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Top & Best Texan boot for men Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Texan boot for men: How to choose the best for you in 2022

Today we are going to talk about a type of footwear that started in the field, with a specific function of use in riding, but later it became fashionable and also invaded cities. This is the male Texan boot, an important part of every self-respecting country look!

Of course, the Texan boot is still very useful for country life, but today it is more than that. And if you want to buy one because it suits your style, we will help you! It’s time to learn a lot more about these shoes, to know how to use them, how to choose the best model and other valuable issues!

First, the most important

  • The Texan boot is a shoe that originated in the countryside, for work and riding, but soon became an integral part of urban fashion, especially when it comes to the country niche.
  • It can be found with variations in pipe size, spout shape and print. Thus, the user can choose the model that best suits his style.
  • It is essential that the Texan boot is made of leather. This ensures strength and durability.

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The best Texan men’s fashion models: Our recommendations

There are many male Texan boots on the market. And there are several variations (pipe, spout, heel, print) between one and the other. Therefore, we have chosen some excellent models to help you:

  • The most traditional
  • The model for those who like flashy prints

Buying Guide

Fashion is very volatile. Therefore, it is not enough to want to buy a piece, but to know how it matches your style and your wardrobe and when to wear it.

It’s time to delve into the men’s Texan boot!

What is a Texas boot and what are its advantages?

The Texan boot, both male and female (female Texan boot), is a niche piece. It has its practical function, helping in field work and riding, and aesthetics, being part of the country look used in cities today.

As its original function was to assist in rural work, it necessarily has a pipe that goes at least halfway up the shin, but can reach the knee. The beak can be thin, curved or square. And there is a small leap.

For the embellishment of the piece, the prints gradually appeared. They were fundamental for the popularization of the Texas boot and today they are its trademark.

Therefore, we can highlight the Texas boot as an ideal shoe for working in the field and that dresses people who identify themselves as part of country culture very well. On the other hand, it can be very hot, sometimes uncomfortable and does not suit those who follow other aesthetics.

See the table below advantages and disadvantages of the Texas boot:

What are the ideal occasions to wear the male Texan boot?

The most obvious use of the male Texan boot, as we have already mentioned, is for field work. It protects the feet and legs with the medium or long barrel and the leather lining. It is ideal for riding and dealing with animals.

But today, it is also a footwear present in cities. And when to use it away from the rural environment?

We have to start by highlighting country-themed parties. Be it a ballad, a simple meeting of friends or even a rodeo, it goes very well if the proposal is to keep the country aspect high.

It is a piece that requires great care: Often, its presence in the visual can be displaced. In environments with a more social tone or frequented by niches like rock or indie, it makes no sense to wear a Texan boot.

If you completely assume the cowboy look, the use can be made in casual situations of everyday life, such as walks around the city. But only the Texan boot, without any major additions, can also look out of place.

Did you know?

The popularization of the Texas boot happened a lot due to the cinema. With the rise of western films, which dominated American production between the 1930s and 1950s, the more rustic look invaded the city.

As fashion usually follows what appears in Hollywood, it was not long before the piece was revived and adapted to a more urban look. And, soon, imported to other countries.

How to combine a male Texan boot?

Some garments over time have gained an association with the country look. Plaid shirts, trousers with modeling attached to the body, some types of belts and hats are among them.

As it is a striking piece, due to its size and print, the Texas boot asks for the complete country look so it doesn’t look out of place. A look with a dress shirt and tailoring pants does not find a place for very flashy shoes!

Therefore, the ideal is to use pieces that are associated with the universe. A denim or plaid shirt works great. For the pants, we recommend something smooth, without prints. Jeans is a great choice. Otherwise, she may end up “fighting” with the boot in the look.

Another tip for the pants is the preference for the “skinny” type, the fairest. Not only because of fashion, but because she needs to stay in the boot. Thus, there will be complete enhancement of footwear and its prints!



Kemp MuhlAmerican singer and songwriter

“I think every man should have a boot in the wardrobe. Leather boots, cowboy boots, Texan boots, it doesn’t matter. It’s really sexy.”

What materials are used in male Texan boots?

A good Texan boot is made of genuine leather. Otherwise, it will not have the same durability, nor the strength necessary for work and life in the field. This will also be reflected in urban use.

The difference is in relation to the type of leather. It is traditional that models are made from various animals.

Ox leather gives the piece a more sober look and has guaranteed quality. It is a very respected material in the middle of fashion. In addition to it, alligator, ostrich and synthetic leather gain space for Texan boots.

When we talk about alligator or ostrich leather, we have the same strength and durability as ox, but different textures that make the boot more attractive. The synthetic is not such a good material, but it does not involve the death of any animal in its production.

Below, we compare the materials:

How to take care of your Texan boot?

Leather is a very difficult material to be taken care of. Maintenance is always necessary. You can’t let it get dry or damp. After each use, there are precautions to be taken before storing the part.

The following video from Só Queria Ter Um teaches perfectly how to take care of a leather boot:

How much does it cost and where to buy a Texas boot?

The Texan boot is made of quality materials and its production has extra manual work due to the prints. So it is an expensive piece. The average value we found was between R $ 300 and R $ 400, with some very good models reaching close to R $ 600.

Fashion stores specializing in country culture are the best choice to find your ideal Texas boot. If you want to buy online, we recommend Amazon. Also, note the international Amazon.


Purchase Criteria: How to choose your male Texan boot

Now that you know how and when to wear a Texas boot, it’s time to choose the ideal model. We have selected four criteria to help you:

    • Numbering
    • Nozzle type
    • Barrel size
    • Prints and embroidery

Below, we talk a little about each one of them!


The correct numbering of a shoe guarantees both its ideal use, without leftovers anywhere, as well as the user’s comfort. It is always important to know which number suits your feet perfectly.

It is possible that shoe manufacturers have slight variations in their numbers, but most of the time the same number will be what perfectly suits your feet!

Nozzle type

There are three types of toes most common in a Texas boot: round, square and thin.

    • Round nozzle is the most recommended for the traditional use of the piece, in riding and working in the field. The shape facilitates the use of stirrups and makes riding more pleasant.
    • A pointed toe is an attempt to bring the Texas boot closer to more social clothing. It can be very uncomfortable and is not recommended for work, but it adds elegance to the piece.
    • Square spout is the intermediate version. It is still more recommended for the casual use of the garment, as it is not so comfortable, but it is a stylish garment that can be used on multiple occasions.

You must know in which situations you will use your Texan boot before making the choice of the type of toe!

Barrel size

The original function of the pipe in a boot like the Texan is for protection. It makes sure that the feet and legs are not at risk of injury or accidents that can happen, for example, with the appearance of snakes.

But in fashion, everything is reframed. Therefore, today there are Texas boots with high, short and medium boots. You should choose according to your look, also thinking about the type of pants you will wear.

The high top is more used in looks that completely refer to the image of the cowboy. The more casual the look, the more you should think about a low or medium barrel.

Prints and embroidery

Prints and embroidery are a trademark of the Texas boot. Whether in ox, alligator, ostrich or synthetic leather, decorating the piece with a beautiful design is something fundamental for there to be a real highlight in its use.

You will find simple, almost imperceptible prints and embroidery, as well as other striking, colorful and full of details. Again, what matters is your style! What matters is to feel comfortable and beautiful with the piece.


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