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Top & Best Men’s boot Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Men’s boot: How to choose the best model in 2022

Today we are going to talk about the male boot, a shoe that exudes masculinity and grandeur, is resistant, versatile and has excellent durability.

In addition to being useful on a daily basis, especially in the coldest seasons of the year, the right boot for every situation (there are several styles) will elevate your look and keep you comfortable.

In this article, you can check the characteristics of the different styles of boots, some suggestions for use, tips on what to consider when buying and recommendations for models and brands.

First, the most important

  • The boots can be made in different styles, shapes, textures and colors. You will find sophisticated models, which replace the social shoe, and casual versions.
  • The main models of dress boots are: Oxford, Derby, Monk and Chelsea. In casual style, the favorites are: Coturnos, Desert Boots, Chukka, Derby, Chelsea and Work.
  • The male boot is usually made of animal leather, a resistant, durable material with different finishing styles. You can also find models made of materials derived from leather such as suede and nubuck.

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The best men’s boot models: Our options

There is a wide variety of men’s boots available on the market, but most men don’t have time to spend hours in shopping stores trying on these shoes, so we selected the best ones for this ranking.

  • A model that matches various styles
  • A more social boot
  • For those who like to play sports in nature
  • An option for formal and casual situations
  • A water resistant option

Buying Guide

Purchasing a quality boot that conveys your style and personality is an investment. As fashion is in a process of constant change, it can be a difficult task to choose the ideal model, but we propose to help you with that.

In this Buying Guide we will talk about the advantages of having a good pair of boots, what are the different styles, give some tips on how to use them with the pieces you have in the wardrobe and much more.

What are the differentials of a male boot?

The male boot can be formal or casual, it is usually made of leather or derivatives (suede and nubuck) and for this reason it is a relatively expensive shoe, but you will realize that the investment is worth it, as the boot has excellent durability.

You do not need to have many pairs in your closet, if you choose a good quality model and in a style that matches most of your clothes, you will have a very versatile product that you will use for a long time.

The tip for getting a male boot right is to choose shoes in the same style as the clothes you usually wear. A classic boot, for example, fits well with formal clothes, while a stripped-down shoe goes well with casual pieces.

Which style of men’s boot to choose?

There is a wide variety of models of men’s boots. Each style has its essence and unique characteristics. We will talk about the main ones in this section, along with some pictures to help you choose the ideal model.

Lace-up boots

Lace-up boots are a little more formal than non-lacing models. For this reason, they are recommended for equally formal occasions such as events and in the workplace.

The Oxford boot is made of leather, has a long silhouette, a low toe and a thinner sole. In this style of boot, the holes for the shoelace (very thin) are made directly in the upper, which is generally smooth and follows the shape of the feet.

It is identical to a social shoe when it is under the hem of the pants, so it replaces that type of shoe well. Choose this model if your style is classic or, at least, if you need to adopt it to work.

This boot combines with a textured suit and pants with an Italian hem, which in addition to balancing and countering the weight, has a better fit over the top.

In general, the Oxford boot is in a modern or retro style. If you don’t want a very formal shoe, you can choose a model in a lighter color, nubuck, in the rounded shape and even with a double sole.

This boot style, however, does not adapt to all foot shapes and sizes. If your foot is too wide or too high, the Oxford men’s boot will probably not be the ideal option for you.

You won’t find this problem with the Derby boot , as the holes for the laces are on a leather flap sewn over the upper of the boot. You can adjust or loosen the lace.

The Derby men’s boot can have different styles, from rustic and casual models as in the image above, to classic and sophisticated, made in leather with a polished and varnished finish.

The most refined models look great with suits, but be aware that the boot shaft will appear at certain times, when you are climbing the stairs or sitting.

If you want to make a classic casual combination like jeans with a dress shirt, the Derby boot is a good option.

The Brogue boot has a leather upper that is perforated in a decorative way. When combined with formal attire, it takes on a casual style. When you wear it with everyday outfits the effect is reversed and this boot gives a sophisticated look to the look.

