Top & Best Slipper Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Slipper: How to buy the best in 2022?

Hello, welcome, today we are bringing you the best and most interesting slipper models available in the market. The summer darling that combines make up any look, from casual and stripped to the most sophisticated.

Footwear that was once synonymous with moments of leisure and rest at home or on the beach, has now also gained status for those who want to create modern and comfortable looks.

But it is not as simple as it seems to choose the best for all occasions, for this reason, will present some criteria that can help you when choosing your slipper.

First, the most important

  • The slipper needs to be comfortable in addition to offering safety and stability when walking. Durability is directly related to the quality of the material.
  • At home, on the beach or at the club, the important thing is that you feel good about the chosen model and style.
  • The price can vary from R $ 10 to R $ 400, depending on brand, model and product quality. So, there are products for all types of tastes and pockets.

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The best slippers on the market: Our favorites

We know the importance of choosing the ideal slipper and this depends a lot on each style or desire, as the options are quite varied. To help you, we have listed the best slipper models so you can choose yours and give your feet a vacation.

  • A darling slipper model for users
  • A very comfortable slipper
  • The classic slipper
  • A slipper for stylish women


Buying Guide

With the immense variety of styles and models offered, choosing your slipper can be a very complicated task. Often you don’t even know where to start.

Here in our Buying Guide, you will have valuable information to know exactly which model of slipper you are looking for.

What are slippers for and what to choose?

Whether to match your special summer look, or to wear at home, after a tiring day at work, the ideal slipper needs to be, above all, comfortable for you.

The design tends to vary a lot, from the simplest models, called ‘stick-in’ slippers, to toe slippers, to the more elaborate ones, with buckles and ties.

They are also made of a wide variety of materials, such as rubber, foam, plastic, leather, suede and even fabric.

What types of slippers?

Considered a basic item by many, the slipper has so many variables that it is hard to believe. The main variation is in the type of slipper, and after identifying the type that suits you the most, there are still the variables of each type.

We will help you to know each slipper, its features and specialties. Some more focused on comfort, others on the visual side, the goal is to try to combine these two factors to the maximum.

    • Flip-flop : Usually made of rubber, it consists of a sole with Y-shaped straps running between the big toe and the second toe.
    • Sandal : Usually made of leather, but can be found in other materials, it can have a strap on the heel that keeps the foot attached.
    • Toe sandal : Slipper shape, but usually made of leather.
    • Slipon Slipper : Traditional model with a horizontal strap was already preferred, especially in the 90s. Generally anatomical rubber sole and wide strap, known by the ancients as ‘slipper to stick your foot in’.
    • Fabric slipper (Alpargata) : Closer model, made of canvas, with rope soles and rubber protection. If you want to know the best models of espadrilles, click here to check.
    • Papete : made of rubber, usually has several straps, buckles and straps with velcro.

Indoors: wear slippers or socks?

When you get home after a tiring day of work or after physical activities, all you are looking for is rest. And that rest extends to your feet, which kept you upright and active all day.

Many people like to wear socks at home, but in addition to resting, what you wear on your feet can have such an impact on safety as well. Socks can be more slippery.

Accidental falls are a major cause of broken bones, that is, extra care. Check out the main characteristics between wearing flip-flops and medium indoors:

How much?

The price varies as much as the number of types, models and options that you will find in the market. Two things are very influential in this regard: brand and quality, not necessarily together.

Traditional and consolidated brands usually cost a little more, even if it is not a rule to offer the best quality. You will find simpler models starting at R $ 10.

Gradually rising, there are models of slippers, mainly women, that can cost R $ 400.

Did you know that although the date of the invention of the slippers is not certain, the first appearances appeared on ancient Egyptian murals from 4,000 BC?

In Europe, a pair made of papyrus with approximately 1,500 years of manufacture was found. Among the materials, the Egyptians used papyrus and palm leaves; in Africa, the first slippers were made of rawhide; in India, they used wood, while in China and Japan rice straw was used.

