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Top & Best Melissa sneakers Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Melissa sneakers: Know the best of 2022

Today we are going to talk about a specific product of a brand that has been making girls’ heads for many years: Melissa sneakers.

For those who don’t know, Melissa is a brand of women’s shoes, focused on children, teenagers and young people. Among the shoes she produces is tennis, characterized by being informal and fun, regardless of the model.

In today’s guide we will introduce you to some models of this product, in addition to telling you why it should be part of your choices.

First, the most important

  • Melissa sneakers are those manufactured by the women’s shoe brand Melissa, known for producing only PVC plastic shoes.
  • These are not sports sneakers, but casual ones, to be used in different day to day situations.
  • The big difference of Melissa shoes is its design, unlike any other on the market, for its authentic, modern and cool features.

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Best Melissa sneakers: Our favorites

Below, we have selected some of the most requested models from Melissa, so you can decide which shoe fits your needs and tastes best.

Shopping Guide

Melissa is not specialized in the manufacture of sneakers, but that does not mean that she does not do it well. The brand produces modern and practical models that are worth your attention.

In the guide below we will tell you a little more about these products, in addition to talking about the brand and other factors that you should take into account when buying.

What is Melissa sneakers?

Melissa sneakers, as the name suggests, are nothing more than sneakers manufactured by the brand Melissa, by Grendene.

Although the brand focuses its production on sandals, its sneakers are also well known among the female audience. Always in PVC and following the same style, they offer comfort and practicality.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Melissa sneakers?

Melissa does not lack creativity, good humor and style, and with tennis it would be no different. The brand is known for always making PVC shoes and bright colors, endowed with personality.

In the case of sneakers, they are always casual and young, making good choices both for everyday life and for use at parties and informal events, such as a meeting between friends.

The brand sneakers are designed to promote comfort and practicality for women, without having to give up style and good looks for that.

Furthermore, it is possible to buy them not only in traditional colors, such as black and white, but also in colored versions, from the brightest red to the lightest pink.

Like other Melissa products, sneakers are sustainable, as they are vegan and recyclable, since they are made of PVC.

In fact, the fact that they are made of PVC makes cleaning a lot easier, as a damp cloth is enough to clean them externally.

On the other hand, some people complain about the bad smell that the shoe material can cause if they stay on the foot for many hours.

It is important that you also understand that Melissa sneakers are not sports shoes, and should not be used for physical exercise. Your style is casual and urban, very streetwear, okay?

Finally, it is interesting to mention that, in general, it is an inexpensive product and that it collaborates with the environment. Although some people find them very out of the curve and differentiated, they are excellent choices for those who like modern and striking shoes.

To summarize everything we talked about, here is a comparative table of the advantages and disadvantages of Melissa shoes

What are the main models of Melissa sneakers?

Melissa sneakers follow a very well-established identity and have very similar styles. However, this does not mean that they are the same.

Like any brand, each of them has its own design and its own characteristics, which is what we are going to point you out now.


Classics are the brand’s best-selling sneakers. They usually have no texture but have laces, following the basic structure of a standard sneaker, but with the final touch of Melissa, as is the case with the Be and Mel Be models.

These are the most suitable for slightly more serious occasions, especially in sober colors.


If you enjoy everything that is different and creative, you will love the cool models of the brand.

They are full of energy and have characteristics that you will hardly find out there, like the Polibolha Sneaker, with bubble texture, or the Ulitsa Sneaker Platform, which has a large platform and shoelace that does not tie.

Sports inspiration

As we said, Melissa does not produce shoes suitable for sports, however, some of its models are inspired by the sporty style and gain all the charm of streetwear.

If you like sneakers with these characteristics, it is worth taking a look at all the models in the line that the brand created together with Fila.

Did you know that the first Melissa was created in 1979? This year, she was just a model, Melissa Aranha, created by the  brand Grandene.

Inspired by fishermen from the French Riviera, Melissa Aranha fell in love with women for its different design and for being made of plastic.

From then on, the model became known worldwide, and Grandene developed more and more products for the Melissa line, until it became the great brand it is today, with stores spread.

How much does it cost and where to buy Melissa shoes?

One of the advantages of Melissa sneakers is that they offer excellent cost-benefit. In general, a branded sneaker costs between R $ 70 and R $ 200. Good news for our pocket, right?

Buying the Melissa shoes of your dreams is nothing complicated. You can go, initially, to some store of your own brand, present in many cities. Various shoe stores, these so-called multi-brand stores, also usually sell Melissa sneakers. And, of course, you also have the option to buy online at sites like Amazon.

Purchasing criteria: how to compare Melissa sneaker options

There is more than one model of Melissa sneakers, and before you buy yours, it may be interesting to analyze some points, such as:

  • Comfort
  • Material
  • Size
  • Design

Next, we will explain in detail each of these criteria.


It is essential that the chosen sneaker is very comfortable on your foot, after all, it will support your whole body for many hours of the day.

In general, Melissa sneakers always win in this regard, however, it is important to realize if he is not squeezing your finger or if he is not picking on the sides, ok?

Comfort varies a lot from foot to foot, and it ends up being a little personal.


All Melissa sneakers are made of PVC, a type of malleable plastic and quite versatile. Although not very common, sneakers of this material are much less dirty and are much more comfortable than you think.

Not to mention that the material adds a lot of style to the look and stands out in any production.


Melissa works with sizes for babies, children and adults, in order to reach women and girls who are interested in their products.

In the case of the baby line, it is called Mini, being that it goes from number 17 to 28, that is, small girls with more or less six months are already able to take their first steps wearing Melissa shoes.

The Mel line is the children’s line, with numbers from 26 to 33, for girls between three and 10 years old.

Above 10 years old, it is possible that the adult line will already serve, as it covers numbers 34 through 46, without leaving anyone out.


Design is the item that draws the most attention in Melissa’s sneakers. They are modern, cool, cheerful and always very young.

There is no shortage of models and colors for you to play with and be inspired when putting together a look.



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