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Top & Best Motorcycle Helmet Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Motorcycle Helmet: How to choose the best of 2022?

Welcome to you who read the shopping manual. Want to know everything about motorcycle helmets before you go shopping? So this is the right Guide for your life.

Nothing better than going around with that stylish helmet on your head, right? But, did you know that there are different types of models and each one serves a different way of driving?

You need to choose the right helmet for your protection. Discover the main models, some differences between the versions, the average price and much more. Speed ​​up reading!

First, the most important

  • The 3 best motorcycle helmet compositions are: carbon, tri-compound or ABS. Understand the differences between these versions before buying.
  • Each type of material and helmet format reacts differently to impacts. The structures that defend the head and face do not offer many good conditions for breathing with 100% comfort.
  • There are no manufacturers of motorcycle helmets! The best deals are for imported items. You can trust brands like: Tork, VAZ, Shark, Taurus, CMS, AGV, NEIKI, Rezzer and LS2.

Best motorcycle helmet models: Our favorites

The easiest way to know the main technical characteristics of a motorcycle helmet is to know how the best products are. See below some models that are successful and are available for customers.

  • Consecrated brand, sporty and compact design
  • A great motorcycle helmet for cross bike
  • A cost-effective helmet


Buying Guide

How good it is to accelerate with the confidence that you have a perfect helmet, totally safe. But it can sometimes be difficult to find the best versions in the face of so many offers.

Now see the necessary information you need to know to choose your motorcycle helmet. With them it is easy to know if it is necessary to buy a less expensive or more expensive model for safety and comfort.

What is the motorcycle helmet?

When talking about motorcycling, whether sports or not, it is possible to state that the motorcycle helmet represents the main safety item for motorcyclists.

The use of this accessory is mandatory according to most traffic regulations in the world. The main purpose of a motorcycle helmet is to dissipate and (or) mitigate impacts.

The motorcycle helmet can save the life of motorcyclists in cases of accidents.

You can’t waver when paying for helmets without quality materials. Keep in mind that very cheap versions sometimes result in serious injury or even death.

In addition to protecting against the impacts of accidents with other vehicles, this product is indispensable to defend the view. With a helmet that has a visor the stones of the road do not hit the eyes of motorcyclists, unexpectedly.

When the motorcycle is at high speed the eyes of motorcyclists with helmets are not affected by the wind. This safety item allows you to travel on the tracks with a lot of sun or rain.
Users need to feel that the accessory is firm and at the same time comfortable before starting the bike to continue their journey.

Some motorcycle helmets have a basic composition, with nothing very special. Other models have extras that improve the life of motorcyclists, including:

    • Communicating radios;
    • Hearing protection;
    • Facial protectors;
    • Lighting;
    • Support that couples hydration equipment for motorcyclists;
    • Extra ventilation.


What are the advantages of the motorcycle helmet?

Advantages and disadvantages exist in almost everything in this life, including the use of a motorcycle helmet.

In the case of this product, the positive points are related to the life of the user. The helmet cushions the head of most impacts in the event of accidents.

In addition, there are models that offer more riding comfort, such as helmets with dark visors or sunshades that protect against the sun’s rays.

It is possible to express much of the personality of the biker or biker, since there is an infinity of models and styles. What’s more, you’ll find one that fits in your pocket.

However, it does not cushion 100% of the impact and does not offer much protection to the neck. Tighter helmets can still impair vision and breathing.



  • Cushion most of the impacts
  • Available in different material and price options
  • Models with dark displays or sunshades protect against the sun’s rays
  • Protection against collisions and runway debris


  • Does not cushion 100% of the impact
  • Does not offer much protection to the neck
  • Tighter helmets impair vision and breathing

What are the different types of motorcycle helmets?

When choosing a helmet you should always think about 4 factors: type, size, material and coverage area. When considering the motorcycle helmet type variable we have 5 examples of popular models that you will see later:

    • Off-road motorcycle helmet: Must be worn with safety glasses because there is no visor. They are formats that serve to protect the maximum, disturbing the minimum in the field of vision. The model has extra chin protection.
    • Articulated motorcycle helmet: Also popular as a robocop helmet is often used by police officers. In these helmets, chin protection can be removed.
    • Closed motorcycle helmet: There is a chin protection with the hull present at the bottom of the visor in this version.
    • Open motorcycle helmet: The chin has no defense, but there is head protection in this product.
    • Coquinho: Protects the top of the head, and the use without goggles is prohibited. Wear this helmet without a visor for light cycling trips because it does not provide adequate protection for urban or sports traffic.


The table below summarizes the difference between the closed helmets and the coquette helmet:

How to choose the right size motorcycle helmet?

Statistics indicate that 70% of motorcycle owners do not know how to choose the correct size helmet.

Choosing a larger or smaller motorcycle helmet may decrease the functionality of the product. Attention: the use of wrong accessories removes the comfort of the pilots and enhances the impact damage.

This video below shows tips on how to choose a motorcycle helmet:




With so many models on the market it is not easy to choose the right size. The leading manufacturers manufacture the liners to a worldwide size standard for human skulls.

A helmet from one brand for adults can be smaller or larger than another helmet from another brand in the adult version. Try to measure the size of your head with a tape measure. Place the tape at the forehead when performing this measurement. Then compare the results according to the table below:

Motorcycle Helmet: How to choose the best material?

ABS, carbon and tri-compound are the main materials of motorcycle helmets today.