Lace-up boots and low ankle

Lace-up boots can also have a low heel. The desert boot is a comfortable model, made of suede, with ankle-length upper, rubber sole and two pairs of holes, where the shoelace passes.

The Chukka boot is visually very similar, as it has the same two pairs of holes to pass the shoelace and upper at the ankle, but the sole is leather, the opening narrower and the finish polished.

This model combines with tailoring pieces in a casual style, but wear it with pants with a slightly shorter hem so that it does not cover the entire barrel of the men’s boot.

It is very rare to find the Lace to Toe boot , so we will be brief. Her differential is the lacing, which goes from the beginning of the fingers to the heel, ensuring firmness to the feet. This model usually has a thick sole, sloping heels and retro details.

Boots with laces and high heel

You can find some models of men’s boots with laces and high heels. The Work Boot is made of thick leather and has reinforced stitching. It is rigid and heavy and can be waterproof.

The Service Boot has a lower barrel and a less rounded spout, ideal for wearing with jeans (pants and jackets), plaid flannel shirt and black or brown leather jacket.

The male boot Moc Toe has this name, because of the stitching on the top of the toe, which is very similar to that of a moccasin, but which was developed in this way to prevent water from entering the sides of the shoe (at the time it was created, there were no waterproofing materials).

Generally, the sole of the Moc Toe boot is white, which makes this shoe a versatile option like a sneaker, but at the same time retro and rustic like a work boot. Moc Toe combines well with outdoor activities.

The boots have a high upper (to protect the legs), a heavier appearance and a thick adherent sole, which allows walking on uneven terrain without slipping. The spout is reinforced to protect the feet. It goes well with jeans and sturdy jackets.

The Hiking boot was created to make a trail, but over time the brands started to adapt the design to the day-to-day of the city, maintaining some features such as adherent soles, comfortable shoes and waterproof material.

The eyelets (parts used to hold the shoelace) are replaced by metal handles and hooks and the laces can be made of nylon to repel water. The Hiking boot is lighter and more flexible.

Boots without laces

One of the most interesting characteristics of boots without laces is the comfort of just putting your feet in the shoes, without having to make any ties. This detail makes these boots more casual models.

Did you know that originally, boots without laces were developed for cavalry. The high upper protected the feet, kept the trousers firm to the legs and avoided the risk of the shoes getting caught in the mount.


The Chelsea model is renowned for the elastic bands on the sides, versatile design and for combining both casual clothes and tailoring pieces. The secret is to choose the right model.

The elongated models, close to the feet, and with leather soles are more elegant. While the models with broader modeling, oiled leather and rubber sole are casual.

The Monk men’s boot usually has a leather upper and a leather sole, the closure consists of a flap that ends in one or two loops that close on the upper. The barrel can be short, medium or long. Because it is a social boot, wear it with clothes in the same style.

The engineer boot got its name because it was created in honor of the engineers who designed / built engines and the men who operated heavy machines.

This model is excellent for motorcyclists, as the lack of laces and props avoids the risk of any of these accessories getting caught in the moving parts of the vehicle. In addition, this boot has a very high upper that protects the legs from heat and in the event of a fall.

The male Jodhpur boot has an opening at the back, which is closed by a strap with a buckle. The boot’s upper is completely smooth. The sidezip model can have a high or low barrel, with a zipper closure on the inside.

The Roper and Western boots models are the famous cowboy boots. The two are very similar, with the exception that the first has a straight heel, is shorter and has a wider barrel, while Western has a “woodsman” heel, high heel and leather decorations. The beak can be rounded or pointed.

The Harness Boot got its name because it has leather handles and a metal ring on the side (it’s an aesthetic detail). The pipe can be medium or very high and this boot is very resistant. It is generally used by rockers and motorcyclists.

Casual or formal: What is the best men’s boot style for me?

As you can see throughout this article, there are boots in both casual and formal styles. Some models adapt to both contexts, and others can be found in both versions (what changes is the finish).

