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Top & Best Oakley sneakers Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Oakley sneakers: How to choose the best pair in 2022?

In today’s text, we are going to talk absolutely everything about Oakley sneakers, reference shoes for streetwear and outdoor styles .

Like many of the brand’s products, Oakley sneakers are famous for their combination of alternative style, comfort and durability. They are also known for their neutral colors and versatility, both in their activities and in the styles in which they fit.

In this Guide, we will help you find the best Oakley sneakers for you, the one that best suits your style and routine. For this, we will show you the best models on the market, their styles, their lines and their technologies, among other vital information!

First, the most important

  • There are three main lines of Oakley sneakers, with different technologies, styles and purposes, but with the same high quality: casual, outdoor and sportwear .
  • There are also special lines of Oakley shoes, such as Valve, Evade and Transition.
  • You can find pairs with prices ranging from R $ 150 to R $ 600, but there are also launches and special shoes that can reach R $ 1,000.

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The best pairs of Oakley sneakers: Our favorites

Check out our exclusive list below with the four best pairs of Oakley sneakers, selected for their technology, durability, versatility, and, of course, style!

  • The most comfortable option
  • The most stable
  • The most versatile model
  • Skateboarders’ darling

Buying Guide

If you didn’t happen to know, Oakley is much more than your famous sunglasses. Sneakers, perhaps, are as famous as lenses, presenting the same combination of alternative style and versatility, and with the same top-of-the-line quality.

There are even plenty of lines for shoes. Casual, sporting, elegant sneakers, in short, and each with a set of technologies that aim to better serve its purpose, for as long as possible. In this Buying Guide, we will go through these lines and technologies, so that you find a shoe to call your own.

Oakley Sneakers: Casual, Outdoor or Sportwear?

Oakley is a large company, one of the largest in the shoe industry. It is natural, therefore, that you manufacture a large volume of products, as well as segment them in lines, to organize your catalog and to keep its market value up.

There are three main lines of footwear: Casual, Outdoor and Sportwear . Each of them has different purposes and styles, as well as sets of specific technologies, between the materials of the soles, midsoles, uppers, even the insoles.

The casual line is also called California Culture, and was designed with inspiration in the American state of California, where Oakley was founded.

Its main characteristics are the low upper, the rubberized soles and the few seams, which make the shoes more resistant, mainly to skaters, a strong target audience of California Culture.

The Outdoor line is the most characteristic among Oakley’s shoes, as well as the strongest, market-wise, and physically as well. They are the most reinforced sneakers, ideal for different natural terrains: tall grass, mud, clay, etc.

The shoes in this segment are resistant and comfortable. That is to say, EVA midsoles and high traction rubber soles and padded inner lining capable of absorbing moisture from feet and socks.

Thus, tennis are suitable for activities such as hiking and mountaineering, as well as for daily living in fields, farms and other natural environments. Its durability attracts many urban users, too.

Finally, Sportwear, the “youngest” line from Oakley, developed from the success of its equipment among athletes of different sports. Despite the variety of its “fans”, the shoes are geared towards running and walking, and other aerobic activities, such as gym, crossfit, etc.

No wonder, it is also called Training . What marks the line, technologically speaking, are the EVA soles. Some with rubber inserts to increase cushioning, also made of EVA midsole and the upper in flexible, often breathable material, as well as the sole, also focused on the comfort of the feet.

What are the special lines of Oakley sneakers?

In addition to the three major lines, Oakley launches, at appropriate times, special editions, with different themes and / or uses, but still identified with the brand’s values. They are often launched in partnerships or campaigns.

The best example is Bob shoes. B, launched together with one of the greatest skaters of all time, the Brazilian Bob Burnquist, and on the occasion of the sports campaign #OneObsession.

It follows the pattern of casual shoes, with low upper, rubber sole, little stitching, among others, but designed from the perspective of Bob and other athletes.

Following the same formula, but with different designs and lines, the following stand out: Dana Point; Transition 2; Valve 2; Evade Plus; and Hazard.

What are the differences between men’s and women’s Oakley sneakers?

At Oakley, there is no division between men’s sneakers and women’s sneakers. Your online store, for example, does not give you the option of dividing models by gender, unlike your sunglasses, for example.

The little difference is some shoes with colorful details, different from the traditional black, like the rubber inserts in the EVA sole, and whose colors can please men and women differently.

There are, however, models of sneakers that can better match styles that are often associated with women, as well as models like those associated with men.

The latter are the majority, so we will mention the most harmonious with the feminine style, such as the Lockwood Mid 2, a casual with a medium upper, and leather leather details; Dana Point 2.0, another casual, low-top; and the Stride, a Sportwear with a knit upper and an elastic-finished upper.

What styles match Oakley sneakers?

Oakley sneakers are famous for their practicality, in the sense that they are easy to be combined with the most different looks. Even so, it is not with any clothes that such footwear is combined.

