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Top & Best Motorcycle charger Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Motorcycle charger: Which is the best in 2022?

The need for mobile phones by motorcyclists is increasing. With tools like delivery apps, GPS, radio and mototaxi taking part in everyday life, there’s no way to let the battery run out. A good motorcycle charger is mandatory!

Do you know how to choose a motorcycle charger? We have prepared this article with all the information you need not only to make the ideal purchase, but also to understand every detail of the chosen model. Stay with us and never suffer with a discharged cell phone while riding the motorcycle.

First, the most important

  • With the number of workers who spend hours on their motorcycles, accessories such as motorcycle chargers become increasingly indispensable.
  • There are models that are of good origin and others of very dubious origin. Always choose the former, otherwise serious problems can arise in your device and in your vehicle.
  • Be sure to check if the chosen charger has the correct voltage to charge your electronics. This is also important to prevent damage.

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Buying Guide

In doubt about buying a motorcycle charger or other accessory? Do not worry. That’s what our buying guide is for!

In it, we select the most frequent questions about a product and search for the most complete answers possible.


What is a motorcycle charger for?

The number of jobs done with motorcycles that need cell phones is steadily increasing: Deliveries of food, medicine and other products, passenger transportation, documents or even sales of snacks and other small meals.

For all these services, the use of the cell phone is indispensable. It organizes deliveries, maintains contact with applications or restaurants, offers GPS function, has radio service and many other options. Unfortunately, the device’s battery does not support more than a few hours of use.

A motorcycle charger makes sure that the cell phone is always charged, without compromising work. With it, the main service application and GPS are always at hand. And the best: No extra costs, since most models connect to the vehicle’s battery!

This device is not only useful for workers, but also for those who use the motorcycle only for commuting!



Did you know that official statistics prove the growth of work in traffic? In its latest survey, IBGE pointed out 3.8 million workers from companies specialized in delivering or transporting passengers, an increase of 29.2% over the previous number.

Which people most need a motorcycle charger?

The use of the motorcycle charger is especially necessary for some groups of people, especially those who use the vehicle for work. Below, we list some of the main ones:

    • Delivery service workers: For these professionals, it is necessary to maintain constant contact with the application and the companies that indicate the deliveries, in addition to a GPS to help in the location. It will always be essential to have the cell phone battery charged.
    • Mototaxi drivers: The same thing is true for mototaxi drivers, who are always connected with the central application and with eventual passengers, need to have directions and possible obstacles. Any lack of battery can cause serious problems.
    • People who make long trips: Regardless of whether by profession or simple commuting, many people make long trips on motorcycles. They need not only GPS, with traffic directions, but also any other applications that help on the journey.


There are still some other professionals, like those who use motorcycles to sell food on their own, who need quality chargers. And even if you only use the vehicle for a ride, it’s probably a good idea to have an easier time keeping your phone charged!

What are the advantages of having a motorcycle charger?

The most obvious advantage of having a motorcycle charger is the possibility to keep not only your cell phone, but also any other electronics that uses USB cable always with a full battery. This versatility means that GPS devices, for example, can be used separately.


Almost all motorcycle chargers work with wires that connect to the vehicle’s battery.

There is no extra charge for this. Almost all motorcycle chargers available on the market work from wires that connect to the vehicle’s battery, making sure that there is no dependence on sockets, electricity or any other external factor.

Some models even offer extra features, such as plugs of varying voltages or inputs for lighting cigarettes. The support for attaching the equipment to the handlebars or rearview mirror also helps a lot.

Take care not to buy models of dubious origin and ensure that the installation will be done well. Otherwise, you may experience problems.

Check out the advantages and disadvantages of the motorcycle charger below:


  • Versatile: Can load multiple devices
  • Does not depend on other energy sources
  • May have special features like cigarette lighter
  • Facilitates the work of many professionals


  • Models of dubious origin can damage the vehicle’s battery
  • Installation needs to be done correctly

Is it better to have a motorcycle charger or portable charger?

Another very frequent option for motorcyclists is the portable charger, also called the power bank. It has different advantages and indications for the specific motorcycle charger.


If you spend as much time on the bike as you do on the road, working in places like offices or restaurants, the power bank can be very useful. You can plug it in and make sure your electronics are always charged without having to touch the vehicle’s electrical parts.

However, for those who spend consecutive hours on the bike, it is not so useful. Like the original electronics battery, it will discharge quickly, not enduring an entire day of work.

We can say that the motorcycle charger is the best option for people who work on the motorcycle for many hours. Otherwise, there are other options that can be explored.

We compare in the table below motorcycle chargers and portable models:


How to install a motorcycle charger?

Installing a motorcycle charger requires some special care. You will deal directly with wires and the electrical part of the vehicle, in addition to needing certain tools, such as phillips keys, which you may not have. If in doubt, seek professional help.

For models that also come with claw-shaped support, there is one more step in the installation, which is to properly secure it to the handlebars or rear view, thus preventing accidents.

If you want to try the installation yourself, we recommend this video from the Wellington Nunes channel on YouTube:




How much does it cost and where to buy a motorcycle charger?

The extra functions and the origin are the main factors responsible for the variation in prices of motorcycle chargers. We found models from R $ 10 to R $ 60. This is a case of a product that, the higher the value, the higher the quality.

You can find motorcycle chargers in various places, from street vendors at traffic lights to stores specializing in motorcycle products. We recommend buying over the internet: Amazon is the best option, followed by Amazon international.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for choosing a motorcycle charger

Convinced to buy a motorcycle charger? Then it’s time to choose the ideal model! We have selected four special criteria that can help you:

  • Extra functions
  • Compatibility
  • Dimensions
  • Safety

Below, we talk in more detail about each of them.

Extra functions

The main function of a motorcycle charger is obviously to recharge the battery of electronic devices such as cell phones and GPS. However, some models come with extra functions that can also be useful for some people.

We can highlight the cigarette lighter, which can be good for smokers, and especially the support that helps to secure the electronics on the handlebars or rear view of the motorcycle, providing stability and security when consulting them. This function is, without a doubt, incredibly useful!


We know that most electronic devices today have USB plugs for easy charging. However, this is not always true, especially if you have very old models of GPS or similar devices.

Always know which input is best for recharging the battery.

Another important issue is the voltage: There are models of motorcycle charger with 12 V, others with 5 V and some with both options. You need to know which is the most suitable for your device to prevent possible damage from happening.

You should always note the voltage of your device’s battery and never charge it in an input that offers a different number. Older phones tend to have the 5 V standard, while newer ones, with turbo chargers, are normally compatible with 12 V.


There is not much space on a motorcycle. For this reason, a device that will be attached to the handlebars and connected to the battery must have a very restricted and specific size. Anything above that becomes a nuisance.

If you have the opportunity, note the dimensions and weight of the charger before making your purchase. This will ensure that you are choosing a model that does not cause any discomfort because it is too big or too heavy.


The origin of the motorcycle charger you buy is also important for safety reasons. If it is not appropriate, with incorrect voltage and amperage issues, many problems can be caused for vehicle and device.

Remember that you will be connecting wires directly to your motorcycle battery and that this needs to be done safely. Also look for a charger that offers warranty against factory defects, which gives greater peace of mind as to its real quality.



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