convenience of buying without leaving home.


Purchasing criteria: How to compare car seat cover models

To close this article, we will give you one more help so that you can make the right choice of seat cover for your vehicle. Check the list of features you should be aware of when comparing the types and models of this product:

  • Material
  • Model
  • Fixing way
  • Special features

Below, the details of the characteristics, so that there is no doubt:


The materials most used in the manufacture of car seat covers are:

  • Fabric: the most affordable alternative on the market. Washable, allow installation by the driver himself, without the need for specialized labor;
  • Leather: more expensive alternative, but more durable. Waterproof, it is more hygienic and has simple cleaning, although it needs frequent hydration;
  • Synthetic leather: When of good quality, it has characteristics very close to natural leather, with the advantage of being up to 40% cheaper. It may be less comfortable, as it does not allow the skin to breathe naturally like genuine leather;


The main models of car seat covers are tailor-made, made specifically for a specific brand of car; the partial coverage ones, which cover only part of the seat, in order to avoid damage or dirt in a specific area, and the universal ones, which have standard measures in order to adapt to any model and make of car.

Compare model features:

Fixing way

The ways of fixing the car seat covers vary according to the make and model. The most popular versions are fastened with velcro, elastics or hooks.

The fixation method must be studied carefully, as it can facilitate or hinder the installation of the product. Regardless of the choice, it is important that the zipper allows the cover to stay firmly in place, to avoid wrinkles and leftover fabric.

Special features

Breathable, waterproof fabrics, logos, applications in special materials and differentiated designs are some of the special features that can be present in the bank covers.

Choose according to your expectations and needs, considering the cost benefit of the extras. After all, the more special the product, the higher the price.



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