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Top & Best Men’s social shoes Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Men’s social shoes: How to choose the best model in 2022

Today we are going to talk about the male social shoe, one of the most important elements in a man’s look. The social shoe can be combined with social clothes, to work, or with casual pieces, to enjoy the moments of leisure.

To find the perfect model, it is essential to choose shoes that match your personal style and personality. For this, you need to know the different models of men’s social shoes. Are you interested? Continue reading this article.

First, the most important

  • The classic models of men’s dress shoes are: Oxford, Derby, Loafer Monkstrap and Moccasin. You also find variations of the moccasin (Dockside and Driver) and the Loafer shoe – Penny Loafer and Tassel Loafer.
  • The social shoe may have a rounded, square or pointed toe. All models – with the exception of the Moccasin – have a small heel of up to 4 cm.
  • In addition to the classic black social shoe, you will find options in other colors such as brown, gray, lead, emerald green and navy blue, in smooth or textured leather and with a varnish or matte finish.

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The best models of men’s social shoes: The newsroom favorites

Currently, you can find a wide variety of models of men’s social shoes, from classics to modern ones. So, if you need to buy a pair of shoes, check out some of the best options for sale below.

  • The best option to work
  • A versatile option
  • A rustic model

Buying Guide

The male social shoe has a great influence on your daily life, especially in the work environment, as it conveys seriousness, elegance and a respectful professional attitude.

Given such importance, we have prepared a Purchase Guide to present the different models of social shoes and on what occasions they should be used. This knowledge will enable you to compose different styles with the footwear, without any doubts or complications.

Why is it important to invest in a quality men’s dress shoe?

Men’s fashion has undergone subtle changes over the years. One of the most interesting examples is the men’s social shoe: Classic models work just as well today as they did in the 1950s.

Therefore, buying a quality social shoe, suited to your personal style and environments you usually go to, is an investment. Footwear will not go out of style and you will be able to wear it for years – but you need to maintain some care.

We have prepared a table with the advantages and disadvantages of buying a quality men’s social shoe:

Which men’s dress shoes should I wear in formal situations?

If you need a men’s dress shoe to wear with a dress shirt , blazer or suit, whether for business meetings, professional presentations or formal events, invest in an Oxford shoe .

The Oxford shoe’s main feature is the perforations made directly in the leather, where the laces pass. This model has no tabs. The spout is rounded.

Did you know that the Oxford shoe has this name, as it was widely used by students – both men and women – at Oxford University in England.


What are the best models of men’s dress shoes for casual use?

If you are looking for a men’s dress shoe to use in combinations in a fine sport style – on occasions of certain importance, but with a relaxed air – choose one of the models that we will present throughout this section.

The Derby shoe is similar to the Oxford model, the difference is that this model has open flaps to secure the laces, which guarantees flexibility and freedom of movement at the feet. The smooth leather models are excellent options for those who need to work with dress shirts and tailoring pants.

Another option is the Monkstrap shoe , ideal for casual occasions. It is the ideal choice for men who wear suits because they want to, not because they need to. The traditional model has a decorative buckle, but you also find options with two buckles.

The Loafer shoe is similar to the moccasin, but it is a much more elegant version. It is the ideal model for those looking for formal shoes that can also be used in relaxed situations.

There are two variations of this shoe: Penny Loafer has an elongated shape, ideal for working, and Tassel Loafer, ideal for men who admire casual tailoring. These shoes can also be used in daytime weddings.

The moccasin has a difference in the absence of heel – all other models have a small heel with up to 4cm. The sole of the shoe is incorporated into the upper of the shoe, that is, one piece is sewn into the other. These shoes are made of leather.

Finally, the dockside model is the most informal men’s social shoe. The footwear was created for nautical use, so it is more open and has a rubber sole. It is indicated for moments of leisure.

The Driver moccasin has that name, because the sole has sections that offer grip and comfort when driving. This model is ideal for those looking for a slightly sporty social shoe.

It is worth mentioning that all models mentioned above have formal and casual versions, the difference between them is in the details.

What are the different models of men’s dress shoes?

In addition to knowing the different models of men’s social shoes, it is important to identify the details present in each of them, to adapt the shoes to your personal style and context of use.

