Top & Best Apartment grill Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Apartment grill: How to choose the best model in 2022

Can I install a barbecue in my apartment? Where should I install the equipment? What is the best barbecue model? These are some common doubts for those who are considering buying an apartment barbecue.

In case you have the same doubts, you’ve come to the right place! In this article you will find all the information you need to know about the topic such as recommendations on what is allowed and not allowed, what is the right model to avoid problems in the apartment structure or conflicts with the management of the condominium and much more.

First, the most important

  • Before installing a barbecue in your apartment, talk to the building manager and read the condominium’s internal regulations to know all the rules related to the subject. This way you avoid problems with the administration of the condominium and with your neighbors.
  • The apartment barbecue can be powered by coal, gas or electricity. The equipment can be built-in or portable. Prices vary according to model and brand.
  • We recommend that you install the apartment barbecue in an open and airy space as a gourmet space, balcony or balcony of the property. If your space is limited, choose a barbecue that does not produce smoke and install it in the kitchen.

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The best barbecues for apartments: Our buying suggestions

Check out a list of the best barbecue grills for apartments according to expert recommendations. We have selected models with different operating styles to suit all tastes.

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Buying Guide

Preparing a barbecue at home is perfect for gathering family and friends to enjoy a good cut of meat – or vegetables, if you are vegetarian or vegan. However, those who live in a building find it difficult to choose an apartment barbecue.

With that in mind, we have prepared a Buying Guide with all the information you need to know to choose the best barbecue for your apartment. Continue reading and learn more.

Is barbecue allowed in the apartment?

Yes. Those who live in an apartment can buy a barbecue, however, it is very important to consult the internal regulations of the condominium to know all the rules related to the subject.

You can also talk to the building manager or mention the matter at the condo meeting. This way, you avoid conflicts with your neighbors and with the condominium management.

Many new developments, in fact, already offer this attraction on the units’ balconies. But if that is not the case of the property where you live, there is no problem, just buy a barbecue for the apartment.

Where can I install the apartment barbecue?

You can install the apartment barbecue in your kitchen, balcony / balcony or gourmet area. Our suggestion is to look for the best solution so as not to disturb the other tenants.

In both environments, consider installing a cooker hood to avoid smoke problems (if the grill is installed in the kitchen, use one cooker hood and one cooker hood).

And we suggest that you hire a company that specializes in installing an apartment barbecue to minimize risks that could compromise the property’s structure.

What are the best apartment barbecue models?

There is a wide variety of models of barbecue for apartment. To make the best choice, you need to know a little more about each model.

The gas grill is ideal for apartments without a smoke outlet pipe. The equipment prepares the meat quickly and uniformly, as the temperature is constant.

Another advantage is that you can prepare the meat in automatic mode. But remember to keep the pressure valve well regulated and make sure there is adequate ventilation.

It is the ideal model for apartments, however, some condominiums do not allow the installation of gas barbecue on the balcony, so it is essential to consult the internal regulations of the condominium before investing in the product.

Did you know that it is not allowed to use gas cylinders inside the apartment? Therefore, if you choose a gas grill, you need to know the gas extension used, since natural gas has its extension dimensioned for a stove, not for a barbecue.


The electric barbecue is ideal for apartments with reduced size. It can be installed in the gourmet space or on a bench inside the apartment. The equipment produces very little smoke.

In addition, it has a tray for collecting grease that facilitates cleaning and maintenance. It is recommended to use the electric barbecue to prepare special meals for a small group of people.

The traditional charcoal barbecue has masonry structure. Generally, it is built in assembled blocks made of thermal material and has a hood built into its structure.

If the property does not offer the structure ready, you should gather other tenants to discuss the installation of this item, as it may involve investment in a structure for the exit of smoke.

The ecological barbecue works as follows: The charcoal is placed in a specific space on the sides of the barbecue, involving the grill and skewers, conserving the heat, consuming less coal and directing the smoke towards the food, not towards the environment.

As the fat from the meat does not drip on the hot charcoal, this grill does not produce smoke. Below the grill and aspects, there is a collecting tray that receives the fat from the barbecue and simplifies the cleaning of the equipment.

The barbecue grill can be moved on gas or coal. It has a lid that concentrates the smoke in the meat and produces the breath that is responsible for cooking the food and making it juicy. It has intermediate size.

If you are still in doubt about which is the best model of barbecue for apartment, review the table below:

Should I buy a traditional apartment or built-in barbecue?

Did you choose the gas grill? So know that you can choose between a bench or built-in model.

Among the differentials of the built-in barbecue, we must emphasize the space organization and usability – just turn on the barbecue, adjust the power, set the timer and wait for the meal to be ready.

The gas grill only needs one point of electricity and natural gas (the use of gas cylinders is prohibited in an apartment) to function. The equipment has robust dimensions, upper and lower burners, rotating skewers, thermal and flameproof insulation and brushed stainless steel finish.

The efficiency and durability of the built-in gas barbecue for the apartment depend on proper installation, use and maintenance. Seek guidance from the instruction manual or directly from the manufacturer.

How much does it cost and where to buy an apartment barbecue?

The electric barbecue is well accepted for the lower cost when compared to the other models, with about R $ 150 you can buy a portable model. The charcoal barbecue is also reasonably priced, around R $ 400. Both models have no installation cost.

The gas grill is a little more expensive, you can find options from R $ 500, depends on the model and size. If there is an electric and gas point, installation is simple and cheap (about R $ 100).


Buying criteria: Find the best apartment barbecue

Some characteristics must be evaluated when you are going to buy a barbecue for an apartment, either to avoid problems in the structure of the property, conflict with the neighbors and management of the condominium or to make a little advantageous investment.

If you are in doubt about choosing the best barbecue for your apartment, follow the tips below:

  • Dimensions
  • Traditional or portable barbecue
  • With or without smoke
  • Included accessories

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The first factor to be analyzed when buying an apartment barbecue concerns the dimensions of the equipment. You should look for a model that makes the most of the available space but does not hinder people’s movement.

Also, analyze your need for use (do you prefer to bake skewers, pieces of meat or whole pieces?) And the number of people who will eat – consider the family members and guests you usually receive at your home.

Traditional or portable barbecue

Unlike a traditional barbecue that must be installed in a specific location in the apartment, the portable barbecue is smaller, lighter and more practical. You can mount it wherever you want and disassemble it easily. Another advantage is the possibility of taking the equipment on tours and trips.

The portable barbecue is not insufficient in any way when compared to the traditional barbecue, but keep in mind that the equipment roasts a few pieces of meat or skewers at a time. Another disadvantage is the high price.

With or without smoke

As mentioned earlier, some barbecue models produce smoke and others do not. The models that do not produce smoke (electric and gas barbecue) are ideal for small and / or closed spaces – the absence of smoke facilitates cleaning and prevents the absorption of the smell.

Those who have a large and airy space can choose a barbecue that produces smoke (charcoal or breath barbecue) – especially if you appreciate the smoky flavor that the charcoal leaves in the meat.

Included accessories

If you are in doubt between two or more models of barbecue grills, consider the accessories that each equipment offers. Items such as removable shelves, rotating skewers and a fat collecting tray must be offered.

Other models also come with accessories used by the grill, such as cutting boards, meat tongs, aprons and other accessories.


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