The cheapest and most basic productions are made up of ABS . This acronym has no relation to the type of brake, its meaning is Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. In practice, this product has a resistant thermoplastic resin.

The impact absorption level of the ABS helmet is medium, although it is useful for motorcyclists who are often in urban traffic. It can be a good choice to meet your daily needs.


On the other hand, the carbon fiber motorcycle helmet has a top protection layer called KEVLAR. The composition of these products has a lot of synthetic aramid fiber, a light and resistant substance.

Usually the production of the carbon fiber motorcycle helmet is done manually. This type of accessory is intended for sports riders.

Among the different helmet materials for motorbikes, we cannot forget the three-piece model. This version has 3 main substances: fiberglass, carbon fiber and ABS.

The tri-composite motorcycle helmet is known for extra safety. As an advantage, it is worth highlighting the flexibility of using this model on different tracks.

ABS, tri-composite and carbon helmets can also have glass fibers in the mix of materials. With them the helmet is lighter, softer, more flexible and resistant.

To better understand the difference between the 3 motorcycle helmet materials, review the comparative table:

How much does a motorcycle helmet cost?

The type of material is one of the main factors determining the price. The motorcycle helmet made of ABS has low prices, an average that goes from R $ 150 to R $ 300.

At the intermediate level is the three-piece motorcycle helmet. In these cases, prices can range from R $ 800 to R $ 2,000. This is an equivalent value also for helmets that have a large part composed of glass vibrations.

The carbon motorcycle helmet is the most valuable edition on the market. To buy this version you pay from R $ 400 to R $ 4,000 or more.

Where to buy a motorcycle helmet?

There are many places that sell motorcycle helmets. Those who want to buy in a personal way can visit and Bayard.

Most of the best deals you find on the internet. Visit sites like: Amazon,  Amazon United States.



Ride without a helmet or think! Did you know that article 244 of the indicates the punishment with a very severe fine for motorcycles with drivers or passengers who do not wear a helmet. This traffic violation costs 7 points in the CNH (National Driver’s License).



Purchasing Criteria: How to compare motorcycle helmet models

The market is no joke! If you don’t know the least about the products, there are salespeople who outwit you. Several traders claim that there is fiberglass when the helmet only has ABS.

There are several mistakes that take first-time customers by surprise. To avoid these problems, follow the 9 commandments of motorcycle helmet analysis. Are they:

  • Certification
  • Shelf life
  • Colors
  • 2 for 1
  • Lighting
  • Ventilation
  • Face shields
  • Communicating radios
  • Support

Let’s understand the explanation of each of these commandments going forward:


Any motorcycle helmet needs to be certified by INMETRO (National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology). This rule also applies to imported products. If you value your safety, buy only models that have this certification.

Shelf life

Motorcycle helmet is a valid product. Experts do not recommend using expired models. Expired versions break easily on impacts.

The expiry dates are shown on the product label. On average helmets can never be used after 3 years of manufacture, regardless of whether they were used or not.

Be careful not to buy expired helmets.


Many people choose motorcycle helmets according to their favorite colors. Technically the correct way to select a tone is when using the bike.

If you prefer to use the bike at night it is recommended to opt for clear helmets. This makes it easier for drivers of other vehicles to identify your motorcycle on the track.

Do you use the bike more than day or afternoon? So, choose dark colors. Dark tones contrast with the sunlight, making it easier to identify on the roads.

His business is to use the motorcycle day and night. Opt for a helmet that is not too light or too dark in color. There are also colors that are formed to generate the identification of your profession. For example, if you work with a motorcycle taxi, buy a yellow helmet customized for this service.

2 for 1

How cool it is to have a biker family. The feeling is even better and safer when all family members have a motorcycle helmet of the right size.

Some stores that offer burning of stock usually sell 2 or 3 helmets for the price of 1 unit. In these cases it is important for the versions to be of different sizes to fit perfectly in the different heads of your family.


Those who have the habit of traveling at night cannot give up helmets that have an LED lighting system. This makes driving safe for the driver and other drivers on the track.

The disadvantage is that some impacts or falls can break this lighting. Even so, this still represents an extra that improves the riding at night.


Helmets that are too closed should have a more worked frontal ventilation system. Otherwise it is difficult to breathe and accelerate calmly.

Do not buy a helmet model just because it is beautiful. Analyze the images on the shopping site, observe how ventilation works and ask salespeople for more detailed explanations on the subject.

Face shields

It is worthwhile to be alert in the analysis of the type of face defense on the outside of the helmet. But, this is not all. You also need to keep an eye on the inside of production to ensure a little more safety.

In some versions with affordable prices there is an internal part with a kind of Styrofoam that dissipates shock and improves the absorption of impacts. Expensive imported products, on the other hand, are even more dedicated to internal protection.

Communicating radios

Some versions of helmets are designed for use with radio communicators. Communication takes place without the pilot using his hands and comfortably when the helmet is prepared for this technological resource.

If you work safely or in other functions that require the use of communication, helmets adapted for radio communicators are the best choices.

In modern helmets you can also listen to those cool songs in MP3 using headphones.


You are eager to speed up the bike, record everything and then publish on the internet. No problem, as long as the helmet has a support area to place the camera.

Supported helmets can even cost a little more. This is the price to pay for hanging cameras, hydration equipment for motorcyclists, among other devices.

After reading this Guide that teaches you how to buy a motorcycle helmet, no one can hold you back. You will circumvent opportunistic sellers and choose the best model while spending as little money as possible. You can trust!


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