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Top & Best All Star Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

All-Star: What are the best 2022 models?

All Star has been part of the lives of teenagers and adults all over the world for over 100 years. These shoes full of history and style, are a registered trademark of the United States and this is what we will talk about today. Be very welcome.

Manufactured by the Converse brand, the All Star sneaker has been an icon of basketball players and rockers for many decades. Today they are already used by the most varied types of people and are versatile and ideal for everyday life, existing in versions for adults and children.

And if you are thinking of purchasing one of these, but do not know which model to choose, know that you have arrived at the right place. In this text we will show you all about the All Star and show you exactly which model is right for you. So continue with us and come on!

First, the most important

  • The traditional All Star model is produced to this day and is called Chuck Taylor, with a canvas upper and a rubber toe and sole.
  • Over the years new versions of the All Star have emerged and it is now possible to find more sporty models, of the slip on type, colored and printed.
  • There are options for women, men and children and you can purchase one of these for an average starting price of R $ 80.

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The best All Star models: Our recommendations

Having a history full of success, the All Star has evolved a lot over the years and there are currently numerous models of this shoe. Among so many options there are those that are most successful among consumers. And to show you what they are, we created this ranking with the best options. Check out:

  • The most classic model
  • Great high top option
  • The best option with a distinctive touch
  • Great option for those who like details

Buying Guide

Considered much more than a shoe, the All Star is a lifestyle for many people. This is because it is not a simple shoe, but a shoe full of stories and that represents a way of thinking and acting.

Gaining the feet of people all over the world for over 100 years, this shoe is or has been present in the lives of many teenagers and even today it is very successful. And if you want to know more about it, just read this purchase guide until the end, because we have gathered in it all the most important about All Star.

What is an All Star?

Very stylish, the All Star is a type of sneaker manufactured by the Converse brand that has become an American icon and has been used by several celebrities around the world.

Traditionally, these sneakers are made of canvas type fabric, have a rubberized round toe and a white rubber sole with a black stripe. From that, several different versions of the All Star emerged and they all make the heads of children, teenagers and adults.

How old is All Star?

All Star tennis is over 100 years old and its history began with Marquis Mills Converse, which in 1908 decided to start a rubber shoe company.

At that time the founder ignored an agreement that prevented companies from doing business directly with their retailers. And it was because of their boldness that trucks started to leave the factory directly to deliver shoes to various stores across the United States.

In 1918 a milestone took place at the Converse Rubber Company. That year Chuck Taylor, a basketball fan, decided to join her to spread the sport everywhere and sell the sneakers needed to practice it.

It was then that the All Star conquered the American market and already at that time it had as its main characteristic its rubber sole shaped like diamonds. However, it was only in 1958 that he gained colors, being influenced by the growth of Rock & Roll and basketball.

Did you know that the traditional symbol of the brand only arrived in 1974, when tennis went through a more remarkable modification. This new model was made in colored suede and had a large and imposing star on its side.


In 1980 the All Star began to be produced  and over the years new options for this footwear were introduced to the market. Thanks to this, its use has increased every day, whether by strangers, athletes or celebrities.

Currently, there are dozens of All Star models and each year the brand launches new options, whether in color, pattern, fabric or format.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an All Star?

Because it has a relatively simple design, many people think that All Star has no technology involved in its creation, but this is not true. Since the launch of its first model over 100 years ago, it has evolved considerably.

In all this time Converse has invested not only in new versions, but also in ways to make these shoes more comfortable and suitable for the feet. Thanks to this, soft and flexible materials are used in its production.

In addition, its durability is another high point. The canvas-type fabric that makes up their leather is very resistant, as well as the rubber and the finish of its sole. This keeps the All Star intact for many years. Another great advantage of this shoe is that it gives a lot of firmness to the feet and does not slip.

It is also worth mentioning that it exists in several versions and is a timeless piece, ideal for those who want to create a stylish look and full of attitude.

The disadvantage is that in the All Star there is no damping system, as in some other models of sneakers. This makes it 100% casual and so it is not suitable for sports.

Another negative point is that over time the dark colored models end up fading and the rubber on their sole may turn yellow. They are also not impermeable and in any contact with water they get wet.

On what occasions can All Star be used?

Precisely because it represents a style, the All Star is a very democratic shoe that is found on the feet of people on the most varied occasions. It has a more casual feel and thanks to that for everyday life it is perfect. However, even in more formal situations it is often used.

One example is weddings. There are several couples who put aside their sandals and dress shoes to say the long-awaited yes with their All Star accompanying them. There are still people who go to work with him and feel very good.

The only restriction is due to the practice of physical activities. As much as it was initially developed for basketball players, today it is no longer suitable for sports.

This is because it does not have the format, the components and is not made with specific materials for this form of use.

How to clean the All Star?