We selected the main models of men’s boots and classified them according to the style, so you don’t make mistakes when choosing yours, check out:

Remembering that you don’t have to choose just a pair of boots. It would be interesting to have different styles to compose your wardrobe. A formal boot and a casual one, but there is also the possibility to choose a Derby or Chukka, which fit very well on both occasions.

How much does a male boot cost?

The prices of men’s boots vary widely. You will find some cheaper and good quality options, starting at R $ 80.

The most sophisticated boots cost between R $ 200 and R $ 530, and you will find a wide variety of models in this price range. There are options for higher prices, which cost between R $ 1,000 and R $ 1,500.

Where to buy a men’s boot?

You can easily find men’s boot models in physical and virtual stores. If you want to go shopping, visit the Democrata, Levis, and Some clothing and footwear stores also sell these boots, like Zara.

If you prefer to buy online, your options increase: there are models on Amazon have many options, of different styles, brands and price ranges.


Purchase Criteria: Factors to compare male boot models

Now that you know the main models of men’s boots, you should know that the correct style, color and materials can make this shoe a wild item in your wardrobe. When buying a men’s boot, consider the following characteristics:

  • Material
  • Nozzle type
  • Texture and finish
  • Boots with mooring
  • Sole
  • Colors
  • Modeling
  • Size

Do not be alarmed by the quantity of items. We will detail each one below.


Suede is a material originated from leather, has a more informal look, ideal for a cool production, with lighter jeans or twill pants. If that is your style you will like the desert boot.

The leather is versatile, comfortable and resistant, it can be used in making boots and the finish carries the style of the shoe. It can be polished (formal models) or textured (funky boots) and is usually dyed with dark colors.

Nozzle type

Men’s boots can have four styles of toes, they are:

  • Plain toe : flat toe , with no detail on the upper (region that precedes the height of the toes). Since there is no clear division between these two areas, the boot with a Plain Toe spout can be considered without a toe.
  • Moc toe : It’s tall, giving the impression that the boot as a whole is taller too. The upper starts as an extension of the sole. The Moc toe spout is also a boot style.
  • Clap toe : This boot has a demarcated division (in a straight line) between the toe and the upper, forming a toe. This nozzle style is one of the most common.
  • Wingtip Toe : This style of boot has a type of wing or “M” in the spout, the stitching is more reinforced and it comes with decorative holes throughout the length of the boot’s upper.

Texture and finish

Texture and finish are important characteristics to define the degree of formality (or casualness) of a boot.

A smooth and shiny leather model is indicated for formal use. If the boot has texture, such as suede or nubuck models, for example, choose to use it in informal contexts. The more textured the shoes, the more casual it will look.

Boots with mooring

As we mentioned earlier, lace-up boots are generally more formal than models with no laces. But there are models with shoelaces that are casual, the difference is in the thickness: the boots of thin shoelaces are formal and the thicker shoelaces are casual.

Among the lace-up models, boots with closed laces are more elegant than models with loose laces. But choose a model suitable for the size and shape of your feet so as not to overload the laces.


Another feature that you should pay attention to when choosing a men’s boot is the thickness of the sole. The thicker, the more stripped the boot will be. The material also counts, usually leather soles are more formal and rubber soles are more casual.

A differential of rubber soled boots is that the grip on the ground is better and you can use it on uneven terrain without worry, as your feet will be very firm.


Analyze the color of the boot when you buy it. The lighter models are generally less formal than the dark models, which are quite elegant. The most common shades are:

  • Black;
  • Whiskey;
  • Brandy;
  • Coffee;
  • Brown.


Characteristics of social style boots are: more elongated shape, close to the feet, smooth and shiny leather uppers, thinner soles, usually leather, thin shoelaces (when you have them) and long, low toe.

Casual boots are more rounded, wider, with thick laces, thick soles made of rubber or with a double layer of leather, a taller toe, with variations in materials and more details.


When buying a boot, pay attention to the size. Generally, in addition to these shoes having a large number, most models are made on top of the shapes used to manufacture the wider work boots.

If possible try before you buy. If you are going to buy over the internet, use the service channels of the stores, read reviews by other consumers or even get information on forums over the internet.


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