Oakley sneakers are practical and combine with different styles.

It is difficult to imagine, for example, a thin suit matching the brand’s robust outdoor. But rest assured, we have gathered the main styles that decorate with these high quality sneakers. They are: Basic, Street, Rustic and Sport.

The basics, well, it’s the basics. With a plain T-shirt and jeans, you can wear whatever you want, whether casual, outdoor or sportwear , even though the first two are the most suitable.

The most common are the basics with the billboard , because, of course, the unique design of this type of sneakers by Oakley.

The street, with basic t-shirts, thin jackets and baggy pants, combines, as you might imagine, with the pairs of the California Culture line, and no wonder, after all, they are designed for this, with a special focus on the style of skaters.

The rustic style, with flannels, very checkered and heavier pants, has a strong connection and an almost perfect harmony with outdoor sneakers . Its shape aligns with the fit of the clothes, and its design brings freshness to the look.

The sport suit, which in itself is a broad style, can combine very well with any of the three lines. What best wears, obviously, is sportwear , but casuals go well with longer shorts, while the billboard has a “secret combination” with shorter shorts – with medium-sized pipes, of course.

Why is Oakley sneakers so versatile?

Versatility is a great Oakley brand, and in addition to your shoes. Their accessories and clothes tend to have a design with very wide borders, and a unique quality, which leaves no doubt about the activity for which they will be used.

This applies to shoes, which are versatile both because they combine with different styles, but because a single pair can be used for different purposes.

In terms of aesthetics, the key is in their neutral colors, which tend to match many styles of clothing. Black, brown, beige, gray, colder colors, yes, but that will hardly steal the attention of a clothing, they will not even have a very big discrepancy with any look, even if the color is not ideal.

Still in aesthetics, sneakers, regardless of the line, follow a logic of having a basic design. With basic proposals in the shoelaces, beaks, soles, but with ornaments of greater personality in its leather, with geometric patterns, irregular polygons and bolder details, even with basic colors.

In practical terms, they are comfortable and resistant, making any question about the compatibility of such shoes with such activity dissipate quickly. In other words, it is very easy to leave the house with an Oakley shoe.


Jim JannardOakley Founder

“If you’re going to do something, be brave and go with everything, but do something meaningful.”

How much does an Oakley sneaker cost?

A shoe with such versatility and numerous models, it could not fail to have a wide variation in price. The material, the line, the edition, the technologies all influence the value.

That way, you will find models for R $ 150, and models for R $ 600. There is also the possibility of you running into new and ultra technological shoes, in the range of R $ 1,000.

Where to buy Oakley sneakers?

There are Oakley sneakers in almost any shoe store, but also in the segmented ones, whether streetwear , sporting goods or outdoor activities. There are also Oakley stores, mostly in malls in major cities.

If in the real world the models are spread out in stores, in the virtual world they are all united in one catalog, wider and with better prices. The best: the purchase is all done at home, using sites such as Amazon.

Purchase criteria: What to note about your Oakley sneakers when choosing

Coming to the end of our Guide, we want to reinforce our proposal to help you choose the ideal pair of sneakers. For this, we have created an exclusive list, with selection criteria that will be very useful at the time of purchase.

  • Use
  • Color
  • Technology
  • Leather

Rest assured, because we will detail each of these items. With more information, the trend is for your purchase to be the best possible within your reach.


Even though Oakley sneakers are extremely versatile, the ideal is that you know what use you want to give to the model of your choice, to choose the most suitable line, and thus extract the best possible performance from the shoes.

Daily use, for example, is very well used by the casual line and the outdoor line as well. Sports activities and outdoor , good, no need to even speak, since there is a line exactly with that name.

For physical activities and exercises, especially running, in addition to the gym, crossfit and the like, the models in the sportwear line are ideal.


This criterion is one more reinforcement to the idea of ​​versatility that we have been passing during the text. You will hardly find a model of sneakers with very unusual colors, due to the brand’s characteristic.

So, if you choose the right color, you will have a very versatile shoe. Try to think about the style of clothing you usually wear, or want to wear with the shoes in question, and look for the color that matches the vast majority of your looks.


Technologies are a good tiebreaker, if you have already followed the two guidelines above. Especially because, if you are already opting for tennis that will have the correct use, and with the color that makes it more versatile, the technologies will not be a question of fitness, but of cost-benefit.

Basically, the more technologies, the better. Cushioning, non-slip soles, anti-humidity linings, ultra comfortable insoles, in short, everything that can give greater functionality to the shoes, makes the model the most suitable.


The key word for the leather criterion is versatility. The idea here is that you look for the model whose leather is as stylish, resistant and light as possible.

In this case, the style makes the shoe aesthetically versatile, while the resistance makes it suitable for a greater number of activities. The lightness guarantees the practicality of its transport, storage and cleaning.


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