Barbecue for skewers

Top & Best Barbecue for skewers Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Barbecue for skewers: How to choose the best in 2022

We appreciate your company here! Today we are going to talk about an item that will whet your appetite: the barbecue for skewers!

If you are looking for a way to expand your gastronomic business, this may be the solution! It was specially designed to grill barbecue on a spit, which can be eaten at home, on the street or at events.

This type of barbecue is more compact, and some are portable! It is very practical and can represent an interesting advance if your branch is the street audience. Are you interested in finding out more? Just follow with us!

First, the most important

  • Barbecues for skewers can be used to sell skewers, or to consume at home, at larger events.
  • The best-known and best-selling types are: coal, gas and electric.
  • The price of these barbecue grills varies a lot according to the model, the size, and, mainly, the type of burning.

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Ranking: The 3 best barbecue grills for skewers

If you are not in the business, you will certainly have some difficulty when choosing the ideal barbecue. Therefore, we set up a ranking with the three best options on the market, in order to help you at the time of your purchase:

Buying Guide

Time to get right to what matters: the advantages and curiosities of the barbecue for skewers! Below, we will present you a guide filled with information about this product.

Barbecue for skewers: What is it?

This type of barbecue is ideal for the most practical, who like good food, but without much delay! It is especially ideal for grilling meat and vegetables on a skewer, which will be eaten individually.

Nowadays, this model is growing a lot in the market, and you will notice that there are the most different models, from the ones that work through electric energy, to those that need coal.

Another interesting fact is that some of the barbecues for skewers are portable and even have wheels, which greatly facilitates transportation around, right?

How can it be used?

If you work selling food on the street, the barbecue for skewers can be the breakthrough your business needs! It is great for selling barbecue at a good price, quickly, and in individual portions.

You can also use it at a bar specializing in skewers, or at kiosks on the beach. This is a market that always has an audience and can be very profitable if well managed.

Another cool option is to buy one of these for barbecues at home, with friends. The skewer greatly facilitates the meat, and it has the advantage that each one can grill his own, great for not punishing his barbecue friend, right?

In general, it is a very interesting article, which despite not having so many differences from the standard barbecue, is a good purchase idea!

What is the best type of barbecue for skewers?

Like common grills, this model also has its variables. You should find options for it that work on gas, coal and electricity.

Charcoal barbecue

The most traditional option among street vendors! It is practical, it can be quietly moved, and it still leaves the smoked flavor in meat and vegetables.

Coal smokes a lot, but as long as the grill is used in an open space, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Gas grill

Gas grills are the most modern. They operate similar to a stove, and can reach high temperatures.

Among the advantages of these models is that it does not smoke, the temperature is adjustable, the security system is usually very advanced and the burners are very powerful. However, she needs a canister or a gas pipe to work, okay?

Electric grill

The least viable option to be used on the street, precisely because you need a source of electricity!

However, if you plan to start your business in a kiosk, or just use it at home, it may be a good option. Typically, it is the smallest and most practical to carry, as well as virtually no smoke.

How much?

The cost of a barbecue for skewers varies a lot according to its model, its type of burning and its size.

Usually, ideal for street sales, such as large capacity charcoal grills, they have a price ranging between R $ 250 and R $ 600. But, if you choose a gas model, you will hardly pay less than R $ 500.

If you prefer an electric barbecue, to use at home, know that the prices are more affordable, something between R $ 150 and R $ 250.

Where to buy?

Although it does not seem, it is not so difficult to find barbecues for skewers for sale in big stores and even on the internet.

Not all home appliance chains sell this item, but some like Magazine Luiza and Fast Shop offer interesting options.

Other stores like Leroy Merlin, Lojas Americanas, and even Walmart Supermarkets also sell different models of barbecue grills.

In some cities you will find specific barbecue shops, and in these places there is always a huge variety of the product. If you prefer to buy online, we can refer you to Amazon, Buscapé and Shoptime.

Before buying your barbecue, how about a special skewer recipe to make your mouth water?

Purchase criteria: Factors to compare the barbecue for skewers

We always recommend that you pay attention to the details before deciding which product to buy. In the case of barbecue for skewers, it is important that you observe the following issues:

  • Material
  • Transport
  • Size
  • Smoke

Below, we will explain to you what to observe in each of these criteria.


Knowing what material your barbecue is made of is very important, especially if it is your working tool, as it is a tool that works with high temperatures.

We recommend that you give preference to galvanized steel and stainless steel grills, because in addition to not releasing chemical residues when they are in contact with fire, they manage the temperature well and are very durable.


If you intend to sell skewers on the street, you should analyze the conditions of transport of your barbecue. It is important that it is demountable, and preferably has wheels!

Remember that barbecues that are too big and too heavy are only valid if they are housed in one place.


Some barbecues for skewers are quite large and others are smaller, the size varies a lot from model to model, and it is an issue that must be taken into account when purchasing.

If you are going to use it at home, for personal consumption, choose the one that best meets your family’s demands. However, if you plan to buy a barbecue to work with, opt for a larger option.


The issue of smoke may seem obvious, but sometimes we forget to consider it before purchasing.

Barbecues that smoke too much, such as charcoal, should be used only in open spaces. But, if you intend to use it at home, or in another closed environment, you can opt for gas or electric.



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