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Top & Best Churrasqueira Tramontina Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Churrasqueira Tramontina: What is the best model of 2022?

In today’s article we will introduce you to the Tramontina barbecue, the ideal option for anyone who is passionate about barbecue.

Manufactured by the  brand with a tradition in barbecue products, Tramontina grills are available in different sizes and models. In gas and coal versions, they have a 1 year factory warranty. Resistant and practical, they are made with first-rate raw material, which guarantees their durability and quality.

Follow us on this reading and check out the best options of the product, in addition to the features you must pay attention to in order to make the best choice of Tramontina barbecue.

First, the most important

  • Tramontina grills are easy to use. Some models have accessories that make the life of the barbecue much easier to reach the perfect point of your barbecue. To guarantee all the benefits, the right choice of model is essential.
  • The model, size, roasting method (grill or skewer), material, assembly and installation and included accessories are some characteristics to consider when purchasing.
  • The values ​​of the Tramontina grill vary according to the model, size and capacity of the product. It is possible to find simpler versions starting at R $ 300. More sophisticated versions with special materials and designs can cost a few thousand reais.

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Best Tramontina Barbecues: Our Recommendations

Being a product that will be used for years, buying a Tramontina barbecue is a task that is far from trivial. Therefore, knowing the particularities of the models is essential to choose the version that will best suit you. Check out our ranking with some of the best Tramontina barbecue models.

  • The best combination of practicality and efficiency
  • The best charcoal grill from Tramontina
  • The best gas grill in Tramontina

Buying Guide

For those who are truly passionate about barbecue, any occasion is a good excuse to “burn a little meat”. Whether to gather friends and family, for large and small celebrations, or just to kill the desire for a good barbecue, the Tramontina barbecue is the ideal solution.

Continue with us to learn everything about this indispensable product to prepare the best cuts in a way that the gaucho will not fail.

Churrasqueira Tramontina: what is the history of the brand with barbecue items?

For the  it is a tradition that wherever barbecue has fraternization and joy. Because it is made with such passion, our barbecue is currently one of the most acclaimed in the world. Tramontina and the tradition of our barbecue have something in common: the origin in the pampas of the southern region.

Created in 1911 by the gaucho of Bento Gonçalves, Valentin Tramontina, the metallurgical company was very influenced by the passion and tradition with the barbecue, fostered both by the local culture of the company’s cradle and by the customs of the founder.

Today, in addition to lines of appliances, kitchen utensils, furniture, pots, etc., Tramontina has a complete product line for barbecues. A reference in the market, the line includes knives, cutlery, boards, skewers, grills and, of course, barbecue grills, made with top quality material and a lot of technology.

Why choose a Tramontina barbecue?

If you want mobility, versatility, practicality and especially quality, the Tramontina barbecue is the ideal option for you. Portable, they are ideal for those who have little space or want mobility for the product, without having to be stuck in the same place whenever roasting meat.

Available in several sizes and models, they come in gas and charcoal versions. With a 1 year factory warranty, they are made with first quality raw material, which guarantees the resistance and durability of the products.

Tramontina grills can be used with skewers, grills or a combination of both, depending on the model. However, none of the models manufactured by the brand, which do not have electrical versions, are suitable for use in closed spaces.

Check out the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a brand barbecue:

Tramontina gas or charcoal barbecue: Which one to choose?

Although Tramontina does not work with electric grills, there are versions of very small proportions, which can be used in apartments.

The only care you need to take is to ensure that the space is well ventilated, to avoid the accumulation of smoke and to keep your family and guests safe.

Perfect for homes that don’t have a lot of space left over, Tramontina charcoal grills are compact, and adapt perfectly to outdoor environments such as backyards, balconies and gardens.

With models in enamelled steel and stainless steel, the Tramontina charcoal barbecue gives practicality to the traditional barbecue rite, with fire and ember.

Using between 1kg and 2.5kg of coal, depending on the model, they are economical and efficient. The lid versions also allow you to prepare food on the breath, with the unmistakable flavor that the ember provides, leaving your preparations juicy and tasty.

The gas versions are ideal for apartment balconies and other types of areas. Although they do not produce as much smoke as coal, these versions should also only be used in ventilated areas.

Although many consider that charcoal gives more flavor to the barbecue, the gas barbecue is considered more environmentally friendly.

Another advantage of the model is the much more practical and quick preparation. With automatic ignition, the gas grill has burners that manage the flame and thermometers for temperature control, making the life of the grill easier and making the process safer.

To function properly, this model of barbecue needs only a gas point and adequate ventilation. To warm up, just light the flame and keep the grill with the lid closed for about 15 minutes.

But so much convenience comes with a price: Gas models can cost up to 10x more than coal models.

Check in the table the comparison between the Tramontina gas and charcoal barbecue versions:

How much does a Tramontina grill cost?

The price of Tramontina barbecue grills can vary a lot according to the model and size. You can find the simplest ones for values ​​starting at R $ 300. Larger, more complete and sophisticated models can cost more than R $ 4000.

Where to buy a Tramontina barbecue?

You can buy your Tramontina barbecue at physical stores that specialize in barbecue or that sell culinary utensils as well as hypermarkets like Walmart or Carrefour, among others.

It is also possible to purchase online – where the greatest variety of product models are available – taking advantage of the convenience of sites such as Amazon in addition to the brand’s own online store.

Purchasing criteria: how to compare Tramontina barbecue models

Now that we’ve talked a lot about Tramontina grills and their models, let’s list some of the important features in a good product, so you can compare and recognize the best barbecue option for you. Are they:

  • Size
  • Baking Method
  • Material
  • Assembly and installation
  • Accessories

Below, we will detail each of these characteristics. Be sure to check out:


The brand offers several sizes of barbecue grills. In addition to the traditional measures of height, width and depth, the size of the models is also expressed by the product’s capacity in liters and in the number of bags of coal.
One of the smallest models of the brand has a capacity of 15 liters

Baking Method

Depending on the model, Tramontina grills have the appropriate design for roasting with the aid of skewers or using grills. There are also versions that allow the use of both methods, according to the user’s preference.

Choose according to the method that you most appreciate and that is most convenient for your daily life.


There are versions of Tramontina barbecue grills made with enameled steel and stainless steel. Some models have details such as lids and handles covered in silicone polyester, which ensures better grip and a free heating area to handle and move the barbecue safely.

In addition, depending on the model, the grids can be made of stainless steel or enameled cast iron. Both versions are resistant to corrosion, and very practical and easy to clean.

Assembly and installation

As they are basically portable grills, Tramontina grills require no installation, even in the most robust versions. Very easy and practical to use, it has simple assembly steps, which consist only of fitting components and screwing in some parts, depending on the model.


Some models of Tramontina barbecue have accessories that make the life of the barbecue much easier to reach the perfect point of your barbecue. Internal temperature gauges, hinged covers, side handles, gripper for grilling, boards and multipurpose supports are some examples.

However, the more complete the grill, the more expensive it will cost. Make sure that the extras are really necessary and useful for your barbecue, to avoid paying more for nothing.



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