In South America, they used sisal leaves, while natives in Mexico used cassava.

Where to buy a slipper?

Sporting goods stores, department stores, supermarkets, shoe stores. Options abound if you want to find your ideal slipper model.

The official websites of some brands offer many varieties as well, some with the option to customize and create your own model, always with some additional cost.

If you are a fan of online shopping and already know the model you want, some stores manage to gather all these options and even give you the chance to know what the customers who already bought think about the product.

In this case our tip is Amazon, which offers some of the main brands and models, as well as Netshoes.

Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare the different models of slippers

After choosing the type of slipper you are looking for, it is very important to analyze some factors that differentiate the models and influence aspects such as comfort and quality.

Whether it is to go in fashion, walk on the beach or rest your feet, you will need a slipper that perfectly meets your needs. So we will help you to define the main criteria to choose your ideal pair of slippers:

  • Manufacturing material
  • Size
  • Sole
  • Design
  • Cleaning

These factors will be extremely important for the purchase of your slipper. We will detail each one to help you find the best option and escape stress, literally.

Manufacturing material

The list of materials used to make slippers is not short. They can be rubber, foam, plastic, leather, suede and even fabric. It is important that you identify your usage profile, as this influences the material.

Fabric slippers may not be the best to wear on the beach or pool, as well as suede or even leather, which spoil more easily when in contact with salt water or chlorine. On these occasions, rubber is the ideal material.

Some slippers used strips made of polyurethane, but this ended up causing some environmental concern due to the resin. The material is not easily disposed of and remains in landfills for years and years.

Following this environmental wave, some brands are producing slippers made with recycled rubber, such as used bicycle tires, or even hemp (derived from Cannabis). Brands are also offering recycling programs for used slippers.

The material is directly linked to the durability of your slipper. Try to reflect how the day-to-day use will be and choose the best model for the specific situation. You can have different slippers for a walk on the beach, shopping or indoors.


Many people think that just knowing the number they wear and everything is resolved. Find out if the brand does not recommend a larger number, for reasons of comfort and safety.

Your heels and toes should not be tight, leaving the edge of the slipper. This is an invitation to stones and small pieces that can cause minor accidents and cuts.

Likewise, don’t just put on a pair of giant slippers with edges that can bump and stick to surfaces. These small details prevent falls, bumps and accidents.

Try to try on the slipper to make sure it fits exactly. If you usually buy from the same brand, you certainly already know the ideal size for your feet.


The material and thickness of the sole are very important factors for both comfort and safety. The sole needs to be firm, to absorb the impact of the feet with the ground, but combined with softness. And these factors need to be balanced.

Your slipper cannot be too soft, soft, so as not to run the risk of your feet sinking completely, causing instability. It should also not be too hard, as it can cause foot pain if used for a long time.

Adherence also implies security. Houses with too smooth floors, or outside areas such as laundry, balcony or pool, need a non-slip sole.

Make sure of these details so that your choice is the best possible. Comfort and safety are the most important points when choosing your pair of shoes.


We know that there are different types of slippers. From the format to the type of material, they vary in so many aspects that each model matches a specific situation.

There are also slippers that are more versatile and can compose both your beach look, as well as going out to a bar with friends. Design is a personal choice. You can choose a more sporty slipper model, perhaps a more refined one or even a very neutral and classic one.

Who knows, you might not need more than one pair? Slippers are wild pieces that accompany us in the most diverse places in the summer, and are also great for the comforts of the feet indoors.


For the durability of your slipper, it is always necessary to clean the shoes. Because slippers are open and close to the floor, they get dirty easily. So, it is always important to clean after use before storing.

The material of your slipper that will define how this cleaning should be done. Some materials require only a damp cloth, others you will need to do a more delicate cleaning.

Rubber slippers are easier and less delicate to clean. Unlike leather and suede, they require special care. Pay attention to these factors before your choice.


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