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Top & Best Women’s boot Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Women’s boot: How to choose the best one in 2022?

If you like fashion and beauty tips in general, you will like to know that today’s topic is the beloved women’s boot.

Although we live in a tropical country, this shoe is increasingly present in our day to day, even on sunny days.

The boot has the advantage of being both practical and beautiful, in addition to having numerous versions for the most different situations.

If you are thinking of buying one of these, but still have some doubts on the subject, follow our Guide that we will let you inside the best women’s boots on the market.

First, the most important

  • The female boot is a closed shoe that may or may not have heels. It is versatile, elegant and never goes out of style!
  • Despite being known as a winter shoe, it has become increasingly common to wear boots during the other seasons.
  • There are many different models of women’s boots. Among them stand out: ankle boot, chelsea, over knee, riding and boots.

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Best women’s boots

Before we present you all the tips on the possible use of the boot, we are going to show you some models that will stand out in 2022. We have selected beautiful, versatile and comfortable options, that will certainly not disappoint you, and you can see them below :

  • Luiza Barcelos short boots
  • Women’s boots Jorge Bischoff Socks
  • Forthem tractor varnish boots
  • Women’s boots Moonlight mount

Buying Guide

The female boot is already an old acquaintance of ours. It keeps your feet protected and warm while exuding beauty and comfort. Although it looks like a super winter item, the boot has been gaining more space in our shoe racks and has proved useful during the four seasons.

In this Guide, we will introduce you to all the advantages of this piece and give tips on its use. Look that!

What are the advantages of wearing a female boot?

The boot is a classic shoe known for keeping your feet warm, covered and protected. In the case of the female boot, there are numerous variations of styles, colors and designs.

Nowadays it is possible to find options that please the most different tastes, and yet still fulfill their original function. With or without heels, it can be used on different occasions.

As it is a heavy and closed shoe, its price tends to be a little more expensive, but it is worth every penny, not least because they are usually made of resistant materials and are great choices for walking in places with unstable terrain, such as mud or stone.

Although there are more delicate models with thin heels, women’s boots tend to take a long time to show some kind of wear.

How to wear the female boot?

Gone is the time when the boot was used only in winter. Nowadays there is no problem in wearing boots on the hottest days, as long as they are low-top, and that you are in a suitable situation, such as at a party, or some other closed environment.

If you choose to use it in the high summer, use it only at night, during the day it may not make much sense and even overheat.

In winter, it has the advantage of being super versatile and there are very few situations in which it is not welcome. We highlight, especially, the gala parties, which do not require a sandal. Outside of that, abuse your boot, whether it is on heels or not.

What are the different types of women’s boots?

As we said, the fashion world has ensured that the women’s boot has numerous versions. Nowadays, it is easy to find a huge variety of styles in stores, and the main ones are:


The chelsea boot is a wild card in women’s clothing, but not everyone knows it by that name. Most women refer to her only by “low boots”, after all, she is exactly that.

It is a boot with a barrel at the height of the shin and a very low heel. Ideal for everyday life, especially if you spend many hours standing. It bears this name because it became popular among English women in the 1980s. Cool, right?

Over knee

This is a boot that exudes sensuality and is super hot. The over knee boot is exactly what its name proposes: a boot with a barrel above the knee.

You can find it in leather, suede or stretch, and the size of the heel can also vary.

Thin and very high heel over knees are recommended for the night, while non-heel options can be worn during the day. What matters is feeling good about the look!

Ankle boot

The ankle boot is super elegant and perfect for an evening event. Its upper is even shorter than the chelsea, more or less at the ankle, and it usually accompanies a beautiful high heel!


The riding boot was initially designed for equestrian practitioners, however, fashion ended up catching up and reaching urban looks.

They are characterized by a firm upper and below the knee, usually in leather, very low heel and buckle.


If you love a cool look, you have surely fallen in love with a boots. It is inspired by the shoes used by the military, and has slightly more coarse features, such as the laces and the tracted sole.

Nowadays, it is easy to find options for boots with very high and thick heels, giving a more feminine touch to the piece, which is super stylish.

How much?

Shoes are not cheap items, especially closed ones. Despite this, the female boot has some variables, such as the make and size of the upper.

On average, a good boot with low boots costs between R $ 160 and R $ 400. However, if you choose the model with high boots, the value can reach up to R $ 800, depending on the brand.

Where to buy?

There are many options for places to buy your dream boot. And the most obvious of them is the shoe store! Brands specializing in women’s shoes.

Department stores also sell boots, and in this segment we can refer you to Zara.

Finally, there is always a way to buy here over the internet, through the e-commerce of your favorite brands or through sales sites in general such as Amazon.

Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing women’s boot models

Boots were designed to withstand many days of use, so it is important that you pay attention to the quality of the chosen product. To help you choose, we highlight some points that should be noted when purchasing:

  • Material
  • Sole
  • Jump
  • Beak

Now, let’s explain it one by one so that you have no doubt.


It is important that the material of your boot is resistant and of good quality. The most common are leather and suede, although stretch boots are starting to earn their place in the market.

The leather boot has the longest durability. It is firm, resistant and very beautiful, however, it is not ecological. Thinking about it, the brands started to develop eco leather shoes, which have practically the same quality, are sustainable and cheaper.

Regarding suede options, they are also good choices, but they are more annoying when cleaning. The stretch ones are much more sensitive and can tear, because it is a fabric, right?

It is important that you idealize in which environments you should use your boot before buying it. This makes it much easier to choose the material.


There are different types of soles, from the straight ones, to the tractors or with half legs. The last two are the most comfortable, and will certainly allow you to spend more hours standing free of pain, especially in cases of high heels.

Make sure that the sole is very resistant and looks well fixed on the shoes. That way you won’t have any unpleasant surprises with the sole taking off after a short time of use.


Heel is the big question of the boot right? There is always that doubt about high heels or low. Both are beautiful and it is a matter of taste.

However, there are some tips that can help: short women tend to have longer legs in high heels, which can end up valuing.

Daytime and casual events do not have the need for high heels, while nighttime events can count on the elegance of the saloon!

It is important to remember that thin heels can cause a lot more discomfort, so if you are a team that loves comfort, opt for square and thick heels.


Those who see it think that the toe of the female boot is harmless, right? It may be, but it is not in any case.

The thinner the nipple is, the more uncomfortable it is, because it tends to crush your fingers, which can cause pain over the hours. Rounded toes give more space to your foot and are much more comfortable.

This criterion is also a matter of preference, however, we recommend that you try and feel your boot before buying it, see?


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