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Top & Best Children’s sandal Molekinha Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide


Children’s sandal Molekinha: What are the best models in 2022?

Today’s article is for you who need comfort and beauty for the feet of the doll you have at home. We will help you choose Molekinha children’s sandals. Available in numbers newborn to number 36, the children’s sandal Molekinha has models with or without the zipper, in more sporty designs, party lines and for everyday life.

In different materials, colors, with applications and details, they guarantee comfort, cuteness and a lot of style for the feet of the little ones. Follow us on this reading and check out the best options of the product, in addition to the features you should pay attention to in order to make the best choice of children’s Molekinha sandals for your princess.

First, the most important

  • The brand offers several models of children’s sandals, with variations in material, fastenings and details, and ideal for various activities. Choose based on the age and needs of the child who will use it, as well as the type of occasion for use.
  • Model, material, age indication, details and size are some characteristics to be considered when purchasing.
  • There is price variation for the product, depending on the model, size, material, etc. It is possible to find simple versions for day to day from R $ 30. The party models, more worked and in noble materials can cost more than R $ 120.

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The best Molekinha children’s sandals: One for each style

Molekinha children’s sandals are very versatile. The brand strives for comfort, and uses quality materials in models that tend to please both dads and moms as well as little ones due to the wide range of different color and style options. Check out our selection of the best models for petite feet:

  • A metallic luxury
  • A flatform model to make the girl a little taller
  • The Molekinha sandal that goes with everything

Buying Guide

Whether walking, going to school, playing on the street or in the playground, or even staying at home in comfort and style, the Molekinha line of children’s sandals certainly has the ideal option for your little girl’s feet.

The beauty and quality of the brand’s sandals speak for themselves. Full of style, these sandals will make the girls even more beautiful and comfortable to play with. Continue with us to learn everything about this product that will certainly not leave the kids’ feet.

What are the advantages of Molekinha children’s sandals?

The Molekinha children’s sandal is a type of footwear for girls, which belongs to Calçados Beira Rio SA, a women’s shoe company.

They were developed with children’s needs in mind. Showing style and modernity, they are made of resistant materials, besides being comfortable and safe.

The special soles have non-slip patterns and grooves to prevent falls and slips.

The insoles are equipped with exclusive technologies to provide comfort and accompany the busy routine of games. They are good options for almost all social occasions, as they are delicate, comfortable for and allow the foot to breathe well.

However, if the occasion involves running, jumping, or a lot of movement, prefer models with reinforced cushioning, which will provide more comfort and safety.

Which model of children’s sandals Molekinha is best for each age?

The feet are the basis of growth, and even before the first steps deserve special attention. To offer the right shoes for each stage of the child’s development, the Molekinha brand offers the Molekinha Recém-Nascida, Molekinha Bebê and Molekinha Kids lines.

They all have common features to ensure the comfort and safety of small children, such as a highly flexible, soft constitution and with an antiperspirant insole.


Choose the line that best suits your child’s age.

Other features are added to these according to the phase for which the model is intended. Choose the line that best suits your child’s age. The size must also be adequate, not too big to get out of the foot and cause accidents and sprains, and not too small to cause blisters and calluses.

The closure and fitting of the sandal is also important. It must remain firm, so that it does not accidentally leave the feet. If you notice that the child’s feet are red or marked after use, retire the shoes.

The choice of model also deserves attention. It is not uncommon for girls to find themselves enchanted by the adult world, and they want very new shoes with heels. Use, however, can be detrimental to development. The ideal height for children’s sandals is 1.5 cm in early childhood.

After the 1st menstruation, heels of up to 4 cm may be allowed, although constant use should be avoided. Restrict the use of the model to special occasions. Compare the Molekinha product lines in the table below:

How to combine Molekinha children’s sandals?

They are so beautiful, Molekinha children’s sandals arouse the desire to buy one of each. But as this is not possible, the best tip is to bet on wild models, which are easy to match with the various styles and colors of clothes present in the child’s wardrobe.

After all, childhood is a phase of full growth, and unfortunately, sandals end up being used for a short time before they stop serving.

Neutral tones like white, beige, black and nude are easy to combine. Another good choice are the metallic ones in gold, silver, copper or rosé, which are very popular and go well with different styles and colors of clothing.

Very practical and versatile, the sandals are ideal for our climate, as they are fresh and allow ventilation of the girls’ feet, without causing discomfort during games and other activities. They look cute with pants, skirts, shorts and dresses.

How much does a Molekinha children’s sandal cost?

It is possible to find models of children’s sandals Molekinha in all price ranges. The values ​​change according to the collection, material model of manufacture, and adornments included in the product.

There are models of Molekinha sandals that cost more than R $ 120, but it is also possible to find simpler types for around R $ 20.

Where to buy a Molekinha children’s sandal?

Molekinha children’s sandals are relatively easy to find. They can be found in physical stores of large chains specializing in footwear, in addition to Fast Shop chains.

However, the greatest number of options and the best offers are usually available in online stores, such as Amazon.


Purchase Criteria: How to Compare Molekinha Children’s Sandals

To close this Review, we will give you another little help so that you can make the right choice of Molekinha children’s sandals to further embellish your little girl’s feet. Check the list of features you should be aware of when comparing the models and designs of this product:

  • Numbering grid
  • Materials and finishes
  • Exclusive Molekinha technologies
  • Collection
  • Clasp type

For the avoidance of doubt, check the details of the characteristics:

Numbering grid

The numbering grid for children’s sandals may vary from brand to brand. For this reason, Molekinha discloses its numbering grid both in traditional numbers and in centimeters, so that you have no doubts when choosing the correct numbering. Check out:

Materials and finishes

As a brand dedicated entirely to footwear for children, Molekinha has an extra concern with the quality of the material and the refinement of the finishes.

The entire newborn and baby line, for example, has seamless finishes or reinforced linings to prevent any discomfort to babies’ delicate feet.

Rubber soles, non-slip friezes and buckles with adjustments are other precautions that can be found in the brand’s models.

Exclusive Molekinha technologies

Molekinha children’s sandals have their designs and models full of exclusive brand technologies to ensure maximum comfort for kids. Know the main ones:

  • Soft Pop: Insole made of highly comfortable foam, leaves the steps light and softer;
  • Mini flow: Insole with light and velvety texture with antibacterial protection, flex memory and cold feeling;
  • Fresh Tech: antiperspirant fabric insole with bactericide with air circulation channels and flexion points. Flexible non-slip sole and waterproof membrane that prevents water from entering.


In addition to the New Born and Baby and Kids lines, the brand also works with the collections:

  • Parties;
  • Boots;
  • Shoes;
  • Ballet shoes
  • Sports / Tennis;
  • Sandals.

Choose according to the desired model and the occasion of wearing the shoes.

Clasp type

Molekinha children’s sandals, in general, have buckle, velcro closure or elastic adjustment. The buckles can be of the type with elastic on the side, which facilitates adjustment when putting on, or with adjustment levels.

How to put shoes on in children can be difficult, especially in times of haste or if the child is agitated, give preference to Velcro or pressure fasteners.

In the case of older children, choose models that the child can wear alone. This gives the little girls autonomy, and advances their life when it comes to dressing them.


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