    • Plain Toe : This style of shoes is discreet, simple and elegant, as it has no detail on the surface, which makes it perfect for an evening event. You can find Oxford and Derby shoe models in this style.
    • Cap Toe : Shoes in this style have a horizontal stripe at the tip of the shoe. This detail is simple, but it gives an extra charm to the shoes, which should be worn with a suit and tie , in formal and corporate events.
    • Slipt Toe: It has a vertical seam on the tip of the shoe and a seam on the top of the U-shaped upper. It transitions between elegant and casual, depending on the material, color and shape of the shoe.
    • Wingtip / Full Brogue : It has “W” shape stitching on the upper of the shoe. Usually comes with brogue-style perforations.
    • Semi brogue : It has some brogue-style perforations in the upper part of the shoe, ensuring a relaxed and less formal style – the less perforations, the more formal the shoes are.
    • Wholecut : In this style, the shoes are made of a single piece of leather – it is more difficult to find them in stores, due to the complexity of the production process. Because it is more austere, it is usually worn with tuxedos.


The more details in a men’s dress shoe, the more casual it tends to be. However, here in , these details are linked to the vintage style and not to chance.

See how to combine the different models of men’s social shoes with the clothes of your wardrobe in the video of the channel El Hombre, which has almost 400 thousand subscribers:

Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare models of men’s social shoes

When it comes to men’s social shoes, you may have realized that the ideal is to bet on a comfortable, beautiful and versatile model. There is no point in buying a social shoe that does not match your clothes or the environments you frequent.

Therefore, if you are still unsure about which model to choose, we have selected the main purchase criteria, that is, characteristics that you should analyze and compare when choosing this shoe:

  • Nozzle shape
  • Material
  • With or without laces?
  • Color
  • Finishing
  • Sole type
  • With or without brogues?

We will explain each of the criteria throughout this section. Tip: Regardless of the model you choose, look for a quality shoe in classic style, to accompany you for a long time.

Nozzle shape

Although the shape of the beak is only an aesthetic detail, it is worth analyzing this characteristic. Tip: Although choosing the nozzle shape is a personal preference, avoid exaggerated proportions.

The square beak gives the feeling of shortening of the silhouette, so it is ideal for taller men. The pointed beak has the opposite effect, that is, it elongates the silhouette, so it is ideal for men of medium height or short.

Round beak : This shape is always in fashion and has the following advantages: It balances the silhouette, makes the look more harmonious and elegant. Avoid the model with a short rounded spout, as it is less elegant.


Although it is more expensive, it is worth investing in a men’s social shoe made of leather, as this material has numerous advantages:

  • Allows the foot to breathe
  • Does not peel
  • Does not deform
  • Excellent durability
  • Pants very well – even if the shoes are new.

With or without laces

When choosing a men’s dress shoe, you can choose a model with or without laces. The choice should be based mainly on personal taste, but be aware that the laces allow you to correctly adjust your shoes and guarantee freedom of movement


The choice of shoe color depends on your personal taste. Black is a classic tone, which never goes out of style and combines with pieces in sober colors. This goes for dark brown, a versatile color that combines with pieces in different shades.

In addition to the basic colors, you will find models of social shoes in other shades such as gray, green, blue and white. Our recommendation is that you start with a more basic model, but try other possibilities, as your collection grows.


There is no way to be right in choosing a male social shoe without paying attention to details. One of the main ones is the finish, both on the outside and inside of the shoe.

The more textured the leather is, the more casual the shoes will be.

The inside should be padded to ensure comfort during use. Already the external part should value the footwear. You can choose a smooth leather model – with a varnish or matte finish – or a textured model.

If the intention is to buy a male social shoe to work, bet on a smooth and dark model. If you are going to use it on a daily basis, in formal and informal contexts, bet on a medium tone model with little texture.

In the case of exclusively casual use – to use with jeans, for example – bet on a textured and colored model.

Sole type

There are two options of materials used to make the sole of a male social shoe: leather – synthetic or natural – or rubber. The quality of the soles of both materials varies according to the product.

The thicker the rubber sole, the more casual the shoe will be.

Traditionally, the leather sole is ideal for formal shoes, while the rubber sole is a good option for use in an informal context. However, if the rubber sole is discreet, you can use it in both contexts.

Did you know that, contrary to what many people believe, there is no wooden sole ?! The confusion occurs, because when sanded, the leather block resembles wood.


With or without brogue?

Contrary to what most people believe, brogue is not a model or style of social shoe, but a detail that can be present in this type of footwear – and in men’s boots .

The brogues are the decorative perforations in the upper of the shoe. Although they transmit an informal air to the shoe, you can use it in formal environments, however, be aware that the choice will be the highlight of your production, so prefer a model of smooth, dark leather with few perforations.

Bet on a dress shoe with brogues if you are going to combine the shoes with tailoring pieces like tweed suit, leather or suede jacket and jeans, both pieces share the rustic footprint.


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