Many people who wear this type of sneakers claim that All Star is good, dirty and old All Star. However, if you are not part of this group, know that cleaning these shoes is a simple task.

As much as many are in doubt about what to do precisely because it has fabric and rubber parts this process is easy and there are several techniques for that.

We have separated two of them below so that you do not have problems when it comes to leaving your All Star clean as new.

Hand washing

  1. Remove the laces.
  2. Fill a bucket with mild soap and water.
  3. Soak the sneakers in the bucket until it is completely covered with water.
  4. After a few minutes, remove it from the bucket and rub the rubber parts if they are still dirty.
  5. Rinse all the sneakers and remove excess water.
  6. If the model is dark in color, let it dry in the shade , if it is light you can place it in the sun.

Machine washing

  1. Remove excess dirt from the All Star using the tap.
  2. Fill the machine with clothes or cloths in colors similar to your sneakers. This is important so that it does not hit the drum while it is being washed.
  3. Place the sneakers in the middle of everything using a bag for washing sneakers.
  4. Insert the soap of your choice.
  5. Turn on the machine and let it do the work.
  6. Put it to dry.

How much does an All Star cost?

The All Star is a type of sneaker that has a little variable value and has a similar price in most stores. Thus, it is unlikely to be found at values ​​much below or above normal, with children being cheaper than adult models.

With that, it is possible to find options that cost from R $ 80, up to about R $ 250.

Where to buy an All Star?

All Star tennis is very successful and worldwide. Thanks to this it is very easy to find it in practically all stores that sell shoes. So, if you want to buy one of these in physical stores you can pick. For those who are a fan of shopping without leaving home, online stores are another excellent option to purchase the All Star. And there are several sites for that, such as Amazon are the best option.



Purchase Criteria: Factors for comparing All Star tennis models

If you are willing to adhere to the All Star style the time has come to show you how to choose the ideal model. For this you must take into account the following factors:

  • Model
  • Barrel height
  • Material
  • Color
  • Sole
  • Size

Below we explain in detail each of them.


As much as the All Star has become known for its traditional model, know that there are other options of this footwear that may please you too. If you want a classic, the Chuck Taylor line is the best choice.

However, there are some different and more modern models. One is the Thunderbolt, which resembles sports shoes and does not have a rubber toe. Other options are the Marquise and Skipgrid, which also do not have the traditional nozzle and have a shorter shoelace area.

For those who want an All Star with less tennis aspect, there is the Core Slip. This is basically a slip on model, a type of shoe that resembles espadrilles .

Barrel height

In terms of pipe, the All Star is found in two options, those with low pipes and those with high pipes. Both are very similar in design, but the choice between them depends on some issues.

The tall ones have more presence and stand out more.

The first one is the look you want to create. The low-top models are more basic and simple, drawing less attention. The tall ones have more presence and stand out more.

The climate in which they will be used must also be taken into account. That’s because the tall ones resemble booties and thus end up warming their feet more. This is a positive point on cold days, but on days when the temperature goes over 30ºC not so much. So think about it before you decide.


The traditional All Star is made of canvas fabric and these sneakers became known in this way. However, over the years it has gained new versions and it is now possible to find options made also in leather, jeans and suede.

In terms of durability and resistance, leather is excellent.

The canvas ones are fresh, resistant and very soft, being a great option. Leather ones, on the other hand, are a little thicker, but guarantee good perspiration to the feet. In addition, in terms of durability and resistance, leather is excellent, being a shoe that will last for many years.

Jeans also have very positive characteristics and their highlight is the fact that they match very well with all colors of clothing. These are basic and ideal for all hours.

Suede, on the other hand, has a distinctive and slightly more rustic appearance. It is derived from leather and thanks to that it also has excellent resistance.


Another factor that must be taken into account when choosing an All Star is the type of sole it has. In this regard, there are traditional and platform models.

The common ones have a sole of about three centimeters and are found in the most varied versions. The platforms, on the other hand, have a sole that is about a centimeter larger and this makes them higher shoes.

These have the positive point of leaving the person using them a few inches more, which can be good if that is the desire. In addition, they are more modern.


Speaking of colors, it is worth knowing that Converse does not play in service and there are many options ranging from basic to colorful and full of prints. In this sense, you must analyze whether what you want is a more basic and versatile footwear or a striking piece.

But aside from personal taste, it is good to take into account that light tones like white get very easily dirty. So if you care about having clean shoes, they can be a bad choice.

On the other hand, the darker ones like black have the negative point of fading as time goes by. As a result, they lose their traditional appearance and become more gray.


All Star is manufactured in female, male and children’s versions. However, one must pay attention when choosing one of them, as the shape of this shoe is usually slightly larger than the conventional one.

There are not a few cases where a person wearing size 36, acquired an All Star 35, for example. Therefore, in order not to make a mistake you should either try it before buying or check how many centimeters the chosen model has and check with its measurements.


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